Elderly Woman Wrestles Armed Masked Robbers


A Creekside woman, 65, was robbed of her purse last night but not before putting up a fight.

The woman told the police that she was sitting in her car at about 10 p.m. shortly after returning home from work.

According to her, a slimly built man approached the car and entered through the front passenger door. He was wearing a black face mask.

Another masked man later entered the Nissan car and together they grabbed the woman’s handbag.

She had in it about $2500 along with her cell phone, passport and other important documents.

The woman told police she wrestled one of the robbers for her bag before the second showed up pointing what appeared to be a gun.

Police said they searched the area but nothing was found.

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  1. HOME- SITTING IN CAR – AFTER 10PM- WITH $2,500??????

    This could very well be true and it should be approached with ‘…an open mind.’

    However, from an investigative perspective, the shrewd investigators would first ascertain if she is a collector/holder of ‘…Box Money.’

  2. 10pm
    Sitting in her car
    $2,500.00 in her possession
    “Mine eyes have seen the glory and coming of the king”


      Don’t believe you have seen any glory in this one.

      Neither is the ‘King’ coming for this one.
      Maybe to see where to send everyone of us.

      Those with or without a story like this one.

      And is only one of two places, ‘…Heaven or hell.’

      In this life, seems it more difficult to get into Heaven.

      Still don’t want to go anywhere else though.

  3. Hmmmm.
    She sitting in car; 1 robber enters the front passenger side; another later entered and together they grabbed her handbag and wrestled with her for it. A second robber later showed up pointing what appeared to be a gun. There is a problem with the sequence of events and therefore, a problem with her allegations. How many robbers were there in all?

  4. This story sounds a little bit suspicious, but glad to hear that the old lady put up a fight. I think the Antigua government needs to increase the number of high-quality 1080p HD cameras in key public areas for police surveillance.

    • NO KING

      No one female wrestles with neither ‘…1 nor 21 gunmen.’

      No Sah! But still readers are guided by what is reported here.

  5. Gun and violent crime in Antigua sadly now is a way of life.
    It wasn’t that long ago when gun crime was non existent in this little bit of paradise.
    People could walk home in safety .
    We as parents have failed our children .
    Our leaders while enriching them selves are leading us to the dogs.
    Things are NOT safer with Labour.

    • We have had 2 T-W-O homicides for the year so far. Are you relying on EMOTIONS or STATISTICS? “Numbers don’t lie, people do.”

      Compare that to other islands in the Caribbean and you would be shocked to see how far ahead they are with the # of homicides.

      Stop allowing politics to blind you from the FACTS. 2 homicides thus far. do you know how many murders have been committed in St. Kitts/Nevis thus far? Bearing in mind they are much smaller than us. St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago etc.

      I can still walk home in safety. Can’t you? Try that in Trinidad and see what happen to you. Come with the FACTS, not political garbage!!!

  6. Pompey always coming up with something out of the way. Are you telling me that I cannot sit in my car in my yard after 10pm with whatever I have in it. Does this give the right to anyone to attack me. It is true that persons should be careful with their surroundings but my God man, could it be right? She should have been able to kill one of them if not both. When I get in my vehicle be it night or day I lock my doors just to be on the safe side.

    • You gotta admit the story sounds a bit suspicious, that’s what Mr. Pompey is alluding to. I have the same concerns like him. With that amount of money on me, I wouldn’t be loafing around in my car with the doors unlocked. Can’t rule out the possibility of a conspiracy.


      Rawlston Pompey is real. Always identified with my comments.

      Do not hide behind pseudonyms.

      Enforced law for three decades. Met all kinds of people.

      Heard all sorts of stories pertaining to crime.

      Never easily deceived. Kept an open mind until the contrary was proved.

      What is so ‘out of the way’ with these?

      Do know ‘…Wicked’ would not have been so reckless with his/her own personal safety to get into a ‘…wrestling match with two robbers, one suspectedly armed.’

      This would border ‘…incredible stupidity.’

  7. Well how did they know she had 2500 hmmmm the bad guys probably have cleo working with he….. for those that dont know who is CLEO she is a mind reader future teller.

  8. Did the lady screen for help?

    While sitting in her car what was she doing considering she was at home, coming from work, and at 10pm?

    Were there two or three mask men, one in the front seat, one in the back seat and another approached with a gun.

    • Always with ‘…an Inquiring Mind.
      Logical thing to do at home, ‘…scream or blow horn.’
      Not to be ‘…wrestling’ with gunmen.

  9. I love how the “VICTIM” is getting the blame!! She was in “HER” car!! With her “MONEY” !! She got attacked, she was robbed and some of you try to justify the “THIEF / THIEVES ACTION!! Are we for real!!
    It’s amazing how this so call “police” is quick to state “Not to be ‘…wrestling’ with gunmen” but fail to enlighten “The fight-or-flight response”.
    On that note i will close with ” It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

  10. Nameless. I am with you on this. 1. Fright make you do anything. 2. None of us were there, it could have been her rent money as well, after all its the end of the month. 3. I am thankful that she wasn’t seriously hurt. 4. If she is lying God knows and the truth must come to light.
    With this said. Even if I have 2 million dollars and am sitting in my car, no one has the right to rob me, they would have to tek whatever injury alloted to them.

  11. Readers… don’t cuss Mr Pompey. People have been known to file false reports, so a trained mind leaves nothing to chance..

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