Elderly man robbed at gunpoint in Cashew Hill


Three masked men reportedly robbed an elderly man outside his Cashew Hill home last night.

According to reports, the bandits attacked the 74-year-old, who had just arrived at his home around 10pm.

One of the robbers reportedly had a gun as they demanded money from the man, who was getting out of his bus.

The man reportedly resisted but was overpowered by the thieves who robbed him of $1,470 and a number of ID cards before driving off in a white rental Toyota Vitz motor car.

Two of the men were said to short and slim while the other was described as tall and slim.

Police are investigating.



  1. Bus Drivers/Taxi Drivers:Go to the Banks where you have accounts and get a drop bag.When you have accumulated a certain amount in cash.Put it into the bag and bring it to the Bank and drop it.What is going on in Antigua,with all of these gun crimes lately.Seems like every time you closed and opened you eyes.There is a hold up using a gun.Be safe out there my fellow citizens.Use of guns in crimes is not a joke.It is not something to play with.

  2. Cutie and Gaston need to hire people that want to serve and protect not wear uniforms and collect. They also need to send his senior officers to do intense training on how to investigate and solve serious crimes. The police force is too messy and clumsy and it takes away from the good decent officers in the force

    • Sir you are quite correct. They don’t need to send them anywhere but to get rid of them. All they do is sit and wait for the next promotion list. When their name is not on it fight down and undermine each other for promotion. There is no clear plan or any motivation or incentive by the top of the police force to prevent or even solve crime. The criminals (some of their buddies) are way ahead of us. Time to get rid of these doldrums and place persons who are ready to fight crime!!!!!

  3. These slim hungry mother fackers probably on tylenol…. how can u seriously rob people and poor people at u should be giving him money

  4. We need that clean up team , like when labour just god back in power the amount of gun man get lock up and shot down . When the pm said zero tolerance on crime and violence. Now these people pushing gone back to doing rubbish. The zero tolerance on crime and violent pause ?

  5. Arresting a man who stopped a burglary, robbery and perhaps Murder will breath these kind of crimes, as criminals think they are protected. I want to say I wish the retired officer was there, yes a family member of mine, was there to put a bullet in this criminal. Then again, I wish he was not there because of untrained law enforcement officers would have arrested this hero because they literally have no sense or knowledge of the law.

    I could not have arrested this retired officer base on the evidence available, it would have required days or weeks and certainly evidence beyond the both parties involve to corroborate either side story. Instead the investigating officer realize he arrested and detained beyond the 48 hours and going on 96 hours and in an effort to cover his butt, he decided to just charge the officer without any form of evidence of malice, in fact the evidence was heavily supporting self-defense and stopping of an inherently dangerous crime.

  6. Hopefully they will try this with someone that’s licensed to carry a firearm, and that person will let them have what they’re seeking… a bullet to stop them! Shameful to be robbing a pensioner at gunpoint!

  7. I can’t remember the last time I see a police vehicle patrol the place at night!!! Day time you see sum ah dem up and down doing their personal business with tax payers vehicles..(yes is we pay for dem when dem nah get donated)

  8. They are copying the Americans. This new breed of criminals are the young pups traveling to America, or at home reading on line about crimes committed in America. It’s the same in my neck of the woods.

    Antigua was such a peaceful place in my years there.

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