Dwayne George appointed Senator and Junior Minister in Finance

George/ Wayne Mariette Photo

Dwayne George, previously selected by the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party to contest the By-Election in St Mary’s South, has now assumed the role of a senator and Junior Minister in the Ministry of Finance, following an unsuccessful bid.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has committed to nurturing George’s personal and professional development, recognizing his potential as an economist.

During George’s swearing-in ceremony, PM Browne praised his dedication and pledged to provide opportunities and guidance as his mentor.

Browne encouraged residents to have reasonable expectations of their new minister, emphasizing that he cannot single-handedly address all their issues.

Criticisms, he advised, should be carefully considered for growth potential.

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams reminded George of the importance of upholding the rule of law and the utilitarian principle, emphasizing policies that benefit the majority.

George was urged to contribute to policies that promote the well-being of all citizens, regardless of their backgrounds.

Additionally, Sir Rodney called for collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive economic growth.

George, in response, vowed to work for the betterment of his constituents, embracing his new roles as Senator and Minister of State with dedication and humility.

Under Prime Minister Browne’s mentorship and the guidance of the Governor General, George’s journey in public service begins, with the promise of contributing to the advancement of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Gaston realised the laborites are not equipped, qualified so he walk to and fro looking who he can purchase from upp, since he realised there is talent in the UPP

  2. The bigger question is why didn’t the UPP recognize his talent. Although truthfully what Gaston doing is nonsense. He is setting a precedence for rewarding failure and favoritism. It won’t be long before there are so many UPP turncoats in ABLP that it will just be another branch of UPP.

    • Why isn’t Pearl Quinn in the senate? Why isn’t Dr. Cleon Athill in the senate? They also welcomed Sean Bird from the ABLP to be used as a pawn to send a message to the labour party but clearly, it didn’t work in their favor. Where is he now? The Hon. Dwayne George has been rewarded for his talent so that he can be of service to the country and his community.

      • Dave Ray: When are you going to get your promised positions in the ABLP Administration? These just comes are moving way ahead of you Laborites.

      • Have you Dave Ray gotten your 2014 reward yet that you were promised. Likely your talent to spread lies and be deceitful didn’t impress Webson much less Gaston. Take your effects beating , manipulating , sham wedding to scam money from guests out of here.

  3. I watched this distracting – so-called – ceremony on the government’s mouthpiece ABS television station.

    It wasn’t Dwayne George’s promotion that piqued my avid interest, that was just a day after the Honourable Kelvin Shugy Simon’s historic double win in St Mary’s South; but the ABS’ lack of interest in covering the UPP’S outstanding victory.

    ABS virtually covered every other news and sports items in Antigua thoroughly, but not likewise in Shugy’s fantastic win. My goodness gracious!

    ABS’ BIASED coverage reminded me of America’s Fox News and United Kingdom’s GB News – utterly disgusting behaviour in a democratic country like Antigua & Barbuda.

    Their coverage of Kelvin Shugy Simon’s glory was lamentable, lacking and an insult to all UPP supporters.



    I hadn’t watched ABS for a while, but tuned in for UPP’S great win, and there was hardly a word ….

  4. In my previous comment I wrote that this move was to premature as Dwayne has no experience to be leading this ministry.
    But it is as of the PM read my post and explained that he knows Dwayne is inexperience, but this will be a training ground for him, and that he will be given specific tasks to handle. And Dwayne also admitted in his interview with ABS TV that he will be learning on the job.
    This again shows the vision of this man called Gaston Browne. Recognizing young talent and being willing to mold this talent for the future. The ministry of finance is one of the most important ministries of any country and we didn’t had many trained economists in the past running this ministry leaving it all up to the technical staff to do what they want. This was obvious under the UPP after Errol Cort lost his seat. Harold Lovell took over and had no clue f finance. So he could not guide the technicians in the ministry. But thank God for Gaston Browne who was supported by an equally brilliant economist Lennox Weston. They have steered this ship 🛳️ of state during the most the turbulent times in history “Covid”. And where everyone, even the IMF, was thinking we would be coming begging hand in cap for help, we did not take a dime from them and yet we survived. And we are growing our economy faster than any other country in the region, except for Guayana. But we know why Guyana has that growth. Not because any economic policies. Just because they have found the black gold, oil.
    Can you imagine if Antigua was so fortunate what our growth rate would be like.
    Nuff respect to our honorable prime minister Gaston Alphonso Browne for having managed our country’s economy so well over the past nine years and we pray Gods riches blessings over you and may we have the benefit of your leadership for many more years to come.
    Whom God Bless let no man curse
    Be Blessed and happy independence when it comes around

  5. An economist with a degree is now licenced to learn the profession. So he goes on to do a master’s degree to start to work on the practical side, and still further qualification to be a leader in the job or a business.

