Duo charged for growing weed

Sekou Lincoln

On Monday, police arrested and charged 44 year-old Sekou Luke of Upper Gambles and 33 year-old Lincoln St John of Upper Fort Road with Possession and Cultivation of 150 Cannabis plants.

Both men were caught on a Cannabis plantation at Parham Hill on Monday, following a Drugs Eradication Operation carried out by members of the Criminal Investigations Department, Narcotics and the K-9 Unit.

The plants were uprooted and taken to the police station. They appeared in All Saints Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday before Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel, and were offered bail in the sum of $2,500 each. They were ordered to pay a cash component of $1000 and report to St Johns Police station every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Trial is set for February 5th, 2018.

Lincoln St John

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  1. Me too like how them can post them fellas pics in the papers so for growing weed that is of no harm to a soul, but big men that have sex with kids get major protection from the law. Me too sorry that the policeman nah min get wid all he money.

    • Who Ever you are I want to Hug & Kiss You Shake your Hand…. And Take pics Of The Pillar Rock Location, wherenit all Happened, And Which Car dealer Ship Involved , and How Them manage To get a whole Car Out & Manager Don’t Know These are the Issues At Had

  2. What a set of hypocrites in Antigua.
    Weed has a lot of good usages.
    Having sex with underage girls does not.
    Robbing and raping does not.
    PracticIng Witchcraft does not.
    Selling crack,cocaine and other drugs that destroy not only the body but the soul as well does not.
    Now a dem people who a do dem tings face need to be spread all over.
    And another thing..about 10,000 new faces are now here from all.over and not going home.
    What you think is gonna happen?
    More weed…..more sex….and these days sex with women aren’t selling….only sex with the other gender.
    Lord have mercy on us all!!!

  3. I dont agree with posting pics of men who have sex with underage girls. If u post the pic of the rapist then u expose the victims who need to be protected. Cause us anu pple love to point fingers and discriminate others

  4. Antigua needs to step up and get ahead of the cannabis market. The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Uruguay, Israel and even various states in the USA are profiting from legalizing medical MJ. Wake up and fight real crime.

  5. Say what? Shame and blame the pedophiles and rapists. Have a directory of them and let people know who is coming into the neighborhood. Be it politician or plebian, rich man or pauper mete out the same punishment.

  6. As much as I hate to see young men in the criminal justice system for possession and growing marijuana, make no mistake it is not harmless. Many of our young boys are not finishing school and are experiencing amotivational syndrome because of marijuana smoking. The marijuana now a days has a much higher THC content, sometimes almost a ten – fold increase, compare to when I was a boy. Hence our boys today are getting the full force of the negative effects.
    If you think marijuana use is not harming our children, boys and girls, you are sadly misinformed. Any teacher, doctor or counselor in this or any country will let you know the true story. Because a substance has good uses does not mean it is harmless.

  7. Alcohol, process food, cigarettes and process meats like what is served at Subway are proven to cause cancer.. Antigua’s CXC scores have been at the highest then it’s ever been. The really problem is that your PM can’t seem to create any new jobs. Have you notice that police hardly ever find cocaine anymore when we know it’s all over Antigua. Can someone tell who protecting them? Do you realize that Marijuana is that best natural remedy for many illnesses. Here read something http://www.businessinsider.com/health-benefits-of-medical-marijuana-2014-4/#it-can-be-used-to-treat-glaucoma-1

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