Dwayne George Vows to Transform St. Mary’s South

George/Wayne Mariette photo

Dwayne George, the candidate for St. Mary’s South in the upcoming by-election, is fully committed to assisting constituents.

He plans to fence the ball field, resurface the basketball court, provide restrooms, and install lighting. His goal is to be the next parliamentary representative and improve the area.

George also intends to organize clean-ups, repair roads, and encourage local hotels to create jobs. Despite being labeled a newcomer, he has worked on community projects for years.

He left the United Progressive Party due to their perceived lack of concern for those with limited means and the neglect of young talent.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne supports George, emphasizing his experience. George resigned as a Senator to focus on his candidacy.

He faces competition from Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon of the UPP and Andrew Antonio of the Democratic National Alliance. Simon’s resignation triggered the by-election to avoid a legal battle over his eligibility.

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  1. “He [Dwayne George] plans to fence the ball field, resurface the basketball court, provide rest rooms, and install lighting …”

    Mr George, the constituents of St Mary’s South have heard similar promises like this when it comes to by-elections or general election time.

    Antiguans are no longer interested in ‘false dawns’ anymore, then followed by ‘jam’ tomorrow (or should I say ham 😁).

    Actually Dwayne, I kinda feel sorry for you, because you must be wondering what’s going to happen to you if you lose – as expected.

    Do you stick with Gaston and his merry men, or do you humble yourself, and beg forgiveness from the UPP hierarchy and return with your tail between your legs?

    However, here’s some GREAT advice for you if UPP do not want anything to do with you anymore, when you lose to the Honourable Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon.

    Whatever educational qualifications that you obtained before going into politics, pursue ANOTHER career that’ll give you peace of mind.


    Ready, steady, here they come … kaboom 🔥


      DWAYNE GEORGE is leading Shugy by 10 points . I was reading a poll in this medium by Someone by the name Eric ( The Red )…What say you ?

      • @ Hal

        It was a typographical error.

        ERIC (THE RED) meant by 35 points. I can tell you, because both of us did it. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (SOIL)

    • Giving advice anonymously? Dwayne George has more backbone than you could ever have. At least he wants to serve. Your only mission is to tear down. Brix-tumbling.(bricks) He will be fine.

      • @ Dave Ray, I love how you are now stepping up to the plate with your ANR correspondence. Very good!


        I love debate and constructive criticism (though, your above comment is rather lacking thereof 😁).

        I look forward to some verbal jousting with you – may the best man win! 👍🏾

  2. All blah, blah, blah, coming from that muscle bound traitor.No betrayer should ever be trusted.I do not have to tell you folks from that Constituency about him.

    • Giving advice anonymously? Dwayne George has more backbone than you could ever have. At least he wants to serve. Your only mission is to tear down. Brix-tumbling.(bricks) He will be fine.

  3. Don’t trust him citizens of Antigua! He is the wrong choice .
    We need water
    We need jobs
    We need less taxes
    We need a change !

    Don’t put your self in slavery and poverty in an economic poor house.
    Too many failed projects
    Crime rate has increased
    Corruption from people in high places

  4. Vow to who? Vow to his leader Gatson Browne his joke leader you mean, or do you mean “Bow”?

    Let me ask a question to all of you who thinks this administration is the shining hope for SMS.

    Wasn’t it the Gatson Browne administration in power for the last 9yrs, and the area of SMS got to where it is now in the first place needing all these community projects to be fixed?

    Now here comes Gatson Browne and this “George guy” with more empty promises having the audacity to call the people of SMS dirty, saying they’re coming to clean up the place.. huummm!!!

    How much more pompous can these people get, isn’t this the same failed government that didn’t fix anything or provide almost anything for the past 9yrs?

    If they have done anything, the roads wouldn’t be in the mess they are, their wouldn’t be no cleaning up to be done, there would be already jobs created, you had 9yrs for crying out loud, NINE!!!



  5. I trust that the constituents don’t cut off their noses to spite their faces. Moving your community forward with a representative who can accomplish great things at all levels with a new dispensation of the executive and legislative branches of government. Give him the chance to make the difference you wish to see. Defiance accomplishes nothing. Just more of the same. Don’t be like “The Children of Sisyphus”

    • Ray it seem like u gain from ablp u sound like r broken record. Samantha the town Marshall did nothing, wen she got locks it’s even worst. Wat r shame . Kelvin Shaggy Simon is the ppl choice stop forcing water up hill. Put the water in pipe so the ppl can bath. U.P.P. all the way . No date no problem we still voting for Kelvin.

    • Dave Ray, you talk about “The Children of Sisyphus”, yes they suffered terribly in the “fictional” Dungle, but Antiguans are suffering now under the 2 terms of underwhelming guidance of ABLP governance.

      You are spot on with your analogy Dave, and I thank you for such a GOOD example. CHEERS! …👍🏾

  6. Judas would be insulted by this traitor. Gaston Browne is desperate and is extremely visible, handing out trinkets and money because this will signal the end for him. When he is ousted, let the investigations begin, starting with the Dawg.
    SMS, you are in a position to begin the ousting of Gaston Browne. Let it happen.
    We can safely ignore the idiots who like dumb and dumber try to prop up ALP and the failed experiment.

  7. We ready to vote for Shugy. Shugy all the way. Call the election date Gaston. What are you waiting for? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  8. @dave ray.

    Are you a dunce, or are you just that arrogant and pompous?

    TheGatson Browne administration and Samantha Marshall were in power for 9yrs man, nine damn years and did absolutely nothing to move my constituency of SMS forward, and here you are asking for 4 more years to do what your greedy administration couldn’t do in 9 damn years.

    Have a damn heart man for the people of SMS, please.. they deserve a damn break from all this talking out ones arse.

    I’m not good at everything,but one thing I’m good at is math, and your math just ain’t matching!!!

    9 years to do nothing and for 4 more years to do everything. Huummm. Make it make sense.

    Shuggy is the way to Go SMS, I don’t need to remind you of that, you already did back in January.

    • No @ Islanman26, let Dave Ray continue with his nonsensical correspondence on ANR.

      I welcome it, because @ From The Sideline and @ tenman seem to be writing a lot less than before.

      Despondent and defeated!

      The more Dave Ray communicates the better that you and I can strip away at his utterances; whether it be a paragraph; a sentence; a line; or even a WORD.

      I don’t want him to disappear again.

      Enjoy your day sup … 🤜🏽🤛🏽

      • @brix.
        I’m a reasonable man, and there are things that can be added from both sides that can help all, but these people cannot be serious in some of the garbage they write or believe?

        But then again they seem to be hoodwinked by the Gatson Browne greedy train.

  9. If I am to believe him, it would almost seem to suggest that former Parliamentary Member Sam Marshall didn’t do anything during her tenure. These wannabe’s must be realistic with their promises most of which are just pie in the sky. If Ms Marshall couldn’t get more done in her years of representing the constituency, and she came with much family recognition and more, it is unlikely that Mr George plans would materialize anytime soon even if he gets elected. Politics is about being honest and truthful, at least so I believe.


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