Election review: Red is dead says UPP but it was proven to be an illusion.


Dear Editor,

Finally, our general election is now over. The people have spoken and the voice of the people is the voice of God!!

Sad to say, the two main political parties have nothing at all to smile about. ABLP experienced serious casualties of losing several of their candidates and UPP’s goal to dethrone ABLP from governance  was not achieved. In addition UPP’s tag line ” Red Dead ” did not prove to be true & only seemed to be an illusion. Unfortunately, Harold Lovell, UPP’s esteem leader succumbed and left behind a poor legacy. Ofcourse, the result of the election certainly surprised everyone. Such an outcome, was not expected.

UPP must be commended. They fought relentlessly with very limited resources.  One of their main strategy of slinging mud at the PM worked very well. The manner in which the PM retaliated even went against him & his team.

During the campaigning, UPP was certainly not convincing enough to get the majority of the populace including their own supporters, to buy into their proposed programs & policies.

It was the natural phenomena such as the severe drought resulting to the water crisis along with the Covid pandemic and the impact of the Euchraine & Russian war causing cost of living & gas prices to escalate became the main enemy that ABLP had to combat with. Inspite of the fact that ABLP were not responsible for these phenomenon, the masses were still left disgruntled & unfortunately ABLP as the sitting govt became a target to declare war against. Asot vying as a candidacy added more fuel to the fire.

ABLP on the otherhand had to blame themselves for their downfall.  They became complacent & hence, shot themselves in the feet with been ‘ over confident ‘. In addition, the hierarchy perhaps forgot that charity begins at home. Clearly, some ABLP stalwart supporters were treated with disdain. Some were ignored. Others were overlooked. Persons who left UPP and decided to join ABLP were welcomed into the fold & treated better than their very own.

The ABLP candidates were also at fault. They were very passive during their campaigning. It appeared that they were sleeping on the job & too relaxed in their comfort zone. It was evident that they did not develop enough intimacy with the electorates and they relied too much on their inexperience campaign teams to get the campaigning job done.

The PM himself, was another factor that also contributed to ABLP’s demise. Persons thought he was a bit too popular, too abrasive & overshadowed his candidates too much. At the sametime, some of them his behavior & language was certainly uncalled for as a sitting Prime minister and hence, a bad taste was left in many persons mouth.

Overall, the big red machine never got properly started the way it should. As a result its presence was just not seen or felt throughout.

The champion in this election was Asot Michael. He showed us that financial gifts & handouts is alive & kicking among the hearts of the electorates. Asot must be highly commended for his accomplishment. However, the principal notion that a person cares bcuz  of giving handouts & financial gifts is certainly of great concern. It would be more rewarding to see one’s wealth is used to create an institution to empower & enhance the skills of the constituents rather than giving them financial gifts & handouts.

Finally, the nation will be waiting with abaited breath for parliament to convene since UPP has now increased their artillery with more firepower and Asot is now on his own.  ABLP definitely has some house cleaning to do. However, I can assure everyone that the PM & his ministers will now be having political classes in parliament and teach the UPP parliamentarians that Red is not dead but Red is a ” Deadly ” force to reckon with.


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  1. Even a you bearly WIN

    • UPP DEAD Dead Dead Dead Dead Dead
      They failed their supporters and well-wishers.
      UPP’s embarrassment leaves much to be desired
      No wonder they so quiet these past few days

    • Oh you start sing a different tune. UPP has failed us miserably.. Never again will they manage this country. It’s another 5 more years for ABLP. ABLP IS NOT DEAD – ABLP IS DEADLY!!

  2. You ranting on and on i’ve heard about a soar looser but never a soar winner. Try move on man, by elections around the corner. Red dead!!! Red dead!!! Just a matter of time before the funeral date is set.

  3. Since when is,”the voice of the people the voice of God?” Never in the history of mankind has the desire of the mind of man indicative of the will of God. Never. The two are diametrically opposed to each other. To mention God in a sentence with ALP is at best blasphemy.
    What spoke, as the history of elections in Antigua and Barbuda has shown, is money, greed, bribery, treating and a people who will sell their souls for a penny. Yes, eventually, the will of the Almighty prevails.
    There are more than one ways to unveil that “Red is Dead.” Remember, the popular vote outnumbered that of the winning party. I say in 90 days things will become clearer. The future of this country hang in the balance.

