Education Minister addresses Gang Violence in Schools

Daryl Matthew

The Minister of Education Daryl Matthew addressed the issue of gangs in the schools, and reported that retaliatory actions by gang members has spawned a series of attacks against students.

The Minister indicated that while the Police have been called-in, the behaviours are triggered by students from dysfunctional families.

However, the Cabinet directed the Ministry of Social Transformation to have its social workers and others trained in this field to provide a paper that addresses solutions, to the Cabinet, as soon as possible.

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  1. lock dem up in the jail, give them hard labour and make an example out of them in the dirtiest cell with an inmate that would threaten to buss dung dem battum hole if they don’t learn to act right smh.

    • @Wannabees… Jumbee_Picknee can assure you, that your suggestions, to the authorities have being implemented since the 15th Century starting with the Slave Ships which plied their “Illegal Trading” using the Triangular Trade Route.
      It hasn’t work, and will never work until the real, true criminals(the church and the government) are held accountable for their atrocities which are still producing these criminals of today. You don’t kill a tree by eliminating its branches. You kill it by destroying its ROOTS.
      The roots of CRIME are in the churches vestries and the Halls of Governments.

      Don’t lay all of the blame at the feet of the youths. Remember the saying, “MONKEY .🙈see, MONKEY 🙉do!

      • As a youth myself, I do agree that the youths are not the only ones at fault for their unruly behaviors, because as you rightfully quoted, “monkey see, monkey do”.

        However, passing the blame from one institution to another solves nothing. Didn’t you say we need to kill the trees by starting at the roots? Okay, then. Let’s all join forces to combat this issue (the Church, the government, Parents, Teachers, Law Enforcers…Essential Workers, Young People, and society as a whole). Let’s look within ourselves and see how we are encouraging or restricting violence among our youths.

        If we want them to DO better, then we ought to SHOW them better. “MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!” If we can be better examples, perhaps the youths of the future would think more highly of their future.

        • @Citizen101…Jumbee_Picknee says, you’re pseudo name and thought process give off a vibe of one who is learned, and is expanding your horizon. Keep your eyes on the #Horizon, its balance of nature and time rises with you!

          Here are a couple of things, to ponder on…

          A…crime and criminality is one of the oldest and most profitable business and profession, of HUEmanity. #Crime #Pays!

          B…when one solves a problem, then there is no need to reinvent the wheel, just keep it well balanced, to avoid wobbling…
          #No #Wobbling except by da Big_Phat Girls when they’re backing it up, and doing the Wobble.

          C…what happens to an industry, when all the work from machinery to supplies, suppliers are not needed, and in particular, the commodity upon which said business is built? The Industry dies, and so too will its support mechanisms.
          Crime is an Industry.

          Now, because crime is an Industry which pays investors, CEO, CFO, etc. handsomely, ask yourself, do you think HUEmans from their past actions will give up such a lucrative business!
          From the privately owned prisons which are very lucrative to the control of certain aspects of HUEman Culture, you’re already wise enough to realize, CRIME REALLY PAYS, from the Boardrooms to the War Rooms to the Street corners.

          RASpect…de ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard
          Vere C. Edwards

  2. Jumbee_Picknee says…while being #reactive to certain situations such as Gang Violence will help to understand the problem(s), it will only scratch the surface, of the problem.

    The issue, of organised crime gangs in our streets, in the neighbourhoods while they appear to be NEW have their inception, in the 1980’s, and were fully supported, by the organised criminal Gangs, Orders of the purported upper echelon of our society.

    Now, that the incubation period(1980’s to the early 2000’s) is over, and they are growing and spreading, it’s a no brainier, that the schools will become one of the top recruiting grounds to bolster memberships.

    The authorities are now being REACTIVE trying to bring this monster ☠️💀☠️🏴‍☠️under control. The youths in the schools are not the leaders of these GANGS. The Education Minister MUST start in his own backyard, the Parliament, then move to law enforcement/judiciary, then to the designated neighbourhoods which have being allowed to establish Criminal Centers unabated.
    Unless #ALL of the known factors in the CRIMINAL GANG EQUATION are addressed simultaneously, then solving the criminal gang problem in the schools is similar to filling a balloon with water, seal the mouth shut and squeeze it trying to release the water. It won’t happen. The water will simply move to another section, of the balloon.

