Dwayne George Sworn In as ABLP Senator; Set to Contest St Mary’s South By-Election


Dwayne George, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s caretaker for St Mary’s South, was officially sworn in as the newest Government senator.

Taking the oath at Government House, George fills the vacancy created by Caleb Gardiner’s appointment as a diplomat in Washington D.C.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne expressed confidence that George’s parliamentary service will contribute to the ABLP’s success in the upcoming St Mary’s South by-election.

Addressing critics of George’s party switch, Prime Minister Browne cited past instances of similar transitions within both major parties, asserting that such changes have been common in the political landscape.








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  1. Do you really think the good people of St Mary’s south will support someone who has demonstrated their lack of loyalty? George you are a joke!

    • It is the UPP that is loyal to no one…you for the cleansing as Baldwin called it…all those who support Harold in the leadership race was cleansed…Richard Lewis the brightest in the party lucky he is still in the party…those who didn’t support the passport for sale…we cleansed…dis-appoint as Baldwin called it.
      So stop shaking your head.

      • @ Dexter Pelle, you are a typical laborite who subject yourself and obey anything your poppet master says…. just a few months ago Mr. George was against your party pushing Shuggy and upp’s agenda. Should share with you what he said about Samantha Marshall? You said it right, the UPP cleansed itself from lack of integrity and flip flops from its party! I am looking forward to hear what u have to say (if any) after the by-election when Shuggy beats George and sends him packing back to his gym work out. Hahahaha….

      • “Ready to serve” at his house cause that’s where he’s heading after the election. hahahaha…. the irony of George joining the ALP and suddenly he’s ready to serve after years of cussing ALP….. this is just laughable. Please Dexter Pelle stop embarrassing yourself, the people of St Mary’s south ain’t stupid. Swapping Samantha Marshall for a try to be look alike Shuggy isn’t going to make a difference. Everyone can see this is just a desperate attempt to win the seat.

  2. Boy dem labourites haffu shame.

    A so dunce dem labourites be?

    Labourites are you can’t see that you all party is being ruined?

    Vote Kelvin Simon all the way.

    • APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON of the NAZARENE CHURCH a run from Jehovah! Politics is NOT for Shugy. Bolans NAZARENE CHURCH is where he belongs.

      Rev. Dr. Sharpe heart at pain ………

      SHUGY go all de way to Trinidad a Bible College. He can gwarn play worri wid God. #NOSEED

  3. I heard melford trying to belittle Nikkie at the post-cabinet briefing and I was so ashamed for melford.

    Then I remembered that he and the guy dwayne George are both what I would refer to as sell-outs.

    I can be corrected but I seem to remember that melford was with U.P.P. then O.N.D. then to the party that he had criticized for so long (the a.b.l.p.).

    Not to worry melford. God will repay the likes of you, dwayne George and all the other flip-flop pancakes.

    God word cannot lie and he will bring justice to you all hypocrites.

  4. Some persons in Antigua are easily bought.Please announced that date for the Election.So that Kelvin Simon would be sitting in Parliament again.This time by beating into a pulp that Brutus.The people of that Constituency are not flip floppers like that thing George.There are too many spineless,balls-less,men of straws in Antigua politics these days.

  5. Politics is really about benefits. So one must always expect the impossible. Never rule anything out. Very few people have any true allegiance to any party. Given the chance, people will switch parties putting aside all the things they once said about the party. I have always maintained that someone wearing a particular party shirt today has little relevance to what they will do tomorrow.

  6. We live in a democratic state and it is his democratic right. However, he should have called Suggy and tell him. It never easy to change political parties.
    Now Antigua politics is so divisive and the ruling parties are so corrupt that i we are not surprised.

  7. Dwayne George all the way shuggy tap play warrie with god go back to Nazarene and ask the almighty for forgiveness.shugy remember a one set a people inna bolans you study me no haffu call name cause you no stupid just back to hell out before it’s to late , just emagine me and you up a family and anytime you see me you pass trait but on the day of election me an you a good fren you a hail kip you dam hail you can never and will never get my x

  8. I think that the UPP have failed to understand their position in all this. Instead of being bitter and feeling betrayed, they should appreciate the huge burden that was taken from them for free. Gaston Browne told us that he has a penchant for sniffing out wealthy persons who,incidentally, always find avenues to get him to sign favourable agreements that he was never aware of. Now he’s sniffing out all the unscrupulous, lying, dishonest, mercenaries from the UPP one by one and then propel them into prominent positions, while his foolish, shameless followers are calling the whorish move ,foresight. They have been spat in the face and are not even aware.

  9. Mr. Dwayne George, you have just committed political suicide even before you start your political career. You did this by betraying your colleague Shugy Simon and the UPP and most of all the people of St. Mary’s South by your sudden switching of allegiance from the UPP to the ABLP!!! What do you expect to go back and tell these same people now? Is it that you are going to tell them that the ABLP is now the better party for them instead of the UPP after many months of campaigning with Shugy Simon and the UPP before the last general election in January just mere eight months ago? You have created irreparable damage and destroyed the bridge between yourself and the people of St Mary’s South. Now that the people have seen where your heart is which is all about yourself and your personal interest and not the people then don’t expect any votes from the majority of the people from St Mary’s South who voted for Shugy Simon and those who did not vote in the last general election to vote for you now under the ABLP ticket. Yes people do switch allegiance from one party to the next and yes it has happened before for various reasons. One of the reason is that they and the party that they are affiliated with and themselves have fell out and parted ways. What is your reason for severing your ties so abruptly with the UPP? Is it for self and not for the interest of the people of St Mary’s South? And by the way Mr. George, your recent appointment as senator will be short lived because you will have to resign your senatorship position before Nomination Day for the by-election in a short while. Let’s face it you have been used as a pawn by the ABLP to your own detriment. So your hope as being the MP for the St Mary’s South constituency will never be realized. Was it worth it?

  10. After a sound beating Dwayne George will be cast out on the stone heap with Samantha, Dean, Weston, Colin, Michael Browne and Gail.

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