  4. We all know that UPP has limited resources beyond that. We all know Gaston Brown administration gave away millions of money during their Campion leading up to the election.

  5. FITZROY, you won with the help of the amnesty given to illegals from Gaston Browne, the non-nationals, and the diaspora that flew in to vote and then flew out again afterwards.

    However, there can be no more excuses from the Prime Minister now in moving the country forward.


    • … actually Fitzy, I’m now looking forward to how Gaston ‘Scrape Through’ Browne is going to talk his way out of his manifesto promises.

      Interesting times ahead folks – Gassy will be damned if he does (where’s the money now coming from), and damned if he doesn’t (more broken pledges/promises).

      CANT WAIT …

    • @Brixtonian: let not your heart be trouble…. You were advised to get rid of your Leader, Mr. Harold Lovell to win the election. You chose not to, so ABLP did it for you. As of now you will be getting more value & work done from the less ministries that we now have. According to the writer red is not dead but is deadly in whatever they do.

      • You may have a point @ Bluddy Bloke about keeping the Honourable Harold Lovell as the UPP leader; however, losing by only a HANDFUL of votes isn’t the mitigation disaster that you are trying to portray to the readers.

        And I also beg to differ about how the ABLP won.

        Their tactics by using outsiders, PARDONING illegals and non-nationals to win was – though legal ⚖ – was morally wrong.

        These Nasty politics against the indigenous and the autochthonous population will eventually come back to haunt the ABLP if UPP adopt the same methods.

        However again, I congratulate the ABLP on their NARROW bottom-barrel victory … 👍

        • @ Brixtonian: The win is well deserving. There are all indicators that the economy is transforming into an Economic power house. No longer do we live in a three tier economy. We are now a 2 tier economy. Upper & middle class. People livelihood have change and will continue to change upward to the next level

          • … and your EVIDENCE of this economic power house by the ABLP after just 5 days of winning the General Election?

            You guys are hilarious 😂, keep the jokes coming though!

  6. @Fitzroy the Caesar of Illusion!

    There will be a #Bi-Election or TWO in the not too distant future. UPP will take both.

    Nuff Said…

    By the way, why is Robin being paid to go and sleep in the Parliamentary building? I know, that his divorce settlement, did not leave him homeless.
    It’s time for this albatross to go.



    • @ Ras Smood: Becareful with your wishful thinking bro. 2009 UPP predicted that 3 Labourites will die. Interestingly it was the reverse. Nunes was one of them. May his soul continue RIP. Perhaps u can remind us who the two were. Labour party is a blessed institution. Who God bless no one curse

      • @Bluddy Bloke…if #wishes were horses, beggars would rise. You know this one correct?

        I see, that you have shed several of your ‘aliases’ here on ANR. Hey???

        If you find the time, check out Jumbee_Picknee one of my aliases here at ANR, and read my prediction regarding the Lovell and Massiah Split.

        The Asot and Gaston fiasco was predicted by me,(Asot the domino that fell the House at 46 North), some thought I was crazy, others hoped I was being facetious, but Asot proved me correct.

        Maria was the first Category 5 hurricane and that was in the ether but few were paying attention, to busy getting ‘drunk and disorderly.’

        Bluddy Bloke, my name is Vere C. Edwards, I don’t even hide from the ‘god’ nor the ‘satan,’ question them and their reasons for me being here in this ether, so, #DEATH does not deter me from, expressing my views.
        At this very moment, in, of, through the essence of my being, I will say again, the ABLP is wounded politically, and no amount of spin, nor red herring can change, the fact, that ABLP is on a slippery slope, maybe not to perdition but to a BI-ELECTION or two before the next general election is constitutionally due.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

        Vere Cornwall Edwards!

  7. Such nonsense!!
    Some people vote Cannot be bought!!
    Shame on those, who took money for vote.
    The nation has spoken, you ought to be congratulated , you did a hatchet number on harold..
    DNA.. Shame, Shame..
    Harold lost because of you.
    I hope you sleep at night, ms messiah..You’re a trip!!!


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