Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court dismisses appeal application in bus conversion case


OBSERVER: The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) dismissed an application made by three former Cabinet ministers to have the prosecution’s appeal against a court ruling struck out. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

Harold Lovell, Dr Jacqui Quinn and Wilmoth Daniel were acquitted of corruption, embezzlement and conversion charges.

The defendants were accused of converting and using three buses donated by the government of South Korea in 2008 – worth more than $200,000 each – for their own personal use.

A judge ruled that the three had no case to answer, but the DPP believes the judge made a mistake.

The matter can now proceed to the appellate court.



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    • @Lester Flax…. See, it’s comments like these that demonstrate that some folks are not genuinely interested in punishing corruption. The DPP obviously believes that a corrupt act was committed and has appealed the High Court ruling. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court agrees that the case should proceed to the Appeals Court, yet you’re saying it’s a waste of taxpayers money. This is the reason some people who enter politics will be enticed towards corrupt practices because when they are caught, people like you say it’s a waste of taxpayers money to pursue the cases. I am convinced many of you are only concerned with the issue of corruption if it’s not committed by the political party that you are sympathetic towards. Peetron sang it best: wutliss bunch ah hypocrites!

      • If this is the only corruption you have seen in Antigua and Barbuda government that needs to pursue in court, well Lord help us all. Today, Government vehicles are still being used for making personal runs for government ministers.

      • @ Wash an’ Basin
        This case is being pursued to get Harold Lovell. $600,000 donated used buses which didn’t cost the treasury a dime and in no way financially benefited the defendants. What about all the custom’s duty stolen from forging the PM’s signature? No body charged for this why? How about all the government lands being stolen by ministers for $3 a square foot. Hasn’t Chet Green not filled up his place with donated IT equipment?
        You Wash an’ Basin behaving like this is big rip off when government minister got lands in the national park for ripoff price, and baby mama got prime government lands in exchange for swamp lands she didn’t own. You people are the witless bunch ah hypocrites.
        I would be in agreement with this hounding if the previous ministers had used the busses for self enrichment.
        Is this why the DPP with a cloud over his head was brought back?

      • @ Wash an’ Basin
        Why did the same DPP that is accused of malfeasance in Jamaica not go after nine yards Cutie during the passport scandal, or go after Asot, Robin, Lester & Ron Saunder for the IHI matter with the same vigor?

        If this joke of a DPP had Persue people on both sides of the political divide whenever there is perceived wrong doing, then your comments would have been taken more seriously. He is nothing more than a political hack masquerading as an impartial public prosecutor, which he is not.

        • @Cool Ruler-Because the DPP who was brought in during the UPP time in office (2005) deemed there was insufficient evidence to prove Benjamin on purpose breached the law. That is the requirement of the law. The very privy councel in its judgement on the matter though agreeing that the case should proceed, pointed out that the police should also heed the DPP counsel since he more than them would have a better idea of its possibility to be successful. As far as AM remind me again when the police brought charges against him? Ask yourself how come they knew they could bring charges against Benjamin and not AM. You also forget its the police (Vere Brown), after pushing the case, who later in court told the judge they wish to dismiss the charges due to insufficient evidence? You also seem to forget this same DPP argued in court against Hilroy Humpries, Sheffield Bowen. Your memory bad? You recall when he went against Humpreys anyone suggesting it was political? In your mind its only ALP persons who should be prosecuted?

    • how much was spent on the recent BARBUDA LAND ACT PRIVY COUNCIL CASE??? Trevor, Justin et al even chose to APPEAR IN PERSON = 4 AIRLINE TICKETS, 4 ACCOMMODATION, 4 FOOD, 4 GROUND TRANSPORTATION etc.

