Eli Fuller says Antigua could see more Russian Superyachts, private jets


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    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! ““Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
      evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

      Do a Backflip and Free your mind from mental slavery and you will surely learn something from the post! If nothing else follow the exhortation to understand Tourism and The Yachting Industry upon which the People of African Descent resident on Antigua and Barbuda are most dependent not only for National Growth and Development but for their very existence!

      Why is Antigua and Barbuda’s hard won WTO victory been forgotten and forgiven by its Residents!

      “An endless task, the cataloguing of reality. We accumulate facts, we discuss them, but with every line that is written, with every statement that is made, one has the feeling of incompleteness.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

  1. Can we please hear from a real official like from the yachting sector please? Riding on your pops coat tail and desperately looking attention and “noarticement” is a weak ass tactic for a grown ass man in 2022. Is he bosom buddies with Vlad?

    • Avatar photo Back Side and Really don't be mad with Fuller because you're poor and have a miserable life that's not his fault.

      Why Backside and Really so angry.
      If both of you had a parent coat tail to ride on wouldn’t you do it.

    • Ur comment make sense? Why do you need to hear from an official from yachting sector? Like have u ever taken a walk in Falmouth or English harbour at this time of year? Aren’t the media houses looking attention by making every single thing news? Cause idk how tf their yachts being here is news.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Demanding yet denying the human condition makes for an explosive contradiction. And explode it does, as you and I know. And we live in an age of conflagration: it only needs the rising birth rate to worsen the food shortage, it only needs the newly born to fear living a little more than dying, and for the torrent of violence to sweep away all the barriers. This is the age of the boomerang, the third stage of violence: it flies right back at us, it strikes us and, once again, we have no idea what hit us.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

      Oh Gad! Really! It is called Intergenerational wealth which refers to assets passed by one generation of a family to another and those assets can be money, and or other investments, as well as real estate and family businesses!

      Take a walk back in time and become familiar with the Historical Referent Point when the Brits leased land on the Rock to the US in exchange for munitions! Learn why the Unplanned Settlements at Barnes Hill and New Winthrop’s are such a disaster! If you are able to know who was the chief pirate and buccaneer from the Seabees and the station chief of the Blue Birds, you may be able to disabuse yourself of the notion of prodigal son! Did any People of African Descent resident on Antigua and Barbuda get a handsome return from the Lands sold To Dato Tan, To RAS and To YIDA! If not Who Did! Here’s a fact, it definitely was not the Queen of Sheba! That is your final research assignment!

      “What counts today, the question which is looming on the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity must reply to this question, or be shaken to pieces by it.”
      ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

    • Your comment sounds very “white”. Are you his cousin? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


        • I leave the racism to you and the self-proclaimed “BORN RACIST”, Trevor “Brown Paperbag” Walker. You can invite Trevor over for dinner and tell him all your conspiracy theories from your septic tank

          • HAHAHA… “conspiracy theories from your septic tank”… so good, you’re making me laugh. Thanks, I needed that! 🤣😂👍👌

    • Anything and anyone to lash out on, with anonymity. People are opinionated, yet cowardly with it.

      • Speaking of anonymity, are you the wife of Vince McMahon WWE? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you little dirty hypocrite.

  2. Dear Mr Fuller,

    Yesterday reports included 16 children! killed in Ukraine as a result of this unprovoked and unjust aggression to their sovereign nation, I truly missed any form or even an attempt of condemnation. Of course not every Russian is responsible but now it is time as a world citizen to stand up to tyranny. Flirting with oligarchy at this moment is quite inappropriate! I invite you to read about 9 year old Polina killed for nothing –


  3. BBC… Really?
    The lame stream news isn’t telling you what is actually happening in Ukraine. They are the propaganda mouthpiece of the cooperate fascism infecting the world. They are assisting their globalist masters to bring in the New World Order’s GREAT RESET.

    Ukraine is the global cabal’s piggy bank where they money launder the profits from their criminal enterprises like child trafficking, organ harvesting etc.

    The ‘war’ isn’t anything like they are saying.
    What is actually happening is the deepstate neo-nazi puppets (bad guys) are being removed by the good guys.

    • Angel, really?
      It is obvious you are misguided, do you really believe the rubbish you post?

      • In a word… yes – I believe everything I’ve written.
        Time will tell which version of reality is right.
        Either I am correct or you are.

        If you are getting your information from the TV news then I can assure you that your information is wrong. You have been spoon feed garbage and you are too blind to see that.

    • Angel, are you drunk or something? You are a Trump propagandist. People here are laughing at your ignorance. Stop of nonsense.

