Elderly Buckley’s Man Missing


The public’s assistance is been sought in knowing the whereabouts of 70 year old George Attwood of Buckley’s Village.

George was reported missing by family members on Tuesday 4th February, 2020 at the All Saints Police Station. He was last seen some time on 21st January, 2020 at Buckley’s Village.

Anyone with information is asked to call the following numbers: family members at 764-3733 Police Stations at 460-1000/1001/1002.

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  1. Any relation to Refika at Wallings Reservoir? Her donkey was missing since Christmas time.

    I hope the gentleman is found in good health and strength. The last thing we need is another Hyacinth Gage scenario.


    Critical information are of paramount importance in ‘…helping to trace the whereabouts of persons’ who have ‘…disappeared or found missing’ from their dwelling places.

    Seems insufficient to simply state;

    (i) …George was reported missing by family members on 4th February, 2020; and

    (ii) …He was last seen some time on 21st January 2020 at Buckley’s Village.’

    Helluva long time ‘…Missing’ and helluva long time reporting it.’

    There are three kinds of people;

    (i) ‘…Those for one reason or another, deliberately go away from home;

    (iii) …Those that are lured away from home; and

    (iii) …Those that are otherwise, challenged and unknowingly wandered away from home.’

    Never a good habit for ‘…those in control of their mental faculties,’ to leave home without saying where they are going.

    When one does that, three things usually happen;

    (i) …Family worried and under severe stress;

    Even for the optimists, impossible not to believing the worst has happened;

    (ii) …Police get involved; and

    (iii) …Family, residents and Police establish and launch Search Party.’

    Ras Smood says when people come together in times of adversities or to get ‘…Irie,’ that is ‘gud.’

    Now this ‘…Duncy’ fellow, though his surname is ‘Bat,’ occasionally come up with something ‘…gud and sometimes something ‘..Battish.’

    Did not actually see or hear them, but told that he and his ‘…Rock Head’ were ‘…conversating’ about ‘…Missing Persons.’

    Reliably informed that ‘…Rock Head’ was saying, ‘…Ah wonder if ah mango the man garn pick or he garn visit ah chick.’
    Well, if he garn look fuh chick, no need to look fuh he,’ said ‘..Rock Head.

    ‘…And if ah mango, me nah hab no tree,’ replied Rock Head.

    Then hear this ‘…Duncy Bat’ fellow, ‘…Well, yuh better go check yuh Coal Kiln,’ because the devil want some darn kind ah coal.’

    Rock Head reportedly asked, ‘…Way ‘ee’ want coal down dey fuh do; and way yuh think he ah go roast?

    Duncy replied, ‘…Yuh better watch yuh darn self when yuh go down dey.’

    Rock Head asked, ‘…Down dey way?’

    ‘…Hell nuh, Duncy Bat’ said.

    Rock Head’ asked and ‘…Way he go roast yuh wid when yuh come down dey?

    The clever ‘…Duncy Bat’ replied, ‘…Nah wid fuh yuh coal though.’

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