Education Minister Urges A&BUT To Withdraw Threat Of Industrial Action

Teachers during recent gathering/Newsco photo

Education Minister Urges A&But To Withdraw Threat Of Industrial Action

Education Minister the Hon. Daryll Matthew is hoping the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers will withdraw its threat of industrial action for next Monday’s resumption of classes in public schools.

He says the Government has done all it can do at this point to address the teachers’ concerns, while the remaining issues continue to be given attention.

Minister Matthew said ex-gratia payments to all 34 eligible teachers have either been made, or the teachers have indicated they will collect their cheques next Monday.

He also outlines major progress on upgrades for eligible teachers, the completion of lighting at the 14 priority schools identified by the A&BUT, while 159 cheques for retroactive payments are available for collection at the Ministry. (State Funded Media)

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  1. All government workers who the ministers are taking advantage of needs to act accordingly, unity is strength the people have the power

  2. So correct smh they were paying their friend and kickback contractors and could have done better all along. Kool Mr. Big sponsor that is celebrated for sponsoring carnival queen, Cricket, Netball, everything has been collecting millions upon millions from our treasury. They supply government with everything right down to school meal with chicken. Heard the chairman of Antigua cricket praising them on the radio. If this nation see the amount of money they collect from government fior overpriced contractors they will have to run out of this country.
    So I am calling on all Antiguans , especially our nurses and all health care workers to do the right thing. The teachers did not only strike for themselves. Nurses, nurses aid , doctors call on the government to come up with the supplies within a certain time otherwise strike. Health care providers/ nurse, poor house and Clair View workers stop putting up with their nonsense and working in poor conditions.
    1) Increase Pay
    2) uniform allowances
    3) duty free concessions on vechicle and house hold appliances
    4) a certain percentage of the newly built houses be set aside for health care workers. On a hire purchase payment system.
    5) the agreement that leaves out nurses that were transferred without a proper contract.
    6) The repair and reopening of the clinics. To include – All Saints that has been spoken of daily on the radio.
    7) properly equipped vechicles for the district nurses to go around in the various communities to visit the shut in’s.
    8) list of equipment and supplies to be filled within a certain period.
    9) fencing of clinics
    10) Sufficient staffing to ensure you deliver proper health care.

    When you employ people you give the orders. Antigua politicians have been doing it the other way around. From the day elections is over they became dictators . Speaking down to we the people like we are their footstools. Thanks to Teachers UNION for teaching us how it is done.
    The PM said his son collects 40k per month from our treasury and refers to it as small change. Black Had.. Baba is collecting millions for doing nothing. Dunce like bat and walking into the treasury and collecting millions weekly. He is now the contractor on the paymaster house. So don’t ease up when they say this they don’t have any money. I can go on and on on how they a wasting on how they are using government money for personal gains , them and their friends. So don’t ease up . Don’t give in a single inch , don’t retreat a single inch .
    This time around we the people will be running the show.
    Note in all the negotiations the GB/PM/ Bully stayed out and allowed Dorel Mathews to take all the blows. He could not humble himself and try and meet with the teachers body. Instead he goes on Point FM and sends threats to the nation. Not this time/ thanks again teachers .

  3. This gaston browne government find money for everything else except the poor and hard working people of Antigua & Barbuda.

    They want to do what they want with ‘the people yacht’ so they send instructions to transfer thousands of dollars weekly so that they can pay the people who they want to take care of ‘the people yacht’ because they think they will be making a wind-fall of money (time will tell).

    How come instructions are not given to transfer money to pay poor and hard working people?

    Well as daryl said, ‘hard times don’t mean increase in pay’.

    I guess he was not having hard times when he min a mek he money under the U.P.P. administration.

    Poor people, stand up for yourself because gaston browne and his cabal will keep lying and pretending that they love you when at the same time they sending you down the river without a paddle.

  4. All the old fart over dey a spin the teachers standing up into a political thing. What is wrong with these people. All who rejoicing today a fu the teachers now but tomorrow will be for you.The tick that a knack the wild one and go soon knack the tame one too.

  5. Health Care workers next – Hospital, Clare View and Fiennes ( poor house). Prison workers can join in too – Covid taking over 1735. No improvement in working conditions.
    Calling on the teachers to make sure you get everything settled properly now. Otherwise we are not going to support you going on another strike in the near future and have our children out of school again. So if you have to continue your strike actions until everything is settled do it NOW.

  6. People do strike all over the world. Where they have that freedom so to do. In England last week,there was a strike by Junior Doctors at a Hospital over hourly rates. They were being paid 16 British Pounds an hour. That is like minimum wages in my opinion. I could not believed the story until I went and watch the BBC News on my TV.They were picketing in front of said Hospital.They had to cancel several Surgeries scheduled that week because of the strike. Teachers stand up for your rights.Stand up for what are rightfully yours.Do not yield to those who are trying to threatened you in any way.For they are a set of COWARDS. Hiding behind a microphone( on Rum Shop Radio) to stay in favor with their Massa,Gaston Browne.If Gaston were to throw piss on them.They would say it smells like Chanel Bleu.

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