Elite Resorts asked to manage Jolly Beach Resort for up to 5 years



The Cabinet invited two groups to address its members this morning.

The Principals of Elite Resorts were asked to address its management of a refurbished Jolly Beach Hotel.

The object is to have several rooms rehabilitated for the winter season 2022 and to have the Elite Resorts manage the facility for up to 5 years.

The management company will also market the Jolly Beach Hotel and share the profits with the government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The government will move to secure ownership of the hotel.

One of the outcomes will be the staff are assured that when the sale of the hotel is consummated, the staff members who had been severed will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.

Jolly Beach is valued at more than $30 million dollars.

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  1. initially we read it was 100 mil; then it was 49 mil with a hundred mil in renovation… What are we paying for half moon bay? note that there is nothing there to renovate.

    • If you are referring to there being nothing to renovate at jolly beach club I can assure there most definitely is need for a total renovation!

  2. Appears to be a beautiful section of beachfront property that could have been generating jobs from tourists. Hope the government get’s their shit together

  3. “One of the outcomes will be the staff are assured that when the sale of the hotel is consummated, the staff members who had been severed will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.”

    How will severance payments begin this Friday, ahead of the sale of the hotel. Everything Gaston touches turns into confusion. He has become too creative for his own brain! This is just another election gimmick. The Government of Headlines.

  4. Ohh my. Confusion.
    Barrett walked away as purchase wasn’t free & clear. Now govt. Begging him back in possibly a no lose situation for him. We’ll see.

    Mr Hurst… CONSUMMATED??? old time English… Modern parlance this is sex!
    Or, legally “felony is consummated when all the elements necessary for its execution and accomplishment are present”
    Maybe you deliberately used the word!

    JBR workers…. You believe you getting real money from Govt. IF govt can get freehold and IF they get funds to purchase from someone who is fully vetted, forensically checked by ONDCP & immigration?
    There will possibly be finders fees / introduction fees / shake your hand & photos fees likely changing hands but nowhere near Treasury.

    Look at Liat workers, nuttin
    Teachers & nurses … Small pay & inconsistent in payment
    Etc etc

    We’ll see

  5. Cabinet invited two groups to address its members this morning.
    1. Elite Resorts
    2. ?????????

    Did I miss something?

  6. With all the write offs at apua hospital IRD and God knows where ever else and paying of severance :


    Wet your hands…

  7. Worker’s Union a meeting needed at Carlisle Bay….the exploitation and your pretending to care needs to stop..you taking from our wages and don’t do f*ck all to represent us!!

  8. PAY THE JOLLY BEACH WORKERS!!!!!! We have been vacationing at Jolly Beach for 15 years?
    ! We have stopped vacationing to antigua since the closing of Jolly Beach. The working staff were like our second family, staying there 4 to 6 weeks at a time, 2 to 3 times yearly! PAAY THE STAFF THEIR DUE MONEY!!!!

  9. Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba’s Son Jumbee _Picknee asks…

    The Tourism Department should be able to Manage a Resort. If they can sell the Nation so well to attract all these visitors, then managing a Reaort should be a breeze.

  10. How sad they can’t get their act together and get Jolly Beach open. Antigua doesn’t need another 5 star resort like Sandals, but instead a family oriented resort at reasonable prices. I have been going to Jolly Beach Resort for 26 years and it is very disappointing that we will not be able to return this year. I’ve checked the other resorts on the island and the 4-5 star resorts are very expensive. This year I rented a villa in Jolly Harbour close to Jolly Beach so I hope this will be a nice experience and something I will continue to do in the future. Please rethink the future of Jolly Beach and make it affordable for everyone to be able to enjoy that beautiful beach!!

  11. If Jolly Beach is suppose to reopen by Christmas, when will they start taking reservations? Time is getting closer. Maybe it won’t be ready to opening at Christmas. Have they started the renovations for the reopening?

  12. Well, I just received an email from Elite Resorts advertising Jolly Beach’s reopening on December 15, 2022. I don’t think the website is fully set up yet with the rooms, as I was not able to get a quote for the dates in March I requested. I understand that finally the employees are now being reimbursed for the money owed to them, which is wonderful. I’m doubtful that the former employees will want to return to work at Jolly Beach. I sure they have moved on and I will miss the many friends we made at Jolly Beach over the last 26 years. I’m very anxious to see what Jolly Beach will look like when we visit next March. If it is as nice as our last visit there, we will book our next vacation at Jolly Beach!!

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