Education Ministry Commences The School Uniform Grant Programme Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic


Education officials are preparing for the commencement of the School Uniform Grant Programme (SUGP) amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a video released to the public, the Ministry of Education detailed the new procedure for parents planning to register their children for the scheme.

In order to maintain compliance with social distancing protocols, two drop boxes have been set up at the ministry’s Queen Elizabeth Highway premises and the national archives, opposite St John’s Fire Station, for the turning in of registration documents.

For returning students, parents are required to provide a copy of the valid government-issued ID previously used to register their children, along with a copy of their child’s third term report card.

If the child is starting primary school in the upcoming school year, parents are required to present a copy of a valid, government-issued ID, the child’s birth certificate and an acceptance letter addressed to the child from the new primary school.

Students that are transitioning from a primary school to a private secondary school are required to have a copy of the parent’s valid ID as well as the acceptance letter from the school. Students transitioning to a public secondary school, however, are only required to provide a copy of the parent’s valid ID.

For children already in the school system, but who have never been registered with the programme, a copy of the parent’s ID and child’s birth certificate, along with the child’s third term report card, are necessary.

All documents taken to the drop boxes are to be in a sealed envelope, labelled with the parent’s full name and contact information.

The ministry is also asking all parents to follow safety and sanitisation protocols.



  1. What about the online uploading option as previously mentioned is this still going to be permitted?

  2. Hello Good day, where exactly am I able to access the Online SUGP registration? I’ve been surfing the web but unable to find it.

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