Elderly woman assaulted during home invasion


An elderly woman was reportedly robbed at her Cedar Grove home over the weekend.


According to reports, the 66-year-old woman was accosted by two men in her house after she went into a bedroom to investigate unusual sounds.


One of the robbers reportedly held the woman around her neck and warned her that he had a gun.


He then took her to another room where he and his accomplice demanded money.


The woman reportedly bit one of the bandits on his hand then ran to a neighbor’s home for help.


The robbers reportedly made off with a cell phone during the incident, which occurred around 11pm on Saturday.


Police are investigating.



  1. These people should be killed but these cops are so dumb most of the day is spent guarding western union and chase this should be stopped

  2. And I was thinking about returning to Antigua to spend my golden years. It’s the same in my neck of the woods so I guess I’ll remain here. At least I know how to move around here. In Antigua, I’ll be a stranger.

    Goodbye beautiful West Indian islands. The baby boomers had it good. We didn’t have much, but we were never afraid to walk the streets St night, we never feared that we would be robbed at home or outdoors. It was a good life as said by Charlie Brown.☹️

  3. What use does stealing a cell accomplished.I would say absolutely nothing.What is going on in Antigua.Is there a drug problem.Where persons are using all methods available to make money.To support their habits.Glad this lady was not physically hurt.

  4. The problem is nobody wants to work shift, too many working 8 am to 4 pm daily off on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays while very few are bursting their ass working 24 hours and still not promoted. If the 8 to 4 ones are called upon to extra e.g funeral, meeting and the like they report sick and the Senior Officers just fighting for promotion and not supervising. The Force want a shake up, too many slackers. The Force is operating like the Government Offices.

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