  4. Down with the oligarchy. Seize every piece of property they own, including yatchs and planes, and all other property they have in Antigua. These are the fat assed people who finance and back the Putin terrorists. Power to the People. Workers of the world UNITE!!! Get ’em out of here.

    • How do you KNOW these people even know Putin or support him, let alone, being his personal agent’s.
      You don’t KNOW what you’re talking about Conrad!

      Who are the ‘terrorist’s Conrad?
      Not much of a follower of the constitution uh?
      You display such a noxious blend of arrogance, ignorance and vainglory pride.

      I guess you’re not much of a believer in “do unto other’s…. as you would have done to you”

      • Angel yu old Trumper…. You are obviously in Trumpland. You refer to the “constitution” that you say I don’t follow????? The constitution you refer to must be the US one. It means nothing here. THIS IS ANTIGUA and BARBUDA. Where are you jack????

        • I’m quite sure that the ANTIGUAN CONSTITUTION doesn’t allow you to deny people their PROPERTY and throw them out of the country without due process. YOU are the terrorist Conrad the RED.

          I’m on EARTH… where are you demon spawn?

      • Educate yourself Angel, if you’re capable, which is questionable . Merriam-Webster defines an oligarchy as, “a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes”. Do some real research to understand who the Russian oligarchs are, how they amassed their wealth following the fall of the Soviet Union, and who allowed them to amass their wealthy. Go on, I dare you. See if you can figure it out without the help of Q.

  5. go crawl back into your hole eLIE! You still mad that other indigenous Antiguans are doing tours to offshore islands? Or you got over your badminded ways?

  6. Antigua really has some seriously angry unhappy ppl, u can clearly see that from the comments.

    • @ Joshua Grace I totally agree .
      Some of them on this platform are an embarrassment and the Duncery on here is nauseating.
      The best decision my family and myself ever made was to leave Buffoons behind in Antigua.
      Like pigs in a pen squabbling for pig food. Really can’t change stupid

        • @ Hopeless Betty yes I’m in the land of Trump and yes God has helped and bless me so I can help others.
          This stupid that you so speak about with a thriving and expanding business and more projected many families are dependent on me to put food on the table .
          Who has ever depended on you for anything other than breast milk and even that is questionable.
          I pity the fool that lay next to you at night.
          You who makes some of the most asinine statements on this platform is calling names .
          You’re even more an ass than I thought.

  7. Hi Angel,

    I can have you response although I deeply disagree, this type of open forum is actually what is currently under grave danger in the Ukraine let alone merely impossible in the Russian Federation. Let us cherish and foremost protect the fragile liberties we have in this great twin-island nation and other open democratic societies. In one swift swoop this Russian dictator intents to end what makes free people so great..

    • @Blessed citizen
      It’s OK for you to disagree with me… that is the way FREEDOM OF SPEECH works. Enjoy it while it’s still allowed.

  8. Angel, where in your first post at 5:07 did you acknowledge the plight, suffering & death of the people? Or does that not matter in your conspiracy theory? Hollywood takes a year or so to make movies look like what’s shown on bbc. You think it’s made up?
    And how do you think the oligarchs made all their money? Through being very clever or being P-puppets themselves with callous exploitation? Lol

    • Leo, what does my concern or lack of concern matter to you?
      I’ve already answered all of your questions within the post you mentioned.

      Oh, and the ‘movie’ on BBC being made-up. Well, there is a ton of evidence showing pictures that are being used to claim the ‘war’ is real, have been proven to have been taken at a different time and place than claimed, using a simple image search engine.

      Why are YOU so resistant to believe the news media is lying to you?
      I guess Mark Twain was right when he said, “It’s easier to con somebody then to convince them that they been conned”

      • That was the case of every single anti-vaxx and anti-mask protest video you peddled over the past year! And they were all documented to be false and you still believed them.

        Why are you so resistant to the reality that the social media content you consume is all made up? All you’re doing is lining the pockets of content creators and wannabe celebrities . It’s all entertainment sweetheart. The more outrageous their headlines the more influence they garner and the more money they make. The weak, like you who are easily influenced, gobble it up, break into the Capitol in Washington and get arrested. The content creators are laughing at you Angel, and all the while they’re making money. Is there a conspiracy theory that you haven’t bought into?

        What did you do for fun before social media influence peddlers got to you? Did you enjoy your life? Maybe you should go back to that life before you grow too old. You only get one shot at life.

        And how many more times are you going to repeat that lame Mark Twain line??? It’s getting old.