    Again, putting a bandaid on a cancer will and can never cure it.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Peg_Foot – Vere C. Edwards.

  3. There was SILENCE ABOUT THIS topic for a long, long, time.
    Then FRANZ spoke about this very topic on VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!
    Shame on the part of the Minister gave us this knee jerk reaction.
    Good bless VOP.

  4. What is going on with the Boy’s Training School. We have not heard what happened to the existing residents and what plans the government has for reforming our young men. Come clean and take responsibility for the government’s failures on this issue.

  5. Dem dey yout’ think dem badder then bad (as I’ve mentioned before, being bad is easy), here’s an easy solution; bring in national service immediately, so that they can release all that excessive testosterone and adrenaline in a positive manner.

    By the time the army finishes with them, they’ll grow into respectful young men and most importantly be a benefit to Antiguan society. Simple really!

    Brixtonian again, thinking outside the box for the betterment of the Antigua & Barbuda … 🗃

  6. Social Problems cannot be solved through political means nor by making laws. It’s human behavior and needs to be taught from an early age. Just like the littering problem. If I hadn’t taught my children not to be part of any gang and not to be in any criminal activity, who knows they might have been today. I do believe parents should be held accountable for their children’s misdeeds. I understood my responsibilities and did something about it. The same way I understand that my dogs are my responsibility and need to be secured at all times. If parents cannot control their child or children, they should seek help and take the child to court to be released from their responsibility. They are not like dogs, when you cannot feed them any longer you just let them loose on the street to fend for themselves. That’s why we have many stray dogs. And perhaps we have may stray children too. We need to build facilities in which we can receive these children and the state(court) becomes their parent. Something like the Boys Training School. Youth Correctional Facility. But parents should not think that there are no consequences. There should be a financial burden to the parents. Parenting comes with certain responsibilities. And that goes for both mother and father. Both are equally responsible for the child they brought into the world. Where there is no responsibility nor accountability people do as they like. Cause there are no consequences. Just like dogs breeding dogs. The male dog has absolutely no responsibility. He doesn’t feed the babies nor takes care of them. There is no family band. When human beings live like that, it means we have gone to the dogs. And sad to say it, but in most of our black communities that seems to be the main issue. We have gone to the dogs. No family bonds. That is why we have so many single mothers amongst us. We need to make laws penalizing our men to be more responsible for the children they father. And the church should play a much bigger role in our society when it comes to these behavior problems. go to any black church and 80% are women and 20% are men. And the men didn’t come on their own. So that means 60% of the women have not man in the church. And that has been accepted as normal. We just celebrated International Men’s Day. What did we do about that? I don’t respect any man that does not take care of his child/children. He may as well call himself a dog.

  7. There is a lot of blame to go around and I think that the police deserve a fair share for not been more proactive. A couple months ago a chopping incident occurred in front of Princess Margaret School and from that moment the police should have been on high alert at the school and others. They did not and here we are today. Principal Greene also needs to answer some tough questions. Does he have any interest in getting rid of the bad apples or is he more concerned about keeping PMS as the Home of Champions.

    • I agree with you as to the police playing in my opinion politics with our lives. There is a lot of disunity at the top.
      Interesting questions though for PM School Head Green

  8. Sidelines you just sign off on your lover, “He may as well call himself a dog!” He is a dog even if he see himself as the top dog!

    • You know PM Browne has fathered three children out of wedlock. But he has lived up to his responsibility. Something we cannot say of some of the members of the UPP. Some had to be dragged before the court in order to pay child support and up to now they are delinquent. Some have raped women. Like dogs do when they want to mate. And one even killed a pregnant young woman. And those are the characters the UPP presents to the electorate to represent us. Hell NO. Not them Laggards Losers and Conmen.

  9. Why was Skeritt so different? well disiplined, dressed in all white perfectly lined up heading to church on sundays, a place no boy wanted to be. Ask one of our well known msician calypsonian who came through this system, why was it effective? now we brand it a new name Boys training and our young men fear not.

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