Embattled Pastor Kicks Out Members

Pastor Nana Yaw Adom.

Four members have been kicked out of Nana Adoms’s  Mystery of Christ Church Incorporated, a Freeman’s Village located organization.


The women, all Guyanese nationals were given the boot for their non- participation in the  August 24th picketing of Straffie’s Funeral Home by the embattled pastor.


It is alleged that the women, were also given the boot for their failure  to post certain messages on Facebook – A mission Adoms’s members  allegedly embarked upon  in his  defense, after Ms. Saunders’ death


Furthermore, following the picket, which saw members of Adoms’s church demanding to see the Will of Ms Saunders, concerns were generated from various quarters, and resulted in social media posts, directed at those who spoke against the church and the audacity of Mr Adoms.


The women were reportedly not in agreement with the latest happenings and were consequently shown the proverbial door.



    • This guy does not represent or speak for the “church” in any manner, way, shape or form. He just might be the one Jesus was speaking about when He said “Sorry, I never knew you!” Or, in other words, “JUST GET OUTTA HERE!” or “GET BEHIND ME!”

      • They are too many “I don’t know you” out there..They are all making a mockery of God and of his Son .. Its really not funny anymore..

  1. Pure lies and poor journalism, at least the reporter could have verify first before publishing this rubbish as it is said that every story has two sides….

    • This is how your pastor acts Mr. Ackah, he even casted out one member for going to another because someone sent him a picture of on whats app of the person at the entrance of another church. Is that love for humanity as he often boasts on his facebook page. People have freedom to worship where ever they want and he has innocent people who want to serve Jesus Christ in spiritial bondage, “it’s either his way or get out”. The ecclesiastical commission needs to intervene into this churches teachings and doctrine, churches should not be permitted to operate without a board that is goverened by an independant body such as the Ecclesiastical Commission. Many in that organization are brainwashed by that man. It is a very sad situation. You Alrx, are only here to represent your flesh and not the truth in your heart because you fear him. Fear God not man, he is the one that made you not your pastor.

  2. Is long Nana keeping up his fuckery since decades ago while operating in Clara Hall Secondary School auditorium then he moved to the building on Old Pahram Road that formerly houses Waltz Supermarket. Now people is seeing the wisdom in Ms Saunders daughters bold brilliant move. Young lady get rid of them they’re the reason why your mothers business was stagnant because of the dirtiness. May God be with you and remember dont stop pray cause those people are con artists and thieves not to mention obeah workers and false prophets. Damn out of order and fahwud bout he want to see will. Them think they had control of Elizabeth but she nuh stupid

  3. Am I reading this report correctly? So the women in question exercised their democratic right to have an opinion and because it didn’t align with the pastor he literally kicked them out the church? In what way is this a Christian action? Who does this man thinks he is? God?

  4. I thought this pastor said Mrs Saunders told him she was going to will everything thing to him and he told her no because he didn’t want to be in any trouble with anybody, why is he and his members demanding to see the will? If his name was in the will he would not have to make such demand he is clearly out of order God will expose all of those so called pastors.

  5. Is this guy a real pastor or some fake wannabe? Just asking. If what is reported it true, this dude is totally out of order. Where he come from anyway? How dare he kick anybody out of the church? Who he be? Or who he think he be? Again, if the press reports are accurate, he has clearly exposed himself and obviously does not represent the CHRISTian community of Antigua and Barbuda, or the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is GOD. Just GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

  6. Ms. Saunders will is not of this so-called “pastors” business. Ms. Saunders could do whatever she wanted to do with her will. He should shut his mouth and run the altar in repentance. All of Antigua is with Ms. Saunder’s daughter. She is doing the right thing. Her mother was much loved and appreciated. Her daughter will do the right thing. The people of this country are with her all the way.

    You cannot stop anyone from entering any Church to worship.Those ladies need to go to the building and worship and see what happens.The building is not the Church.The Church is the body of people.There is something fundamentally wrong with this entire story.What type of a religion controls the minds of its members.Are they brain washing people.So they cannot think outside of the teachings of such a church.This is crazy stuff.Please DO NOT inject Jim Jones’ doctrine on the people of Antigua.Where others watched as persons drank that substance and dropped dead.Then those on line watching did the same thing.Just hoping a stoppage is put to this man before it comes down to that.

  8. look how a church uses its members to protest a dead woman’s business. what more can they want after their tax breaks? disgraceful.. you have family that died? well stay out the ppl affairs and allow the woman to be buried in peace

  9. It’s a shame that the family can not morn their loss in peace but have this circus around in the media.
    Please let the family morn there lost. The daughter will make whatever decision she likes as she is over. Where we think it fears or not, it’s her decision. Don’t see why it had to go this far.

    Jesus’ own people had him crucify and yet still he prayed for them. God always works things out for the best. If the church thinks they wrong. Pray for them.

    God is of Love!

    • Every truly God fearing Antiguan appears to be on the side of the daughter in this one. She’ll be okay. That so-called pastor needs to be put in his place, and mind his own business. This is none of his concern. This funeral home is a private business. The previous owners will is none of his business. Is it true that he teaches that Jesus is NOT God? How did he become a minister? What seminary did he graduate from? Who ordained this guy? How much is he being paid monthly? Is it true that 10% of his people’s income goes directly to his pocket, or does it go to the church treasury like most churches??? Lots of questions that require lots of answers. I’m just asking for some transparency, please. People are starting to get seriously interested in what is really going on. Thank you.

  10. The more I hear about this Nana character the more convinced I am that a serious investigation be undertaken into the goings-on within his “church*. Antigua us a small place and many have heard whisperings of rituals peculiar to this mystery church, including alleged practices that sound like obeah and demon worship!! There seems to be nothing ‘normal’ about this cult. All of a sudden, within the last two decades or so, we hear references to ‘obeah man’, receiving instructions from obeah man, having to “pay the African man” especially just before or just after a general election. Seriously, a thorough investigation into man and his Movement is urgently required.

  11. Isn’t this the pastor who demands 10% income tithes from members and to become a members you must first show him your bank account and pay slip so he can be sure he is getting his full cut? Doesn’t he have an ATM and a card machine in his church to ensure no one can get away without paying? Just shows you where his mind really is.

    • If you are right, then we are looking at pure stupidness. Hard to believe any Antiguan would fall for something like that. He is not a pastor by any definition of that word. Time for him to get outta here. Get your hands off of anything to do with Straffe’s funereal home. They can hire and fire anybody they want to. You have nothing to do with that. The rumor is there is a revolt going on among your members, and when they are through with this nonsense everything will mash up. It’s time for everything in the dark to be exposed to the Light. Bring it on!

  12. Not every religious building that opens is a “church” as we know it. They may go by that name but some are cults. The behaviour of this congregation does not coincide with how “christians are to behave according to the Bible.

  13. The congregation has a choice, get rid of him or leave the church. Without a congregation, there is no church. Of course some of his members may side with him and stay. That will be their choice.

  14. While the hypocrites are focusing on this individual, and his religious/obeah working antics, and gossiping, the religion of Confucianism with their wide open, OBEAH workings and practices from the worshiping of idols, and other high science practices are running through the Nation untouched, and unnoticed, simply because they’re offering loans and trinkets to the Nation, fully knowledgeable, that their reward is the heart and soul of the Nation(lands and control of the Economy).
    Nana Adoms is a sideshow, the Chinese are the Main Acts to pay attention to!

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