Education Minister To Extend Future School Terms To Catch-up On Lost Time

Former Education Minister Michael Browne

(Cabinet Notes)

The Minister of Education, Michael Browne, has made changes  to the terms which will add weeks to future terms thereby catching-up with the time lost during the shutdown.

Term 3 is measured from 30 March to 29 May. Term 1 is scheduled from June 1 to December 11, 2020. Term 2 is scheduled to begin January 4 to April 6, 2021, Term 3 will run from April 12 to June 25, 2021.

Each term has had a few weeks added. Consultations with the Teachers Union, parents and others have taken place.

Meanwhile, Browne has proposed to Cabinet that schools not re-open immediately until the classrooms and the staff rooms and auditoriums are all cleaned thoroughly.

He also reported on accessibility to the Internet and devise penetration. Although 18,000 students are in classrooms across the twin-island state, 5,961 are secondary school students. (ABICE enrolled 5,619 students). All public secondary school students have access to a laptop. The Ministry purchased 7,800 devices and 750 teachers are also to be equipped with the same tool. Thus far, 750 of the devices have not yet been collected.


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  1. More confusion, more questions than answers, how, when , where ??????

    Why can’t this ministry articulate clearly with no ambiguity what the hell is going on.

  2. Parents were consulted? I wasn’t and I know a lot of people havent been consulted either. Smh

    • Consulted for what? For y’all to say you not sending your children to August school? Sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth.

      • @skyy u don’t have kids so you’re clearly spoiling the broth or pple with actually kids 🤣 bye bye your post is irrelevant

  3. Planning into next year? Not going to happen. It’s a pandemic disease. Nature has its own plans. It’s going to take years to resolve this issue. And a much bigger second wave of infection will take place this year as winter approaches and schools will be closed for a long time after that.

    Because children get the infection without symptoms, you’re creating a scenario that allows one infected child to spread the disease to numerous families before you even know it happened. All that’s going to happen is you will have to abruptly shut schools down again but not before you get a whole lot of adults infected. The smart people are going to keep their kids home at the first sign of trouble if not sooner. What’s needed now is more distance learning technologies for kids, instead of having them take actions that endanger their parents and grandparents.

    • Children are at risk at home as well. The last victim was a six year old who got it from HOME not school. So even if we keep them home, the fact that parents are all over the place they can still infect the children. It is a sad situation that is out of even the government’s control. No decision right now will not have an impact. Online learning is not effective for the majority so a lot of children’s education is at stake. Sending them out will put their health at risk. Sigh.

      • I dont know about you ..each person has different experiences and issues..but the online classes are working well for my child because I can explain to him in different ways if he doesnt get what the teacher is explaining to him. In fact with these online classes, his grades have dramatically improved. It has a 1 on 1 setting..nobody to distract him. I have been out only once since this lockdown and practice social distancing with a vengeance..tho some people still out without masks etc

  4. So where can we collect the laptop for our kids iam the mother of Marcus Watson

    • 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🥑🥑🥑🥑🥥🥥🥥bread n pear time, wid sum coconut milk!
      At least, you’re not hiding behind any smoke screens, nor pseudonyms!

  5. How in heavens will the 1st term be june 1 what is going to happen to the grade six students who are to be moving on to secondary school when decisions as to where they will be placed have not been completed and what preparation time are parents given

    • Education minister full of crap y’all confusing pple I got a letter from my kids school saying 3rd term is from April 26th to June 20th and school fees must be paid after getting a ton of paper work that I myself have to teach my kids to do the school work and they are asking for the full amount not even half or quarter 😑 most parents are not even working because of the virus alot of us parents are upset angry and confused we are the teachers! Fix it honourable Michael Browne! Fix it! School opening June 1st makes no sense!

  6. So wait who go buy them kids new uniform fih go secondary school when June 1st come? I not hearing about uniform grant none don’t even hear what school my child going to start yet and we almost in the second week of May what grade of weed are u guys smoking cause it cannot be the high!

  7. This is crap! A term of 27 weeks?

    No sense what’s so ever.

    What’s the motive or reasoning behind this?

    What’s the purpose of going back to school in June?

    Will the kids be tested when they resume school, to determine placement? Since nothing has been said about that.

    What protocols would be set in place? Because cleaning of the areas can’t be all.

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