      The other attorney chose to appear VIRTUALLY. Now Justin Simon can’t sleep at night because these words play over and over in his mind:

      “…the claimants have NO REALISTIC PROSPECT OF SUCCEEDING in their claim”

      Poor Justin “Never Ready” Simon. He was hoping to “go down in history” as some topnotch lawyer in a landmark case. Now the histroy books will file him under the section titled “NO REALISTIC PROSPECT OF SUCCEEDING”

      At least Charles Tabor knows to stay in his little corner on Stapleton Lane. Don’t bite off more than u can chew


      ABLP. 17 SEATS

      UPP. 00 SEAT ( 10 candidates will lose deposits )


      BARBUDA. 00 SEAT


    • Anyone listen to the TABOR and TABOR show on Observer Radio this morning? It was a BIG shame that Tabor did not answer one question. Darren , Tabor made you looked AWFUL. I would not invite Tabor on the show again. Tabor has DIMINISHED Darren. Darren , please call the show TABOR and TABOR and let Tabor talk for the half hour. Darren your Friday show is a TURN OFF. SHAME SHAME.

      • PRIM perhaps Tabor did not answer questions to your liking but he answered all questions. He is a brilliant young many that cannot be easily tied up. Gaston and all his members know that he is hard to handle. At one time they were trying to lure him from the UPP but he is not for sale.


      It is obvious that those commenting on this issue have ‘…Not the Slghtest Clue.’

      If it may help one’s understanding, this was what obtained:

      In the ‘…ONE JUDGE TRIAL:

      (a) ‘…Only the Case for the Prosecution was presented and heard by the Judge.

      (b) …At the clos of ‘Prosecution’s Case, the Defence made a ‘…No Case to Answer Submission,

      (c) … Among the legal arguments, the Defence would have submitted that the Prosecution had not made out a ‘…Prima Facie Case’ against the accused.

      In essence, Defence Counsels would have submitted that on the ‘…Face of the Evidence,’ the ‘Burden of Proof had not shifted, whereby a a Judge properly guided by law and the evidence adduced, and proper direction to himself, the Accused shall not be called upon to go on their defence.

      (d) …The ‘Prosecution’ would have argued the opposite-that it has made out a ‘Prima Facie Case aginst the accused:

      (e) …The Judge having heard and assessed the ‘…LEGAL ARGUMENTS,’ advanced by both sides, appeared to have agreed with Counsel for the Accused.

      (f)…Accordingly, the Judge ruled there was ‘…No Case for the Accused to Answer.’


      Some people are ‘CONFUSED.’


      ‘Legal Arguments’ are ‘…NOT EVIDENCE.’

      These are not uttered by witnessses or Accused persons ‘…UNDER OATH.’

      Lawyers ‘…DO NOT’ give evidence.

      These are arguments by ‘LAWYERS’ on behalf of their Clients.

      The ‘DPP’ felt that the ‘Judge’ ‘…ERRED IN LAW,’ by upholding the ‘…NO CASE TO ANSWER SUBMISSION,’ and therefore, dismissed the ‘…DPP’s Indictments.’

      DPP appealed the Judge’s decision of ‘…NO CASE TO ANSWER.’

      NOW: …When the Accused petitioned the ‘…Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC),’ it was to have the ‘DPP’s Appeal struck down.

      The ‘ECSC’ would have looked at ‘Submissions’ by both: (i) ‘…Counsels for the Accused; and (ii) ‘…Tthe ‘DPP’ himself.

      Seemingly, the ‘ECSC’ concluded thath that the ‘…Trial Judge ‘…ERRED IN LAW. and ‘ALLOWED’ the DPP’s Appeal to be heard by it.

      Counsels for the Accused, still has a ‘…FIGHTING CHANCE,’

      They might be able to convince the ‘…ECSC 3- Panel Judge,’ that they too ‘…ERRED IN LAW.’ Got to tread carefully, though.


      They may just order ‘…
      FULL TRIAL’ by another Judge.

      Instead of ‘…ONE-JUDGE TRIAL,’ might be ‘…JUDGE AND JURY.’

      Still has a chance to be ‘ACQUITTED’ by the ‘JURY.’

      Troubling, but that is how the ‘…Judiciary’ works.

      • As usual a very clear explanation of the legal process and procedure Mr. Pompey. Your interventions are quite useful.

  1. Good to see the system working. The appeals court has thrown out what was clearly a nonsense judgement. The UPP legal mouthpiece himself conceded at least in part, the judged erred in terms of ownership for those buses

    • tenman.tenman,tenman:You crawled out of your cave. I do hope when that time comes. When the shoe is on your foot. You would be seeing Justice as being served. You guys have a lot of nerves. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. When you spit into the air it could fall back into your face. Wrong is wrong. It does not matter to me who committed that wrong.

