Elderly woman falls through pavement in St. John’s (VIDEO)


Firefighters were reportedly called in to free an elderly woman’s leg after she became trapped in a hole while walking in St. John’s over the weekend.

Passersby can be seen on a video attempting to help the woman whose leg became stuck in a hole while she was walking on a pavement on Market Street.

Reports indicated firefighters carefully broke away sections of the concrete to free the 62-year-old woman’s leg.

She was taken to hospital and was reportedly still receiving treatment up to two days after the incident.

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  1. ANR, but but we had 6% economic growth for 2019 what’s with the negativity and sky is falling news or should I say foot is falling into pavement news.

    What an economic powerhouse

    • lol… you are so correct.. we are only focused on the economic growth which the common man cannot feel. so sorry that this happened to this lady.

  2. This is a major negligent case and I hope her family engaged a good attorney. Any hole in streets and cracked sidewalks are the governments responsibility to monitor and repair timely. Best wishes for her speedy recovery and compensation for her injury.

  3. Someone should be sued for this.Was this hole there before the woman fell into it?Or was the area of the sidewalk porous and she walked on it and fell in.Get a good Lawyer and sue the City of St.Johns and those responsible for the upkeep of the infrastructure.

  4. this was hard to watch. i hope she is a lot better and it is not as bad as it seems….. someone should pay dearly for this lady injuries. Only in Antigua this happens and no one pay the consequences, for neglect!

  5. If this had happened to a cruise passenger, we can forget the fifth peer and Global Port. For how long have we been crying out about these bad sidewalks erected by the UPP for millions of dollars all they are is ratta condominiums. During heavy rains they get clogged with debris and other unwanted waste materials. If we are serious about tourism we fixed these hazardous gutters as soon as possible. Cause the law suits that will come will be very great. Especially when a court will hear that these holes were there now for many years and nothing has been done to correct them. Sometime we try to be cheap. Penny wise but pond foolish. Spend the money now and avoid a bigger disaster in the making. Perhaps we like to play Russian Roulette with our economy. PM I am counting on you to do the right thing before it is too late.

  6. “to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.”
    This is what I saw today when passing by the fish market to see for myself the hole the woman got her foot stuck in. The sidewalk was paved and the cement waiting to dry. Are we now going to fix all the sidewalks to prevent more accidents or are we going to wait for the next accident to happen? I wonder.

  7. Looks like she walked in it….idk how you don’t see that hole lol….regardless get well and secure the bag

    • Probably wasn’t looking where she was going,i have had people walk into me,concentrating on their phone.The headlines said “Elderly Woman” a 62year old really isn’t that elderly these days.A grown woman yes,but not elderly.

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