ECAB’s Statement on the finalization of the acquisition of Scotiabank’s Operations in Antigua & Barbuda


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  1. Big up to PM GASTON BROWNE for not cowering to those bullies who thought they could do as them feel like. Thank God it wasn’t Lovell because he is spineless and daft.

    • ECABs money would have been better spent expanding into other islands than concentrating more into our tiny market and exposing themselves to any and all movements in our economy. We should really ask why all the foreign banks are stumbling over themselves rushing for the doors

  2. They jumping ship because traditional banking is dying . Cryptocurrencies will run the world and you don’t need any banks for that.

  3. Many of the Former Scotia Bank customers are unable to use their cards. While the GM of ECAB is saying everyhtijng is going smooth he needs to check with the complaints.

    I am unable to pay APUA, Amazon or Top Up with FLow using my Debit Card. I have been unable to use the Online Transfer features since last week. Its not just me. Check with the support your lines.


    I can see that you’re DUMB FOUNDED. You’re eating your words. Tabor stop being a HYPOCRITE and CONGRATULATE Hon. Gaston Browne on this GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT of SCOTIA BANK ,ROYAL BANK ,CIBC, LIAT , The UNIVERSITY and others. Stop hiding Tabor.

    • ERIC (THE RED) you know I am neither dumfounded or hiding. I am still watching to see how a number of issues unfold in particular LIAT.

      • Wow you really are a joke Tabor. It’s like you just can’t give credit where credit is due. But coming from a UPP supporter I’m not surprised. Just like in the case of the late Sir Lester B. Bird you won’t acknowledge their accomplishments until they are dead. I’m no fan of Gaston Browne or ALP but this is a very great accomplishment so congrats to him.

  5. Disturbed A man moved his mortgaged from ECAB to Scotia because of lower interest rate ànd other issues he was experiencing, without any consultation with him Scotiabank sold his mortgage to ECAB, is that ethical?

    To move his loan from ECAB he had to pay $12,000.00 now his loan is back with ECAB is that ethical?

    ECAB need to have a no penalty clause for customers who do not wish to do business with them for known and unknown reasons.

    • armmmmm…then take his mortgage elsewhere or simply…pay off d loan….Its all part of the choice statement that we all have as a defacto back up these days.

  6. If the Banks in Antigua and Barbuda do not start to offer Digital Assets service to their customers they will become obsolete.

    I am not talking about DCash, I am talking about cryptocurrency.

    That is where the world is moving ahead to, maybe only 1% of the world population are grabbing this opportunity at the moment.

    Blockchain is the new internet, you people attention are so focus on what to Antigua & Barbuda politicians are doing, you’ll going to miss the boat.

    The world will move ahead and leave most of you behind and it will be hard to catch up.

    Then maybe Antintgua and Barbuda will do like ElSalvadore and addapt Bitcoin as the currensy.

    The banks better wake up, or Canada Place may become the only bank in Antigua and Barbuda.

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