Emanuel Replaces Underwood in Rural North

Dr McChesney Emanuel

Garnering 60 percent  of the vote (or 40 out of 67) in Monday evening’s primary, Dr McChesney Emanuel became the United Progressive Party’s presumptive candidate for the St John’s Rural North constituency.

Emanuel currently serves as Managing Director of Chez Technologies Inc in New York City, a firm that specialises in doing business diagnostics and reform, human resource management, business analytics, and change management.

Emanuel defeated challenger, Bryan DeSilva.

With the nomination, Emanuel replaces previous UPP caretaker for the area, Joan Underwood. Underwood had previously vacated the post in August due to her commitment with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). That commitment is scheduled to end in December of this year, but with speculation of early elections looming for early 2018, it may have conflicted with her would-be campaign responsibilities leading up to a possible election.

An elated Emanuel said, “I am quite happy that the  people of Rural North have expressed confidence in me to be their candidate.”

“I am running to help rescue Antigua Barbuda from a pending catastrophic social and economic disaster.”

Emanuel, an American citizen, has pledged that he would renounce his US citizenship in order to contest in the upcoming general election, as required by the constitution.

“Renouncing my US citizenship is a price I am prepared to pay to help save Antigua and Barbuda from the abyss,” explains the businessman. “I have been planning to transition back to Antigua anyway. If I do not win I will resettle in Antigua and continue fighting for change.”

Dr Emanuel will take on Antigua Barbuda Labour Party incumbent and MP for the area, Charles “Max” Fernandez, along with Democratic National Alliance newcomer, Louis Rivera.

Of Fernandez, Emanuel says, “Max is a decent guy, (but) he and 90 percent of his colleagues are stuck in 70s mindset.”

He also added, “They do not have what’s required to run a government in the 21st century. Ninety percent of them know but do not understand!”

The night’s proceedings were held at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTI) and fill the only void in the possible candidates list.

UPP Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor confirmed that all of the party’s candidates will be presented on November 5 at a “special event.”

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  1. Wow! What experience has he to make such a statement – seem’s to me he”s another Canadate who”s going to bite the dust.

  2. Is this the best the upp could do … Mac is way over the hill … keep in mind only failed business men go into politics its their last resort at a good life… they love no one but themselves .. anyways welcome to the neighbour hood mac … u r definitely need my help to win this seat … and your bro krife cant help u with this seat … no body around here like a bone in that guy

    • Sambo
      Your comments are personal & very SAD, first you must like yourself before you an like anyone, maybe you could learn a lot from Dr Emanuel, he’s an Educator, also a professor, please tell us what is your contribution to A & B? you guys are like a barrel of CRABS EVERY TIME ONE TRY CLIMB OUT, THERE’S ALWAYS ANOHER TO PULL HIM BACK, I HOPE THAT ONE OF THOSE WHO FOR THEIR CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT TAKES OVER ANTIGUA & ANYONE OF SHOULD STAND IN THEIR WAY I HOPE THEY CRUSH YOUR DUM A…SS, YOUR ARE EITHER PART OF TE PROBLEM OR PART OF THE SOLUTION WHA ARE YOU?

  3. upp who is the person running against the education minister ……what are u guys doing that is a safe seat up can win. ….

    • Seems like the bluebirds are getting nervous, that’s a very good thing! go get um Mac, you are smart, charismatic, highly qualified and accomplished! Bluebirds A BAAAAA!!!!!!!

  4. I do not know Mr. DeSilva or of his accomplishments, I also do not know Mr. Emmanuel personally but I have listened to his contributions and have an idea of his professional accomplishments therefore it is in a limited capacity that I would support Mr. Emmanuel. We need to start electing people who can bring a new dynamic change to government, people with a proven track record of accomplishment as opposed to people who can get votes. The better the government is the better each constituency, parish, village and ultimately each household is. We are in the 21st Century and the time for elevating our minds has long past and we are being left behind. Congratulations Mr. Emmanuel.

    • Something I’ve been saying for a long time. Unfortunately, politics in Antigua is a popularity contest and based on noise (as mentioned by the late Tubby Derrick) as opposed to substance and ideas. Let’s hope this changes in the not to distant future and we elect persons who can make valuable contributions to this country.

