Early-morning break-in scares Golden Grove woman, whose screams send chubby intruder running


REAL NEWS: The Police are probing a house break-in in which a Golden Grove woman came face-to-face with the intruder.

As a result, the woman telephoned the Grays Farm Police Station at about 3:35 a.m. on September 29 and reported the encounter.

Reports say the victim went to bed at approximately 11:25 p.m. on September 28. She was awakened just over four hours later and saw a tall, chubby man – dressed in a pair of black joggers and a hoodie, and carrying a flashlight – standing by her closet.
Upon seeing the intruder the woman began to scream, at which time the man told her to be quiet.

However, she continued screaming and the intruder ran out of her room, through the living room door, and then down the road in a westerly direction.

The home invader reportedly had gained entry by removing the gauze screen from the kitchen window, which had been left open.

Nothing was reported stolen by the victim.

The Police carried out a search of the surrounding area for anyone fitting the description of the intruder, but without success.

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  1. With all what’s going on y’all still leaving windows and doors open. They are closed but not locked. Come on people.

    • Exactly, I keep saying the thing. That area especially is known for break- ins and rape and yet still women are leaving themselves vulnerable.

  2. Deport without being able to return,,,,if. The criminal. Is a non-national.
    You may say my comment is biased.
    It is!
    It could be a Garrot.
    Then his ass ,, is promptly DEPORTED to 1735.

  3. CHUBBY??? Skinny people don’t commit crime?😒

    Chubby like Jonathan wife or Jackie sister??

  4. As crime continues to rise in Antigua, and the attacks continues on females living alone, our Prime Minister (if you can call him that!) Gaston Browne has yet to address the nation.

    However, here’s an EXEMPLARY example of a Prime Minister that does:

    Sweden 🇸🇪 is currently witnessing a GROWTH in youth crime and GANG VIOLENCE that is spiralling out of control; and recently the country has seen a spate of stabbings and shootings and deaths (including innocent bystanders).

    However, the Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson hasn’t hidden himself away – like our Prime Minister -, and he’s addressed the citizens of Sweden 🇸🇪 about resolving the ongoing situation.

    Kristersson has INCREASED policing markedly, and he says he will not hesitate in bringing in the ARMY to quell the rise in violence.


    You’ve got one that’s burying his head in the sand 🥸, and another one that’s taking the bull by the horns and dealing with rising crime in his country by tackling it head on.


  5. Hon. Richard Lewis and Hon Daryl Matthew send the team to clean up the road going down by Cox the bushes are out I’m the road it’s years no team clean that area help help Golden Grove New Ext looks like a dungeon

  6. Hon Richard Lewis and Daryl Matthew send your team to clean up down the road by Cox the team have not clean there in years Golden Grove New Ext looks like a dungeon

  7. Police of Antigua and Barbuda.It is very obvious that Golden Grove is a hot spot of crimes.So why you the Police Commissioner do not send a squad into that area.There should be 24 hours of Police patrols all day and night in Golden Grove.The Administration needs to enact a curfew in Golden Grove.Begin to arrest anyone seen walking along the roads after a specific hour.If they do have a cause to be in the area then release them.Those without any logical reasons should be detained.

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