Eddy Prince is a colossal liar, says Joseph

Molwyn Joseph

Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph has referred to Eddy Prince as a “colossal liar” and accused him of misrepresenting the facts.

Prince has launched a Go Fund Me drive in order to raise funds to assist his injured son, David, who was burned in a house fire in August last year.

David’s mother, Gayan Williams and older brother, Jayden Prince were badly burnt in the Jennings blaze and died after being airlifted for medical treatment in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Now, Prince is attempting to raise US$5,000 to cover further medical and other expenses for his one-year-old son, David, and has claimed that he has received no assistance from the relevant government departments.

Speaking during a press conference today, Minister Joseph said the Ministry of Health and by extension, the government does not deny anyone the fundamental care that is required to maintain good health.

Joseph said during his interaction with Prince, at no time did he make mention of his deceased son or the mother of his children.

He said the father was only focused on raising money.

“…there was absolutely no need for Mr Prince to be concerned about raising money to pay for any expense associated with this tragic event, because the Government, this Ministry was the one who organised the airlifts out of Antigua first of all to Guadeloupe and then a second trip from Antigua To Martinique,” Joseph disclosed.

The Minister noted that the family has never been asked to pay for the airlift expenses for Williams and Jayden.

Joseph recounted two interactions with Prince – one at the hospital and the other at his office – when the man asked for a recommendation letter on behalf of his son to take to the United States Embassy in Barbados to apply for a visa for the child to travel to the U.S.

He said he informed Prince that was not possible at that time because the matter was still under police investigation.

Joseph said that Prince’s claim that he asked for assistance but was refused is absolutely false.

The health minister noted that a plastic surgeon came to Antigua from the U.S. to assist David, but Prince had already left the country with him without notifying anyone.

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  1. Ok so he came to ask for a recommendation letter of which you the minister refused to give,yet Prince’s claim the you gave no assistance is false. Wow

    • Milton he can’t give the recommendation for the visa cause they don’t know if it’s he who kill off the woman. And I wouldn’t either. They help him and will help in other ways. You like u can’t read objectively

      • The CHILD can still get help while the father is being investigated AK……just like he is getting help now without his father leaving the country. You need to put on your thinking cap and get a heart. Antigua had no way to care for the baby. At least the US Embassy saw it that way…Thank God! One surgery down, one to go. One year gone….David is growing and still no resolution to a case…how long would you wait for your child to get care AK, how long? You have to do these things earlier rather than later.

  2. He was refused the letter because the murder of Gayon and Jayden and the fire are still under investigation. David should not have left the country. However all available help was available.

    The health minister noted that a plastic surgeon came to Antigua from the U.S. to assist David, but Prince had already left the country with him without notifying anyone.

    • What is the name of the surgeon from the US he saying us williams saying Jamaica this isite not about no medical bills these people have no clue they just mixing up them selves

  3. Molwyn you got your cock sucked good who is the doc that came from America, get you all story rite see who’s the lier williams say doc came from Jamaica you saying America you all stories mixed up no f, seemed like you forget to mention you told him williams say dont help him remenber there waa 3 persons in the office. You people smh the dirt williams have on You and the young girl is it that what you fraid come out you all time will soon come

  4. Name the “doctor who came from the US” and detail your communication with a Eddy Prince. Put the proof out there Mr. Minister. There will be a 100 ways to confirm what you’re saying….if it’s true. The doctor would have flown into the country on some airline, stayed at some hotel, have some details on David Prince in hand, communicated with the medical team who cared for David Prince etc etc. It sounds like this minister is being used as a pawn or just being dragged down like an idiot or is truly an idiot. I know of one doctor who came from JAMAICA on other business and saw David and the only other doctor who came from Florida on David’s behalf AND I have proof. Mr. minister if your had a conscience or was really a leader you would applaud Eddy Prince for being a proactive dad trying to care for his son “while he was under investigation”. Aren’t you ashamed you denied medical care to an infant? Wow!!!!! You actually admit to that?!? SHAME ON YOU! I feel sorry for Antiguans if leaders like you are running things. What do you have to say now? Answer my question.

  5. He asked for a eecommendation to get the child a visa Milton. He could bot have given that letter to get tbe child a visa when the matter is under investigation.