    This young man teaches the subject from a text book. He does not have the tools to run the MoF, because technically, that is what he will be doing. You can tell by his interview he does not have a clue.

    Gaston is not an economist. His claim to be is just that, a claim. We can find where George when to school. The UPP sent him to that school. Up to now, no one can find where Gaston learn economics.

    So none of them knows much. Notice Weston did not worry with their call to come back.

    Can you imagine the fiasco that will ensue in that ministry, with the trained staff trying to deal with not one but two neophytes there?

    May the good Lord help us once again like he did when he brought us out of the hurricane’s embrace. Apologies to him for pushing our luck.

    • Since none of them know anything about economic, it is amazing that our Prime Minister has precided over an economy that is the second fasted growing economy in the Caribbean and South America. How does one explain that. And if it was a fluc it would have been just a one time thing. But this seems to be happening year after year except for the year of Covid.

  6. He has no talent. As an Antiguan and once upon a time supporter of ABLP I am dismayed. GB is mashing up the ABLP. He has totally disregarding all the ABLP supporters and do something like this. Chet and Mary-Clare are you joining in saying all the other labourites are dunces. Lenox you need to say something about this. A little board appointment for someone with credentials like yours in financing to what this guy is getting is a disgrace to you.
    Don’t tell me that the entire Labour Party is afraid of this one guy. What happen to people like Tanny . Tanny – what happen to all the bright Labour Party supporters that cut down all them Cassie bushes. Tanny Lamin Newton is now chairman of CMC for doing what and basically running the ministry of Agriculture into the ground For talking on point FM. Evergreen is on how many boards?
    ABLP done – so enjoy you All few years left.

  7. A big waste of space in our senate smh. 🤣😂
    His family now boasting and walking with their heads high like they’ve arrived

  8. So let me try and understand this madness… how is it that an “economist” Dwayne George cannot answer a basic financial question, but he is elevated to Jr minister in Finance. ….. this is just laughable. ALP don’t have any shame, they just try desperately to paint a picture that all is well, but this lost hurt them really bad behind closed doors. let me tell you something Gaston, this is not the dunce laborites u think u are fooling off every Saturday. Independent intellectual people shall vote u and your animals out of office once and for all.

  9. Shaking my head i don’t think there is anymore an ABLP Party. I think there is a GB party and without doing the unscrupulous thing he does to get UPP members, without inducement lots of ABLP supporters are leaving. That accounted for the big swing in the recent general elections. I may add as far as I am concerned the ABLP did not gain any votes in the by-election. The millions spent of gifts the inducements plus George Family. The momentum is still trending UPP way.
    Very soon no ABLP candidate will want GB to campaign in their constituency. Turner lost with all his support and several others lost because of his behavior. Between now snd the next general elections if the Gastón Browne lead Administration last so long , their support is going to drop and drop and drop until they will be the NEw DNA .

    • Your words are commendation to a strong leader. The last time such words were attributed to a man was Papa Bird. And many have said Gaston Browne is walking in his footstep and maybe one day he will surpase him, and surely he is on his way to one day be bestowed with the title “National HERO”. Where is only for bringing the UWI Five Island Campus to the people of this country. Gaston Browne a real visionary leader. No wonder the UPP is pusihing so hard to stain his character. They see where this man is going. But they forget that Whom Godf Bless let no men curse

  10. The new GB Party – GB , Lsmin , every green, Winstan William, Eleston Adams, Collin Oneel , María , Dwayne George, Turner and he will hand pick Robin replacement , Western replacement , Maulwin Joseph and Max. ABLP constitution gone through the window.

  11. Dwayne George will be under the mentorship of the Prime Minister himself. Could not ask for a better mentor. Those at the UPP side have no mentor at all. They are thrown into the political arena and have nothing to offer and no one to learn from. In the early days of Pringle he urge Pringle to get educated so that he can be more relevant in debates in the house. But Pringle listens to his puppet master Giselle Isaac, and even in Parliament he is on his phone taking last minute instructions, that even the Speaker had to bring it to his attention that he is on his while the house is in cession.

    • “Dwayne George will be under the mentorship of the Prime Minister himself …”

      NOOOOO!!! 😱

      Sideline, are you still suffering from Dunning-Kruger symptoms?

  12. Gaston’s #brown_paperbag_boy courier, and #fall_guy!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  13. Wharf Rat, thank you so much for answering Dave Ray because we don’t know why he can’t call a spade a spade! He nuh tired get knock bout from the ABLP? He nuh have no shame to continue run behind Gaston when the man clearly wants nothing to do with him? Now, he is trying to defend the pm appointing this clearly unqualified person to this position. I wonder how people like Petra Williams and Loius Rivera feel! Murder, boy please go look work to do and stop live off of others! 0 + 0 = 0. Dr, you nuh work no way!!!!

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