Eli Fuller says unreliable ministry of health COVID testing led many residents to do home tests


Businessman Eli Fuller says he knows the reason why many residents are not calling the Ministry of Health to do their COVID-19 tests.

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  1. BADMINDED Eli who thinks that he is the only one entitled to do offshore boat tours. This attention whore already uses Facebook to feed his ego. Why ANR giving him another outlet to worsen his addiction.

    Relax Eli, a little competition is good for business. The offshore islands nah belong to you.

  2. We are in the turn.
    And just like that, on 28/12 /21 CNN contributor Dr. Leana Wen admits “cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic, because we’re dealing with something that’s airborne.”

    Wait until they find out about the porous loose fitting surgical masks…….#kabukitheatre!!

  3. Eli fuller is a complete narcissist. There are many more like him in Antigua. Countless ones. Most of them over privileged, and skin color doesn’t matter, but most of them are also white. Never really had to work a real job in their lives but walk around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Nothing like hearing them talking about their “struggles” to get where they are. All ah y’all full a f*** if it wasn’t for your families you’d be nothing.

    • So if u had half a brain, which u obviously don’t, u would be able to speak your point without bringing race into this issue, but bc ur brain is the size of a pea race if the only thing u have to make your point. Some real dunces Out there boy, smdh

  4. I think Eli Fuller always speaks common sense. He often displays empathy for people which sure doesn’t indicate narcissistic behavior. Listen to him and learn from him.

  5. What a pity that most of the Antiguan people are so backward . It is such a beautiful island, i used to call it home.Thank god i don’t live there anymore . The Chinese will be running it soon, then you will all have Chinese passports. 🤣

    • So you think because you live outside of here that you are better than anyone. You prostitute your bac’side for white people in a foreign land who are in turn being pimped by the same Chinese.
      Crawl back into your Chinese owned box on fifth Avenue or wherever else you live.

    • Except for the redneck part of your comment.So he and Gaston Browne are like twins.They have no caring for the PEOPLE.

      • No! It’s Gisele Isaac-Arrindell and her elitist buddies who badmouthed and tried to block UWI so that pickeyhead people couldn’t get access to quality affordable education. It was Gaston Browne and his team who ensured that people’s monies and jobs remained when Scotiabank left. Not a single public servant laid off. Road improvement programs….

  6. Sad news! I think all Antiguans’ truly born and bred and those who love Antigua and her people genuinely ought to be given a break. It is very sad that money talks far more than people. Too many resorts and too much crime. I do not understand why the many millionaires who have holiday villas do not help the local community. I shall always love Antigua but there is too much corruption and greed for me as an older lady to return to my home.

    • The point is that Eli is BADMINDED, so why is he pretending to care? If it were up to him, the pickeyhead person would not be able to do boat tours. There is room enough for everyone. The beaches and seas do not belong to Eli. Hopefully next time, ANR will make a story using an actual fair person. A credible Antiguan and Barbudan.

  7. Who is more badmnded than you all prime minister fuc***ing prostitute sellng Antiga short. You’ll dip on people who talk truth and forget aryou mental case of a prme minister you Idiots.

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