    Instead it is stated that tbe government brought a surgeon out of the US to the island to asssist the which at that time the child was taken from Antigua without anyone knowing

    • U people why can’t they give the name of the surgeon he is saying us williams is saying Jamaica don’t u all see what’s rong besides it’s the man child he can do as he pleases

  6. By the way Mr. Minister Eddy Prince has never been to the US… so how did he “left the country with” David Prince? It would be nice if more citizens were like Eddy and not depend on governments but I suspect that is what the ministers like so people can be beholden to them.

  7. Molwyn you get it both of you tangled up who is the doc from America name please get you all story rite see who’s the lier williams saying doc from Jamaica you saying America which is it, seems like you forget to mention you told Eddy that williams say don’t help you remember there was a 3 person in the office
    Imagine you saying you refuse to help a child smh
    And who ever said the funds was for medical expenses come like you and williams stories mix up more u all talk more you dig you hole deeper

  8. Ak. The letter was for the child,not the father. And he refused. That was about late January. How did he(the minister) know that the matter was still under active investigation. Why did he travel without any hick-up from police?why is the issue all about the father and not the child who needs the assistance?why are so many decisions being made without involvement of the father whom the child resides with?

    • Cause everybody suspect he do something. It no add up. How u go get your older able child but leave your youngest that you are sure can’t help themselves. How do u wake up from beside the person u love and run leaving her to burn I’m sorry. I’ve been the house and my fire alarm start. First thing I do is hit my husband so hard it knock the wind out of him. Then while running the baby bedroom I bang my eldest door really hard and shout my husband to make sure he is up and waking him. I kick both bedroom doors on my way out with the baby. To make sure they are not in their.

  9. Technically he didn’t lie, because you did refuse to help by not giving the letter. Now wether you were right in refusing is a totally different matter; however you not giving the letter can be seen as refusal to help.. Maybe you should’ve what Prince is implying is incorrect and then further clear it up.

    • The minister n the williams both story don’t make sense
      U so rite imagine a minister saying he refuse to help a child tells u what heart them they have

  10. I want the aunty William to go on the radio again so all those collosial liars can continue to show themselves with no effort.
    Prince came to your office to ask for a recommendation letter to obtain a visa for his SON! WOWEE Did he come seeking help for himself? If you had a heart in your chest you would not say no, you would HELP THE CHILD! Mister minister both you and the aunty should come back on the news and bring documented proof from the doctors. If you never discuss with the father about the child that lives with him getting surgery how is the child having the surgery. So what’s up with the Jamaican doc and going to bostamante in Jamaica? Someone was going to kidnap David and take him there? Oh I forget, maybe is the U.S. doctor that come on island after the go fund me page went viral? Big joke that!
    But I wonder if the minister did not listen to aunty William 10 minutes of fame in the morning and her other blab in the evening because now there three stories would not be hurting heads to figure out WHERE THE TRUTH TELLS LIES!
    After aunty say eddy get money and have all this money and govt have things in order, now you come without one shred of evidence about the money all you give. Ask your good friend the aunty where the death certificate she hiding? The same one she did not want eddy to get to extend David passport? But when God is for you, who can stand against!
    Ask for the other medical woman, she join the lying game too. She was the person eddy went to when the govt of Guadeloupe said he did not send GAYAN is the govt sent her so only they can ask for the death certificate, reason why he went to her.
    1 lie +1lie+1 lie makes a collosial lie!!!!!
    All you VEX Eddy stand up as a man and handle his affairs. He didn’t beg govt for help, he didnt beg gayan family he ask outside. After All ain’t all you self say govt not responsible for burn victims???? Now tell me why you want to put the burden on Jane and John public? Suddenly things trying to get polished for media?
    And what the minister speaking about Eddy never mention Gayon or JAYDEN? What does that have to do with you? You are a family member? He come looking for help with a visa to assist the living child! You wanted him to mention GAYAN them so you could tell the press he want to piggy back on Gayan? LET GAYAN and Jaden rest in peace! You trying to bring up stuff that have no relevance at the moment!
    Who you wanted to bury GAYAN? Her family should do it. Ain’t they was all over saying she and eddy not married? If they were married would probably be different. Thanks to the government for burying both of them and flying them out the country. But that was not only the doing of the health minister, the entire government of Antigua was responsible for that and we say thanks! But Eddy family was more than able to bury Jaden but those wicked souls, didn’t want the boy to even see his SON, like he had no say. Ask aunty Williams how she bury GAYAN them without a death certificate which she received almost 3 months after the funeral?
    Does David live in the day Care? Where you ever hear people going in day Care to see or get child without confirmation from parent? You looking for him in day Care after he go America, Lol, Lol, funny people!
    The same way you tell the lawyer you all quit or was it he quit you all that your sister/ daughter had 2 other man so those kids might not be eddy own and you all need a paternity test. Nobody, nobody testing King David except if he sick. Wicked BASTARDS!!! Shame on all you for taking this low level to you all flesh and blood! And the aunty still have heart when she go in the station to blow bubbles to say she want to test the king! She loved GAYAN so much! GAYAN had the wrong family!
    May GAYAN and JAYDEN continue their flight as ANGELS. KING DAVID will continue to get the best of care! His father have family too, they not boast but they show up in good and bad times! Ever positive! Someday, this too shall pass. I will collect all this to show the king when he gets older God spear my life!
    And after all this, you all want to see this child to finish traumatized him! Never!

