Emerging E-G.5 Variant Raises WHO Concerns as Global Infections Soar


The World Health Organization (WHO) is on high alert as the E-G.5 variant of COVID-19 spreads rapidly across continents, raising concerns about its impact.

This variant, initially on the periphery, has swiftly become dominant in the United States and gained ground in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, it accounts for one in seven COVID-19 cases and has surged past the Arcturus variant.

Eris is also gaining traction in North America, Asia, and Europe, causing Japan to label it a ‘ninth wave’ of infections.

WHO, while no longer deeming COVID-19 a public health emergency, closely monitors evolving variants, including E-G.5, due to potential risks.

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  1. …just as they are looking to roll out a digital global “health passport”. We better be more concerned about the corrupt WHO and the terrorist that runs it than any COVID variant.

  2. Here we go folks!

    So that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and their head HONCHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus can move further forward in implementing the Digital Health recognition identification system on the global population.

    The WHO will not stop these PLANDEMICS until everyone is compliant with mandatory lockdowns, vaccines and digitalisation – and then restrictions on travel and paying wages/pensions in the future will be put in place.


    Historically, serious pandemics use to come around every 100 years or so; now look, the health authorities, pharmaceuticals and complicit politicians want to create them on a 3-4 year basis.

    And it all starts by SCAREMONGERING and propaganda through Mass Formation Hypnosis (msf) from the major players with their hidden agendas.

    If you don’t look into thoroughly in what EVIL they are up to you will succumb.

    Sadly many of the mRNA vaccinated have found out to their cost and lost loved ones …

      • … In addition, former Trinidadian and Premiership goalkeeper Shaka Hislop who was an ardent promoter of mRNA vaccinations (just Google and witness for yourself) collapsed live on TV whilst commentating for ESPN.

        However, once again, the health authorities are not linking his collapse to being mRNA vaccinated like many other high profile sportsmen and women. Really?

        How many is that now? I’ve lost count.

        The cover-ups continues …

  3. @fed up.

    Unfortunately that’s a pipe dream.

    It’s the poor that will always suffer,and it’s mankind that keep each other poor and inflict suffering on one another, so that’s a pipe dream my friend.

    Just make sure you have your affairs in order(spiritually) because these are truly the last days.

    • The excess deaths in highly mRNA jabbed countries needs a scapegoat because, it’s NOT the new experimental thing that’s wreaking havoc on lots of its recipients.

    • Baaaaa (Myocarditis) baaaa (Pericarditis) baaaa (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) you sheep 🐑 keep rolling up those sleeves … baaaaaa!!!

      Sounds to me like you’ve taken the so-called trial vaccines @ This beautiful island.


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