Election  Is Over – The People Won Bigtime

Audley Phillip

Election   Is Over – The People Won Bigtime

What an election!  Marked by low turnout but clearly was a referendum on the ruling ABLP.  And though the ABLP  retained government by the slimmest of majority, they suffered major casualties, some of which were unexpected.  Some of the results were so close that this contest could have gone either way..

We now have to get back to some semblance of normalcy in the interest of Antigua and Barbuda. There is much work to be done and it is now that the hard work begins.

With a very slim majority and more opposition in parliament, governing is not going to be the same for the ABLP.

For the first time in a long while we are poised  to  see some robust debates in parliament with more effort made to seek bipartisanship in the passage of legislation.  .

The makeup of parliament augurs well for the country and it is a big plus for the citizens.  I think that most people are now looking forward to a more effective and robust opposition with the election of some new firepower.

An effective Opposition is in everybody’s interest, Including the Government. Lack of an effective opposition might have been responsible  for where we are today.

Our political system is based on open debate and political competition, where ideas meet, clash and are accepted, or rejected, by majorities of citizens.

The best ideas come from this confrontation, and so if there is no competition for power, the result is lose-lose for everyone.

With no competition, citizens find that their voice is not heard and therefore retreat from politics—an  action that is deadly for democracy.   We might have  witnessed  much of this in the past..

Having a smart, competitive opposition is not only good for the opposition but it also pushes the government to do better, re-think its action and deliver to the citizens to keep its competitive edge and win the next elections.

Parliamentary democracy is based on the party system of government. It is a government by criticism and exposition and therefore, it has to be governed by two political parties – a party  in power and a party in Opposition.


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  1. In reality, the opposition is not smart or qualified, and it was very dangerous putting forward such a team, that would have been out of their depth, that could be thrown into the governing of the country.

    • Each one of us starts at kindergarten until we reach university. I did not go to kindergarten, I went to ABC. For today I can hold my own in my field of study. Every one deserved a chance.

    • Could you have imagined if a ‘more smart’ and ‘qualifieder’ team was put forward? They would have won all ’34’ seats. So, N, what are you saying about your fellow Antiguans who voted for them? Why Is it so difficult to say a job well done? Waan laaang dutty stuuuups.

    • @N: The ABLP Candidates. Before they entered politics. What experiences they had in running a Country? Could you please tell me.Please do not come on here and sound like an IDIOT.

    • @N. So, are you of the opinion that “smart” governance is stealing as much money, freebees and lands as possible for the sole enrichment of oneself and/or family? Or handing Antigua over on a golden platter to the (racist) Chinese along with 5 acres of the country’s land for them to do as they wish inside with no interference; building an absolute monstrosity protected by bird killing electric wires and cameras…bribing their way into burdening the island down with unnecessary loan traps for below standard projects done by their slave labour, while the forked tongues continue to complain about 400 years ago African slavery!
      In case you think A&B is a goldmine. It is not and cannot continue to sustain the monthly unnecessary excessive costs which have apparently become out of control.
      Antigua and Barbuda need to remain a law-and-order democracy and clean up its’ act. The Antiguan people have chosen to maintain freedom and not live under what was fast becoming a corrupt and septic (expensive) dictatorship. We do not need rocket scientists to clean up the island and it is up to us, we, the people to force this now balanced parliament to govern in the interest of US, the country and its’ environment.

    • I am sure you would say the ABLP government was smart N. In fact they are so smart they have succeeded in doing absolutely nothing for our lovely Antigua nd An’guans for the past 9 years. Here is a trivia for you. How has their qualifications helped you to enrich yourself?
      Antigua is not the name of a man it is a people and WE WANT REPRESENTATION THAT WILL FIGHT FOR THE People.

      Oh yeah🤔 please enlighten us on how what “qualifications” the FATHER of the nation had AND tell us your views on what a masterpiece of a leader he was .

      When you started with “In reality” I was waiting for something sensible to follow. Are you Antiguan?