  11. Having read all the comments ..yes the Minister could give him a letter of recommendation. It’s not at easy as that…there are proper Chanel’s to follow. Where is the letter of recommendation from the doctor in Antigua..to the doctor in America. If he took that child out on his own account then he has himself to blame is anything goes wrong.. The child’s aunt is a nurse..why didn’t he have a chat with her…come on…we know something could have been done…don’t blame the minister

    • Who blaming minister? You didn’t see he blame himself? Who cares if his great aunty is a nurse? Guess what, his uncle is a doctor in America!
      But he did not give him the recommendation letter but he still get a visa and he still getting his surgeries well on their way without them. All the assistance they denying GOD GRANTING!!! GIRL BEHAVE YOURSELF, IT NOT EASY BUT IT STILL HAPPEN WITHOUT THEM?

      • Miss you talking about letter or recommendation? David’s both hands with 2nd degree burns is the proof of recommendations!
        That’s what she want, lol for eddy to kiss their ass ? Chat with her about what?? Let her go chat with God only person to help them out of their wickedness. Put when you set wicked trap for people is you yourself getting caught in it!

        Tell me what he blaming himself for????TRYING TO HELP HIS CHILD??? WHERE YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WOMAN? UNDER THE BENCH?

    • I wonder which God heart you are after? Did the Minister ever ask for doctor’s recommendation? Who wants the letter from the doctor here to those in the US?why have a chat the Aunt who wants after a 12year relationship calling for a paternity test? Why did the minister or ministry never communicate with the father all these months before claiming that he invited all sorts of doctors to see David?

  12. Up to now no conclusion to the death of the Nurse and her son….well no conclusion to the entire fire.
    Is this really being investigated at all?
    By the way.the Williams that is referred to…is it the aunt of the Nurse who is also Nurse Laurel Williams?
    All this is so mixed up and just needs closure.
    The memories are a so.painful.
    The accusations are omg!!!
    And Molwyn….I really think you should just take a bow and leave.
    In wonder if you are aware that your “people” recorded some very hot and heavy conversations on their phones.
    The blackmailing has begun.
    This one will.be the tornado to let you tell the truth and only the truth regarding this matter and others.

  13. I am ready and waiting on the paternity test results…..as ASA BARTON say….EDDY YOU ARE THE FATHER……ebeh look jokes……they so want to make Eddy look bad that they saying GAYAN didn’t know who her children father is….OMG….Gayan Jayden sleep on my loves u all r greatly missed……GREED GREED GREED that’s all that written over ALL OF THEM FACE….but tick tock tick tock the time is running out……look at that I AM SURE THEY DIDN’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT YESTERDAY WAS…..house car and land…..take all WILLIAMS CLAN……WICKED SET AH PEOPLE

  14. Clearly the Minister is being dishonest. An ongoing investigation does not prevent them from giving a letter of recommendation for a CHILD to travel for medical purposes. In my estimation he shoul not have responded because he sounds like a blatant liar.

    Obviously what is there to investigate with the child that clearly needs medical attention? How will the child being on Island sick and suffering aide in this said investigation? I can keep up with this nonsense, this sounds so petty!!!

  15. Mr Eddy prince thank you very much for showing Antiguan what a real father will do for his son..And mr minister,you are the greatest lier ever..we have a recorded conversation of you and eddy conversation.You must remember its technology that rule the world now..You think Eddy stupied .He didnot go to RESSES SCHOOL nor drop out of kindergarden..Get your facts straight.And please act out your position..So unprofessional!!!.

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