Drug case against Customs Officer Al Antonio withdrawn


After enduring several court appearances, Al Antonio, a man charged with an over $400,000 drug bust, is now a free man.

In July the 26-year-old, was arrested and charged possession of 40 pounds of Cannabis, possession with intent to transfer, being concerned in the supply of the drug, importation of the drug and drug trafficking.

The contraband was seized during a joint exercise between the Police Narcotics Division and the Customs and Excise Division.

Now just this afternoon he was told that the case against him is being withdrawn due to a lack of evidence.

The instructions came from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who in a letter noted that the evidence is “woefully insufficient.”

The DPP is of the belief that “there is no evidence that the barrel containing the cannabis was packed and shipped from the US by the accused. At best there is evidence to the contrary [that it was done by another individual]. There is no evidence capable of establishing a conspiracy between the person named on the barrel and the accused to export or import cannabis from the US [and] there is no evidence capable of establishing possession on the part of the accused.”

“While his conduct gives rise to great suspicion…suspicious conduct alone is not sufficient in law,” the letter from the DPP continued to explain.

Antonio’s lawyer Wendel Robinson speaking on the decision said that there was never any evidence from the beginning.

He said: “possession and knowledge work hand in hand and so the accused to possess something he must have knowledge of what he is possessing.”

“Suspicion is not evidence and they must go further than that!” Robinson reiterated as he expressed his disappointment in the police.

He said he is happy that his client is able to walk free but said: “the time has come for persons who are charged unjustifiably to bring malicious prosecution cases against the police and I endeavor to do that.”

Robinson claims that he will sue the police should any of his clients give him instructions to do so.


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  1. I love the fact that Mr Robinson has become the lawyer of choice for the criminal fraternity! He must chuckle everytime he gets someone off by his knowledge of the law and Antigua’s legal system. Seems he’ll do a better job of making the police force more competent, by being on the other side and showing them up! At least he’ll be paid better and won’t have cabinet ministers to deal with. Good luck sir!

    • You honestly think it is his knowledge of the law or he did the right thing in not burning his bridges when he left the force?

      • I think he burnt every bridge over there, and is now taking his revenge by making them look stupid as he knows how incompetent they (and the system) are!

  2. The gross ineptitude of legal minds, from police investigators to members of the Bar Association leaves a great deal to be desired. Highly overated!

  3. I would like to know how many cases went to trial with similar errors and persons were convicted, when Robinson was a prosecutor and right up to his last position in the force. How he never spotted any errors. I agree that the police now adats must do thorough investigations and not lock up for lockup sake because when the matter goes to court and dismissed they look like fools. Incompetence is only seen now the shoe is on the other foot. So sad.

  4. Soooo if someone ships 1,000 kilos of cocaine to me (Kunta Kinte) and I kindly asked a customs officer to “handle” the shipment on my behalf and he gets caught, then he is innocent because no one has evidence that he packed the container?

    Pablo Escobar, if you were alive today in Antigua, you would rule the world with this BS legal system we have.

  5. All Lawyers should have knowledge of the LAW

    with that said, Police Officers should also be following the LAW

    and why didn’t they [Police]

    It’s very good to know that the DPP Office knows the law as well

  6. Kartel: Babylon say jail fa me! Bet the Judge say bail fa meeeheeee somebody tell di jury Jah control me destiny

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