  5. Dr. Emmanuel, Mac as, I’ve known you since, 2B at the Antigua Grammar School, and I can still without any doubt or hesitation, say that you’re, one of the best individuals, I’ve known, from fielding next to you, at first or second slip on the cricket field, to meeting you in Miami, forty years later, your Spirit, energy charisma is still, calm, cool, collective, and we’ll balanced.
    I’ll be supporting your Candidacy …
    A few issues which came to my attention, and you have already anwered, one of my questions which was regarding, the ‘citizenship issue.’ Take a deep breath, we just ran three runs, you got it, go for the fifty, I’m sorry folks, cricket talk on the field….anyway, the ‘citizenship issue;’ yes Sir, you will be renouncing your American Citizenship, and it’s a damn bold move for one, on the other hand, it’s a #FACTING SHAME, again, it’s a #FactingShame, to know that, as an organic born Antiguan, you and thousands more, who took an oath, you know the construction trash, written to keep the Nationals apart…more on that very important, and contentious issue.
    Again, congratulations on winning the nomination, and as, you can see from the post on your Facebook page, I felt, that six coming, this is why, I asked you those questions.
    To Harold Lovell, PM Gaston Browne, folks like me, don’t support political parties, since, for the most part, they are one and the same, we support candidates. Mac Emmanuel is to be taken seriously, a good team behind him will disrupt both of your teams, in a heartbeat.
    To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.
    Mac, me Gideon boots ready…

    • Lets check the recent record when he had a chance: Was this not the same man who headed the investment Authority here and pushed the idea that local poultry farmers should sell out to a foreign entity? Do you recall the pride many Antiguans felt when then MP Baptiste stood up and said no way will this happen? In the meantime your candidate was talking trash about how the investor was party of the Zacky farms group in the US, hence had experience. It did not take long before his brother, the CEO of Zacky farms, made clear this was untrue and that the man Mack was promoting should be shunned

      “Now Scott Zacky, CEO of Zacky Farms and brother to Gregg Zacky, has contacted Caribarena.com to deliver a strong warning.

      Scott Zacky questioned whether the proposed project can come to fruition. In fact, he scoffed at the idea.

      The Zacky Farms CEO is urging Antigua & Barbuda authorities to carry out further due diligence investigations before committing the country to any agreement.

      Making it clear that he has no knowledge of Ron Mann, Gregg Zacky’s partner in the venture, Scott Zacky painted an unfavourable picture of his brother Gregg (both are adopted into the Zacky family).

      Scott Zacky questioned his brother’s Gregg knowledge of poultry breeding or rearing.

      He gave a list of his brother’s past ventures, many of which he said ended badly:

      The CEO is also concerned that any reckless misadventures involving Antigua & Barbuda might do damage to the family company’s name, built up over generations. He strongly urged local authorities to tread extremely carefully in dealing with the Zacky-Mann proposal.

      “Zacky CEO Sends A Warning Latest Wednesday, 16 May 2012 02:30 Colin Sampson

      As far as for your issue with persons who disavowed allegiance to A&B during their citizenship ceremony having to refute this, it makes sense. No man can serve two masters, says the holy book

  6. Tenman Bird, since you are limited in your scope and blinded by colour, here are the facts, I know because I worked at the ABIA: Dr. Emanuel after the potential poultry investors did not meet the required due diligence standard wrote a report and recommended that the project be rejected. That’s the man, a real leader! Since you are an ABLP STOOGE you never inquired about the facts. Secondly, under Dr. Emanuel’s leadership CABI ( for your knowledge, CABI is the Construct Antigua and Barbuda Initiative) was created and is regarded as the most successful economic stimulus in Antigua/Barbuda. Also, ask the owners of Woods Mall and Epicurean and businesses along Friars Hill Road as well as numerous companies/entrepreneurs in Antigua about his smarts and talent…you want more. By the way, since you are at it, tell us some of your accomplishments, competencies, expertise and your academic qualifications. I will be waiting!!!!!
    PS I am sure you saw the report on malnutrition in the Daily Observer today. Oh I forget you don’t deal in facts. OK, here you go:October 18, 2017 OBSERVER media The Big Stories
    A new report from the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization has ranked Antigua and Barbuda second to Haiti in the prevalence of undernourishment among the population…
    Hear what Tenman Bird, Mac, when elected will help fix this because he knows a thing or two about solutions.

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