Duo Charged In Deep Water Harbour Drug Bust


On Wednesday, Police jointly charged 54yr old Everton Fitzroy Pinnock and 48yr old Patrick Augustus Burrell both of Villa for Importation of 59 ¾ pounds of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis with intent to transfer, Being concerned in the supplying of Cannabis, Drugs Trafficking and Conspiracy.


The illegal substance was discovered inside three television boxes at Deep Water Harbour on Monday 20th July, during a drugs operation between Customs and Police.

The packages were seized and both men later arrested. They are expected in Court (Today) Thursday.



  1. “Moon does run till catch um”…….. Patrick you rob so much ppl in Anu dat now, your sins are paying you your dividends……..I worked tirelessly for you in 2017 and you refuse up to this day to pay me what is rightfully mine.
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  2. More drugs again?? Crimes do not pay.By the sweat of your brows you shall eat bread.Now you of criminality could be going off to Hotel 1735 for a long stay.Then again,based on what has been going on the Courts these days.You folks could walk free.With a slap on your wrists.You never know with those Judges in Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. “Caribbean brothers and sisters”? This ABLP open-door policy going to done us.
    Antigua saarl!

    • @ZACKIE

      You blame ABLP for every damn THING. I guess you will blame the ABLP for COVID 19. Zackie you are a DISHONEST person. AWFUL

    • Zakie it have good and honest ppl in the world even in Antigua and bad send them home after they do their time just how America do, Antiguan who does crime.

  4. Why are these two old farts doing stuff life this? They need to get a life. Hope they get a righteous judge who’ll throw the book at them They too old for stuff like this. Who raise them?

  5. All y’all a chat and y’all don’t know Jack shit the man don’t even know there was drug on the shipment he is the one that find it and report it y’all dumb cunts just love to talk off y’all stink yellow teeth them go buy toothpaste and toothbrush with uno shit breath

    • The truth hurts!! He will have to prove that in a court of law. This guy has a 50 shade personality, you can’t tell me about PATRICK, fu%cking crook inna he mudda sk%nt……….face the courts and prove your innocents!!

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