      • Guy that’s why I touch nothing for government that anyone can ask questions about. Think you also notice that unlike some UPP mouth pieces no-one has my name up on their window saying don’t do biz with me due to my being untrustworthy. Again, any one with even a iota of sense (seems you have none) recognized the judge erred

  2. WTH are the buses now? With all the corruption in the land flips by Gaston Browne? How did we end up here? Absolute waste of taxpayers money.

  3. Did Gaston punish Dean and Michael for wasting hundred of thousands of tax payers money pursuing Harry Josiah and Giselle, that left the treasury empty?
    Did he persue the corruption of himself with Odebrecht?
    You wash n basin useful idiot?

    • @poverty Your MENTAL POVERTY is on full display 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

      Ask Lovell about his “client” Luis Franca. He was forced to admit it after James Rose called in to the show and posed the question to Lovell via the host.

      King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe not easy tarl tarl. Now he hab one whole bus that is supposed to be a SCHOOL BUS for our CHILDREN registered in his name. He and the South Korean president so tight that he sent Lovell his own personal schoolbus??? Wow!

      • Ask Gassy about Alex Saab Moran drug trafficker & money launderer who Gaston appointed as economic envoy in 2014, just 3 months after the ALP won the general, is in US custody singing like a cage bird about his activities in antigua and elsewhere.

        Then there is the cove head land swap,involving his baby mama. This hair dresser was given prime plots of land at friars hill, for swamp lands at dredge bay. Ask him to address those matters and don’t study Lovell.

        • Ruler with Russia being the new bogeyman hence Venezuela oil being important, don’t be surprised if the case against the former DEA informant (SAAB ) goes nowhere

    • @Poverty…. Your moniker is apt because you are displaying a poverty of thought: a conscientious nincompoop you have demonstrated yourself to be.


  4. This is just a waste of taxpayers’ money. There are still a large number of government vehicles that are still being used for nongovernmental businesses, especially doing personal runs for the present sitting government ministers. So, Is this the only thing that the Gaston Browne administration can find to be wrong during the former UPP Administration’s reign in government? Lord, Help us!!!

  5. HAROLD LOVELL …..UPP should look for a new Leader. Harold Lovell et Al in BIG trouble. 1735 here They come.

  6. #Poor_People getting phucked, coming and going!

    By the time this case is over with, #Da Whore_House on Wheels would’ve made enough money($), from #Lap_Dances, #Blow_Jobs and #Clapping to #Skin_Out to #Twerking Booty Shows and will pay all three defendants legal fees…

    Jumbee_Picknee say dat, a pan de #whore_house pan wheels, de Top_Dawg meet de Spani_Pullit, dat Mary gee he and him mek, #Spani Bambino dat lookee 👍🏾 likey a wan #Brownie!

    Poor People getting #phucked Royally from both the front(coming) and the back(going).

  7. Anyone listen to the TABOR and TABOR show on Observer Radio this morning? It was a BIG shame that Tabor did not answer one question. Darren , Tabor made you looked AWFUL. I would not invite Tabor on the show again. Tabor has DIMINISHED Darren. Darren , please call the show TABOR and TABOR and let Tabor talk for the half hour. Darren your Friday show is a TURN OFF. SHAME SHAME.

    • I listened to Tabor and I’m getting ready to listen to him again on FB. I love how he handled Darren. If the show is such a turn off why listen?

  8. I’m no follower if any party. This is still corruption. Both parties need to clean up their acts. Although this PM seems incapable of doing so.

  9. Nothing is wrong with appealing, that is what the court is there for. There is wrong doing in this case so I cannot understand why people are so adamant and supportive. Secondly yesterday I heard people on the observer radio distancing the UPP party. This occurred while they were Cabinet ministers of the UPP administration. The buses were used during the election by the UPP candidates. We are talking about the political leader and leading members of the UPP party.

  10. Didn’t see the need to pursue this matter in court as they did not benefit financially from it. However after a video was shown after the courts decision with one of the accused along with a camera man at the Police Headquarters claiming one of the buses one is left wondering if that can/will be used to influence the Court’s decision in a new trial?

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