“Drop Sleep” Sentenced to 30 years for murdering girlfriend


A man who killed his girlfriend in 2016 was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in the High Court today.

Omarley Henry aka “Drop Sleep” fatally stabbed 22-year-old Shariece Henry during an argument at his home in Perry Bay.

The man, who shares a child with the deceased, fled the scene shortly after, prompting a manhunt by police.

While on the run, a recording of the suspect discussing the incident with a female went viral on social media.

He later surrendered to police and was reportedly placed on suicide watch after confessing he ingested bleach to kill himself.

Close to 400 people supported a petition on change.org that called for a sentence of death for the admitted murderer.

The judge said Henry would have been sentenced to life imprisonment had it not been for his guilty plea.

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  1. No sympathy for these cowards who continues to hurt women. I want to appeal to all the women in our society to report these men at the first sign of abuse. The truth is, women continues to put themselves at great risk by sticking around these men. A man who abuses a woman will continue to abuse her until he gets help and most men do not seek help. Women cannot change an abusive man and because you might need him financially doesn’t mean you should stick around and suffer.

    • He is sick. I am wondering if this young man has a mother.
      I have always heard that these type of young men are either demonized or grow up without a father figure. If this is true, then the love they received from their mothers should be able to help or teach them how to love a woman and take care of her and child/children not hurting her.

  2. 30 years after what he do that gyal? Ah joke aru ah joke. He min suppose to be hanging on Market Street. 30.years the taxpayers ah feed the degenrate fo RR. Tups!!!!#lackofjusticetorSherice.

  3. Word on the street is that his grandmother spoiled him. He could do no wrong and deserved no discipline on her watch. These seeds were planted in him from since his youth up to now. Sadly society is now having to deal with the tree from which such seeds grew.

    Too many damn stories of WEAK “men” perpetrating violence against women.

    Poor child has been robbed of both mother and father.

  4. Should be life though. The child he have with her should never see him walk the street for killing mommy.

  5. 30 years behind bars…. Is it enough for the senseless taking of a life & also for the creation of an unnecessary void in the lives of the young lady’s family & friends ? She is gone forever while he will be alive and kicking in a new home…… Smile!! It is really something to ponder on.

  6. We can see a trend in lower sentencing of persons that commit murder in this country. It seems as if the judges are very lenient towards the perpetrators then towards the victims families. And it also seems that harsher sentences are handed down for none violent crimes such as fraud and embezzlement. I guess a life is cheaper than money.

  7. If u think murder get light sentences then try rapist and guys who have sex with underage girls. They get a damn slap on the wrist. Image a big thirty something year old man get 2 years for have sex with a 13 year old girl! What can go so. These judges are to soft!!!

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