Drug Smuggling Accused Pilot Guilty On All Four Counts Of Drugs Charges


Drug-smuggling accused local Pilot, Colin Murraine, has just been found guilty on all four counts of drug charges at the High Court.

32-year-old Murraine was implicated in the February 2018 ONDCP drug seizure at the V. C. Bird International Airport where 47.5 kilos of cocaine were found on a private charter plane that was preparing for takeoff.

Murraine was charged with possession, attempted exportation, intent to supply and trafficking of just over 100 pounds of cocaine.

The verdict was determined by a panel of 12 jurors.

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  1. By this verdict the court is saying:
    You know what you was into.
    You are a drug mule, trafficker and or dealer.
    You used your platform as pilot to smuggle drugs.
    You was in it for quick riches.
    You may have gotten a few loads through but you are busted this time.
    It does not matter if you are the owner of the goods or not.
    The court’s decision is saying that. But now that you are are going down are you not going to say who the Big Wigs are that you collaborated with? Who specifically are you afraid of?

  2. Pay day time. Guilty as charged. You make your bed, you lie in it. What you sow you reap. Justice has been done. Start singing like a canary.

  3. It’s time for him to squeal like a stuck pig. GUILTY as charged. The People have spoken. Life in prison ain’t gonna be pretty. Start naming names.

  4. If there were two pilots on the aircraft, then how come only one was charged. I hope this be a lesson to us not to be drug mules for any drug lords. Don’t matter the price, let them carry their own drugs. You and your life are more important than being someone’s drug mule.

  5. Please Antiguans…. Colin is a Son of the soil. Let Us not CRUCUFY Him. We all make mistakes in our lives. I know the Murraine Family very well . This Family is very much RESPECTED in Antigua. Just hope the Judge will be very LINIENT and give Colin PROBATION and also a FINANCIAL charge. Let Us pray for Him and not exhibit this harsh way of dealing with this situation.

    • So because the family is well respected he should get a lenient sentence? We all make mistakes, and when they are unlawful ones, we abide by the judicial process. Found guilty by his peers…Let him serve what ever is given to him!

    • So because you know his family he shouldn’t be punished for his crime? He should have thought about his family instead of trying to get rich. I’m sure he was making good money as a pilot, enough to live comfortably. People making less money are satisfied.

      • BACK

        Hi ssndra,

        Ras Smood; …Duncy Bat and all others, including ‘…follower and Spiritual Leader Apostle Ditzen.’

        Met him in person yesterday.

        Likes the info and humorous contents as well.
        Now back on this page.

        Preparing a commentary on ‘…Burga’s Fate – Death Penalty or Life Imprisonment

        Coming up for sentencing on ‘March 13, 2020.’

        Saw him at Court when he pleaded guilty to the Indictments.

        You may look out for this commentary right here at ‘ANR’ this very week.

        Not sure what the Heaven’s or hell it will be.

        Nonetheless, ‘…Happy Sunday’ to all.

        • May be Burga’s family is well respected too. Not to mention that may people may have gotten to know them over the years through this mess and have respect for them.
          Oh! It was him against is family so in Burger’s case this is like zero divided by zero (0/0); No positive outcome for him! He will not roam the streets again.

    • If the Court shows him mercy,i do not have a problem with it,i do not rejoice in anyone’s fall-however you made some very interesting statements,which indicates why society is how it is today,from your perspective ,he should be given a free pass because he comes from a good family-what happen to the many not fortunate to have come from a good upstanding family as he did ,but whose lives are destroyed via the same means of what he is been convicted of? That makes him not a good person,regardless who his family is ..And what about the person who do not come from the good home and is convicted of the same offense as he ,then they should get the free pass to? How does the home you come from you makes you worthy of not paying for a crime you committed.. Please.

    • Are you saying that this ‘well known respected family’ put the fate of their Pilot “…son of the soil” in the hands of a rookie lawyer?
      Since they don’t have the BIG $$$ to hire a BIG TIME lawyer then, may be this is his first haul working for his first pay check? Ground for an appeal??? 🙂

  6. I am willing to write an IMPACT statement before sentencing.This is a PERSON I know and respected. I am reaching out to the Family . If Someone know the Family please message a phone number.

    • Maybe you should think about all of the lives saved by bringing this cocaine mule down. As far as coming from good homes, there are plenty killers in 1735 who come from good homes, too. Being a son of this soil we love makes it even worse that one of our own should be so possessed by greed. Did he not care for all of the lives that would be impacted if that cocaine had reached its destination. It’s time to bring down all of the drug mules, dealers, nd drug lords. No mercy. Lives are hanging in the balance.

  7. @ MR.POMPEY

    Glad that you are back. I missed your POSTINGS. Looking forward to your posting on BURGA this week.
    Happy Sunday Mr. POMPEY.

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