Dubai-Based Blockchain Company Exor To Launch in Latin America


Zurich Capital Fund has recently issued a statement in partnership with AYARZQ AYASOFT that it is planning to launch the Dubai-based blockchain technology company, Exor, in Latin America. 


This acts as the first high-end digital platform in the region and the Caribbean, offering the local traders high-quality cryptocurrency trading opportunities. The company has stated that it has already managed to attract 5 million users and worked to integrate with digital banks. 


It is going to be the first such company in Latin America, offering traders terms and services such as a comprehensive trading platform, banking services, trading capabilities, and so on. The initiative will connect as many as 14 international banks from all around the world – Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Asia, with the banks from Latin America, specifically Brazil.


The new platform aims at contributing to reducing fraudulent activities and similar risks in the region and making financial trading markets more user-friendly and secure. At the same time, the banking sector in the region has also shown readiness towards the comprehensive digital transformation of the region. 

High-Quality Crypto Trading App For Latin Americans

The trading platform acts as the first-ever high-quality blockchain technology company offering traders a digital platform in the region for crypto trading. 


The founder and the CEO of the Exor exchange, Fahed Merehbi, made the official announcement about the launch. He said that the platform is ready to use and is very efficient. The trading platform makes it easier for local traders in the region to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies safely. 


The trading platform will be officially available for online traders on November 30, 2021. Since the company is going to be connected between the Middle East, Africa, North Africa, Asia, and Europe, it is a great opportunity for traders from the region to become part of the market.


Merehbi also said that he believes that the local trading market in the region has already reached a certain level of maturity, which is needed for the future growth and development of the industry in the region. 


However, he added that it lacks easy-to-use trading platforms to allow local traders to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies and do so safely. He added that Exor is a platform that can offer all these to the local traders, and help them become active members of the ever-changing and fast-growing crypto industry.


Crypto Trading in Latin America

Cryptocurrency trading is growing around the world at a very fast pace. Millions of investors around the world are turning to cryptocurrencies for short-term as well as long-term investments and profits.


While Latin America might not be the best place for the cryptocurrency market, it is surely becoming very active. There are many reasons why the crypto trading market is becoming so popular in the region. 


One of the main reasons is the huge interest that the local population has in the crypto trading market. People of all different walks in Latin America have a growing interest in the crypto trading market. 


One of the main reasons for this is how easy it has become to invest money in cryptocurrencies. All traders need is to find a reliable crypto brokerage or exchange, deposit funds, and start trading cryptocurrencies. 


In addition, traders don’t even have to do a deep market analysis for trading. For this purpose, there are numerous crypto trading robots that can be used. For example, you can use an automated bitcoin trading bot that is able to not only analyze the market for you but actually trade cryptocurrencies. 


Because of this, it is easier than ever before for people around the world to start trading cryptocurrencies. In this situation, because there were not enough high-quality local trading platforms in the region, people did not have enough opportunities to choose and find the best options. 


Because of this, the steps taken by the team behind Exor towards its expansion in Latin America are very important for the future growth of the crypto trading market in the region.

What is Exor?

Exor is a famous platform allowing clients to start depositing and trading as many as 10 cryptocurrencies on their platform. The cryptocurrencies can be paired with different fiat currencies. 


Among the crypto available at Exor are USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others. The company charged no fees for registration and the fees for deposits and withdrawals are 0.2%. The main aim of the company is to offer locals in the region an easy and secure way for actual investments in the crypto trading market, where they can use cash directly for trading. 


As the crypto industry continues to grow around the world, it is only natural for companies such as Exor to aim at further expansion around the world. The recent step taken by the company is just another sign that the industry in Latin America has a long room for growth. 


Due to the increasing interest in the crypto trading market, it is believed by many crypto enthusiasts in the region that more companies will be aiming at expansion in the Latin American region.

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