        • Proven false??? No they never were.

          The fake checkers that you use don’t count… they too are fake as proven in court with the facebook fact checkers.


  9. Eli sucks, trump sucks, vaccines suck, Putin sucks, Velensky sucks. Since everyone in the past few years has been all about letting professionals handle things, why are you regular folk here bickering like whiny little girls? Regular serfs like us can’t do anything about any of this.

    Eli stick to running your business, that you would not have without the help and connections of your deep roots here in Antigua. Nothing wrong with that. But god man you just love too much attention.

    The other people above calling people names like trumpers and whatever else… the man has been out of office for over two years now. You clearly have nothing else to back up what you are saying. Have you ever tried to think for yourself about what is really going on or do u just regurgitate any mainstream narrative fed to you. You are playing into the divisive hands of identity politics. This angel man actually makes more sense than any of you Antiguans.

    Y’all need to understand you grew up on a fletching rock, and the world does not expect much from us. Eat some fresh seafood, enjoy the sunshine and keep your bloody mouth shut about divisive politics. One love to all mankind.

    • @Gotta be kidding me
      Thank you for those kind words…
      Kind words are few and far between for me here on ANR. 😀
      I guess a lot of people here are rattled by TRUTH tellers.

    • There is so much that is wrong with what you just said, I don’t have the time or patience to get into it. So I’ll try to be brief…your obviously another right winger who doesn’t want anyone to say anything contrary to your world view.

      Mainstream media (fake news) is bad, but Joe Rogan is good. Follow Q, follow Trump, shut-up and move to the right so you can walk on through to the front of the line and do as you please. Don’t talk “divisive politics” (whatever that means) coz we live on a fletching rock and can’t think for ourselves. So we should let you do that for us Jack?

      Trump has only been out of office for just over a year, not two, and he’s still causes mayhem every time he opens his mouth. God help the planet if he runs again. He doesn’t even have to win to do damage, his campaigning will be toxic enough.

      And I’ve saved the best for last… “Angel makes more sense than any of you Antiguans”. That’s telling. WE’RE Antiguans living on a fletching rock, but your words clearly suggest that you’re NOT! If that’s the case you should bugger-off! And if you really believe that Angel is a voice of reason it’s time for the nurse to bring your medication.

      As a brave Ukrainian soldier recently said to a Russian sailor “@Gottabekiddingme, go F__K yourself!”

  10. Gaston and all his henchmen will always welcome them here. All about filling dem pockets. One day they might get poison with Russian bio chemical

    • You Nak u head on the steering wheel inside the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Mr Fuller is a joke and his words are a joke. He is essentially telling us that because the russians have always come here then just let them continue. Turn a blind eye because russian oligarchs take day trips and tours and “support” the local economy. What an elitist trash joke of a human. We are allowed to NOW disagree. Maybe they have supported the economy by paying rich white men like Fuller but its time to turn our support to Ukraine and not the elitist white trash that wants russian money

    • @Real Antiguan
      For your desperately needed education, Ukraine is where the global criminal elites launder their dirty money. The Khazarian Mafia in that region are a big part of what Putin is removing in Ukraine.

      Khazar history, particularly that of the Khazarian Mafia, the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, which the Khazarian oligarchy has made it through the use of Babylonian money magic, has been almost completely removed from the history books.

  12. The #ROARING 20’s….

    This time of HUEmanity’s history is simply the #ROARING 20’s(1900 – 2950).
    The wars from World War I(Iraq to Libya to Afghanistan to South America); next the Federal Reserve Bank taking control of the World Financial Markets back by fossil fuels/crude oil to now, the implementations of CRYPTO backed by technology/blockchain)
    Now here comes the %Spanish Flu Meet COVID-19 pandemonium followed by where we are today, as some are comparing Putin to Hitler(World War II started in Europe 1920’s(wars are planned years in advance).

    Of course the clamouring of the rich Russians, Chinese, Asians to the Caribbean is the same the Americans and Europeans rushed to the Caribbean in the 1930’d to begin what we now call, the #TOURISM INDUSTRY.

    In conclusion, the end of this present PANDEMIC is ushering the PARTY,,let’s PARTY similarities of the ROARING 20’s. This SPRING into SUMMER into FALL people will be partying like there’s no tomorrow, from concerts to carnivals.

    History especially, the designed and control aspect of it, shall always repeat itself..


    • Should be 1900 – 1950)🐖😎! Pigs will be flying by 2950 in the remake of George Orwell’s – Animal Farm!👀🐽🎬🎬🐷

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