Edwards now facing death by dangerous driving charge, bail conditions revised

Edwards/Observer Newsco photo
Karim Edwards, the husband of a local magistrate, is now facing an upgraded charge of death by dangerous driving.
The previous bail granted was $5000 cash.
It was increased to 100,000.00 with a cash component of $20,000.
He is said to be responsible for the injuries suffered by two American University of Antigua (AUA) students who were knocked down on Friars Hill Road last month.
Twenty-one-year-old Kenneth Mathew died at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre after suffering from a severe brain injury.
SOURCE: Newsco

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    • He came back to the scene, so maybe, just maybe, that is why there is no charge for leaving the scene.

      If I broke into your house last night and stole your TV set, then in the morning I return the TV to you. Of course I will be arrested. They will surely charge me for Breaking and Entering or for Burglary, but not for stealing the TV.

      • GENERALLY SPEAKING, The best way to avoid a hit and run charge is to REMAIN AT THE SCENE of the accident long enough to provide basic information. “Lawyer up” then return? no.

      • This is not a smart comment. Yes, you would be charged for stealing the tv. The sentence might be more lenient when the judge hears you felt remorse and returned the tv. But you stole the tv, you get charged for stealing the tv. Returned or not.

  1. Absolutely the correct decision to upgrade the charges and increase bail for Karim Edwards; I would also go a step further and take his passport away, so that he doesn’t abscond and leave the country.

    This horrendous incident reminds me of a hit and run case in the UK a few years back, where the wife of a diplomat ran over and killed a young motor cyclist and then fled the country back to the US; and sadly, the victim’s mother is still trying to get justice to this day.

    The elites and those in authority must be held accountable like the rest of us, no ifs, no buts, or maybes …

    • … sick and tired of bad driving practices in my beloved Antigua.



      • I hope you’re also sick and tired of a failed healthcare system that have let down everyone who entered SLBMC with a head injury. Let’s just keep boasting of the amount of ships that are at the harbor at one time; Let’s keep boasting about the amount of Airplanes on the ground. Let’s see the ripple effect on the economy sooner or later when folks realize that going to Antigua is like going to a graveyard. The system failed this student; the system also failed this national, I’m sure he and his family take no delight in the death of this young student.

        • The man failed himself and his family by driving recklessly, hitting 2 people, and kept going.
          Yeah, it would be nice if Antigua had a neurosurgeon but it doesn’t. How many cases of per year in Antigua requires a neurosurgeon? Does Antigua have the resources to afford that caliber doctor — especially since their service would only be required sporadically. It’s a poor country, and your constant harping on about a neurosurgeon doesn’t make the resources needed for such a specialist available. Maybe you should chip in some $$ to help make your wishes come true.

    • Clearly you don’t keep up to date with the news. The diplomats wife has since pleaded guilty. Everyone seems to be rushing to judgement here yet no one seems to be commenting on the fact that other medical students proceeded to move the two victims to the side of the road before the medical services arrived at the scene. These were the actions of medical students,, even I know that you don’t move a person who may have received head or back injuries. While I’m not condoning the driver, this could have happened to anyone, the roads are dark, the med students are not the best pedestrians or drivers in the world,, they too cause many accidents in this country. Let’s stop making one of our own out to be some sort of beast. Fright can make you do anything, the fact of the matter is he returned to the scene and will face the consequences. He happens to be married to a magistrate; so what? He didn’t set out to go and knock down two students, it was an accident.

      • @ Reply, you say half way into your commentary: “I’m not condoning the driver …”

        And then for the remainder of your blog, you then go on to condone the drivers actions. Huh! 🤔

        Make up your mind!

    • @brixtonian – much like teddy kennedy and his excursion off the bridge at Chappaquiddick while wildly drunk. Kennedy was never investigated or charged despite a woman drowned.
      Names are important here.

  2. WOW! Possible death sentence for reckless homicide by reckless use of a motor vehicle? You don’t mess around and I think that’s wonderful!


  4. Writer @AntiguaNewsroom:
    There is no such charge in our legal system as “Facing death by dangerous driving.” The correct charge would be “Causing death by dangerous driving.” Big difference!

  5. Sorry for all concerned. The future of those two students dashed away. This magistrate- a law enforcement officer who risk her life and her family in her line of duty to this country.( hate how people speak about her “ a magistrate husband.) Family life is torn apart Can you imagine what that family is also going through at this time because of the indiscretions of her husband. It could well have been the the poor lighting on that road was a main factor but leaving the scene will throw away all of that. INDISCRETION.

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