Dunnah Fined 50k For Importing Cannabis In Microwave


Daren Leslie Dunnah of Cassada Gardens was reportedly fined $50,000 after he was convicted of drug offences in the Magistrates Court this week.


In early September 2018, Dunnah was charged with Importation of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis with intent to transfer, and Being concern with the supply of Cannabis.


At the time, the defendant was a Flight Operations Supervisor at LIAT, who operated a shipping service out of his home.


The charges arose after law enforcers discovered two pounds of Cannabis hidden in the panel of a microwave at Deep Water Harbour.


According to reports Dunnah was convicted of the offences on Monday and sentenced on Thursday.


He was reportedly fined $50,000 on the Importation charge and reprimanded on the other charges.

He was reportedly ordered to pay $6000 forthwith and $2000 monthly until the fine is paid in full.



Dunnah still has a pending case in the court since he was slapped with additional drug charges in late September 2018 in relation to drugs found at the V. C. Bird International Airport in June of that year


In that case, he was charged with Possession of 8 1/2 pounds of cannabis, Importation of cannabis, Possession of cannabis with intent to transfer, Being concern to supply cannabis and making a false declaration to customs.



    • Wow!!!!you didnt know Antiguans commit crimes too…not foreigners alone…you all must stop with the foreigner nonsense.

        • um excuse me ….but WOW..have you never heard of SARCASM?!! geesus you all quick to jump on people but the people you need to jump on you not doing. ROLL EYES!

          As if I don’t know Antiguans commit crimes! lol really? I really have to laugh..All the time, people jump on our Caribbean brothers and sisters, they attack them in these posts and where were you?

          I said WOW he’s from Antigua cause I done know people love to jump on here and say I bet he not from Antigua…He must be Jamaican, Spanish etc..or the most famous quote “I wonder where he from”.. now I am being sarcastic wondering how come no one jump on it as usual.

          Or even worse…let an Antiguan do a crime and all of a sudden you hear ” well is born he born here so he can do what he want but not foreigners”

          • Further more I am an ANTIGUAN (PROUDLY) MARRIED to a FOREIGNER and I wouldn’t trade him any day for a hypocritically judgmental Antiguans that I see posting on this site. I have gone through many posts and I was amazed to see them ganging up on Brothers and sisters whether nationally born here or by color of skin. I had to stand up and defend a Jamaican the other day…you had idiots on here telling him to go back home and others talking crap about stop CARICOM and na bring people here…AGAIN I ask..WHERE WERE YOU?

            Why were none of you.. that all of a sudden (A REAL MIRACLE) come on this post to FINALLY defend our brothers and sisters in other Caribbean countries and FURTHER ABROAD now saying something? It took my SARCASTIC post taken the wrong way to all of a sudden come here to cuss the wrong smady well well wonders never cease.

            PLEASE GO BACK TO ALL THE OTHER POST and NOT REMAIN QUIET THERE! I really wish more voices stood up like this on the most common people that love to come here every day with their racial,, bull shivic

      • Like the case of the two women accused of stealing money from a bank or whatever the case is, yes one is a foreigner but the other one is an Antiguan

  1. Ikr…smfh!…..Everytime a crime is committed these jackasses asking if the criminal is from Antigua. Like seriously? Wow!…..

    • Well said … Since when Antiguan so holy … @Can you dig it? … please wake up and stop putting a nationality to crime … i

      • I guess you never heard of SARCASM either @Curious ..smh its strange how you quick to assume I am just like the rest of the idiots that have this train of thought but (I don’t see you either defending them when they needed defending ..I will take this part back and you will see why further in my response). But I am not mad because..You probably never even looked at the post …(NOT ASSUMING you have and stayed silent).I hope you go look back at previous posts and defend our brothers and sisters to the people who actually believe that ANTIGUANS HOLY

    • @Rudeboy4life..I know you…I cant recall tho.. weren’t you the Jamaican guy that came on the other day, cant recall, a few weeks back til i told you don’t worry about them cause they were cussing you and you said i was the only person (Antiguan) that thought differently. could have been a different guy but I know you are a common person in these chats

      FWI I was being sarcastic when i wrote what i did. I am so fricking tired of people and their wack way of thinking. The other day in some other post someone said we must stop following americans (in crime) so i put…wow you mean is not Jamaican we following? (being carcastic) the other guy that came after my post got that i was being sarcastic…but i explained further.

    • Hmmmm because those “Antiguans” that get caught are hidden and d foreigners are placed in the spot light …on every front page

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