    • N, I told you before. It cannot be all about being smart or “qualified” as you put it. Do you prefer a smart person with no character, who is a narcissist creatively enriching himself, putting the country deeper in debt, and selling our country’s resources to so-called criminal investors? Our local citizens deserve more than, better than that. Only self-absorbed people say things like that. I cannot believe you really said that. Cut out this elitist behavior and think about your children and your children’s children. Stop being shallow and don’t drink anymore of the koolaide.

  2. N. You sound like fart. Maybe it’s a blessing for the UPP to have lost but a very strong message was sent that the people fed up! Not to forget that they’d left some serious obstacles for the opposition to clean up but now let’s see how they’re going to get around this human trafficking mess along with other serious allegations and obstacles. A whole $#1t storm coming.

  3. The people have clearly spoken. Many are obviously tired of the disrespect, verbal abuse and psychological oppression. Most people want to be treated with dignity, which is the right of every human being. Luxurious homes costing 250 million dollars or more do nothing for the average Antiguan. So stop boasting about them! People just need the basics. Potable water, affordable utilities and food, fair and timely wages, good medical care, well-equipped schools and institutions are among the basic things they need. Politicians need to care more about the majority than the wealthy minority, and practise better manners (because all of you were taught good manners whether you were raised in the ghetto or not!). Your cars, suits and homes don’t make you men or women of integrity….your characters do! Get in touch with God and obey Him! Go and pray for your souls and that of your families and the people you promise to lead and direct. Most importantly, pay very special attention to how you treat people. Especially those you perceive you may never need! I haven’t heard anyone speak to the increase in the number of homeless individuals on the streets of St. Johns! Not sure if it was addressed in any of the manifestos. The numbers are increasing and they need your help! Get off your high horses and tend to the needs of your people. Be the role models you ought to be! May God help us all.

  4. Has anyone seen what I saw? That most of the constituencies with majority born and bred indegeneous native ANTIGUANS, voted for the opposition. This leads me to conclude that it was constituencies with an abundance of Caribbean nationals, who kept the incumbent party in power? What does that tell you?
    Now, is it right for foreigners to decide governance of the Antiguan people? I see a problem here, which will rear it’s ugly head soon. A government should be a government of it’s people first, then anybody else. Should foreigners be employed and born Antiguans not? We will wait and see. Anyhow, everything happens for a reason.

    • There are no empirical data to support this theory my friend. I really do not like when we go down that road. I believe that non nationals voted for both parties and i know of many who supported the opposition and others that supported the government. Your concerns should be directed to your Member of Parliament and we need to begin to hold them accountable and expect more from them …not just show up at election time.

    • Oh please I see you all still with this foreigners business. Again do any Antiguans live abroad and working? As soon you open your mouth its foreigners this and foreigners the next. Such rubbish. Pray for your country and its leaders!

    • That’s so true @ A big shame, you only have look at the results in Barbuda and All Saints to prove your point.

      Well highlighted … 👍

  5. Its not about country…but winning election… popularity in the UPP was the order of the day… in the likes of Serpent..Peter Red…Pearl Quinn….and other movement Radio host…imagine if they won the Government without Harold Lovell…let’s be real here..there would be war for prime Minister…can you envision a cabinet.

  6. What if they had won with Harold Lovell? @ Dexter. Honourable Baldwin Spencer lost so many times before he became elected, and he didn’t have to bribe anyone. Harold Lovell has nothing to be ashamed of. Is self enrichment about country? I am so proud of those successful black young UPP-ers. They will get ALL of the support they need from ALl the patriotic nation builders.

  7. With 60,916 eligible voters and only 42,849 people voting meaning 18,067 people did not vote, no wonder antigua is in the state it is.

    ALP got 20,952 votes while the UPP got 19,267, what a difference some of those 18K people that didn’t bother to vote could have made.

    • Even more important is that the combined opposition and independents polled more votes altogether than the winning party. Many of the 18K persons that did not vote are people who lives abroad. The current electoral list need updating and purging

    • Cool Ruler you are so right. word to those in the 18k who deliberately chose to not vote, you have kept your X now keep your opinion on matters of government in this country in the same place, to yourself.

  8. Audley, that is true. Family members living in the US were on the list. I still believe the turnout would’ve been better if people understood that not voting does not make the problems go away, it only compounds them.

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