Drugs seized at the General Post Office


(Press Release)

Officers from the Narcotics and K-9 unit while on routine patrol at the General Post Office on Tuesday 17th July, 2018, the K-9 indicated on a mailbag which originated from Jamaica and addressed to Antigua.

The mailbag was opened by the Customs Task Force in the presence of the narcotics officers and inside were three genuine mails and 19 large brown envelopes each containing a compressed slab of plant material resembling the controlled-drug cannabis weighing 21.5 pounds with an estimated wholesale value of $86,000.00.

There were no writings on the packages indicating who the packages belongs to. The Packages with the drugs were taken to the Police Headquarters.

Investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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  1. “There were no writings on the packages indicating who the packages belongs to”

    Well every time I have things sent to me, it seems that it belongs to me once it is posted. I never get money back if it dont arrive. I think it something to do with common law , so unless it wasnt addressed to somebody, it belong to the adressee.
    Certainly looks like a label on them packages.

    Besides that, a few decades ago, police forces learned that its quite useful to identify the contraband, then wait for the criminals to collect them, thus giving them a robust case when proceeding to court.
    Once again we see the Antigua Police have no interest in actually doing any police work.
    Criminals, kindly turn yourself in, to the nearest airconditioned police office ,coz we aint stepping 1 foot out to come get you.

  2. Hallmarks of what would have been an inside job. Why when drugs are detected they are not placed under surveillance to catch the importer? Is that why these importers have become fearless overtime as it appears the authorities are only interested in the drugs and for what reason I ask?

  3. The packages should be distributed as such amongst politicians, technocrats and ordinary citizens who use the good stuff as follows HL, CM, IC, VP, EC, SQ..

    Fell free to add so each person does not get more than one package!

  4. Send that dirt back !! This country has the worse ganja at the most outrageous prices. Our laws and views towards the plant are wonderful. Organize this dumbness already !! We need proper smoke to work hard and do good !!

  5. Focus on BREAKING and ENTERINGS
    Focus more on following the weed trail to Guns.
    Not soo much on seizing a quantity of weed,
    with no recipient of said transported weed in sight

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