Drone Delivery Systems Announce a New Partnership with ACT


Drone Delivery Systems has announced a new partnership with Antigua Computer Technology Co. Ltd. in Antigua & Barbuda. This means that the range of innovative AirBox Technology will now be available in the Caribbean and Central America through ACT Antigua.

For 30 years, ACT has established and upheld its reputation by consistently providing top-quality technology products and services. The company has grown into one of the largest technology enterprises in the Caribbean, providing technology sales, services and repairs to customers locally and regionally. ACT Service Centre serves as the company’s full-service hub, and operates with the latest, most technically advanced equipment in the industry.

ACT Antigua is officially an authorized dealer for AirBox Technology, inviting innovative products like AirBox Home and AirBox Sky into the region, revolutionizing the last mile package delivery architecture. As a result of ACT implementing AirBox Technology into their arsenal of technology products, the company is now capable of providing improved access to healthcare, postal, supplies and lifesaving medicines to the homes of the Caribbean Islands and Central America.

“I am desirous about our partnership with ACT, and the friendship we have developed over time. Our companies share a similar passion to provide better access to home delivery by drone or vehicle, for hospitals and residents, to anyone in urban or hard to reach places, in some of the most challenging environment’s in the world” said Brandon Pargoe, President and CEO of Drone Delivery Systems Corporation.

About Drone Delivery Systems

Drone Delivery Systems, located in Richmond, Virginia USA creates innovative solutions for the future of autonomous secure package delivery to an end-point address using AirBox Technology.

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  1. What utter rubbish bwoy when u white u come to Antigua with any crappy ideas and then these politicians run with it ..what drone delivery service u talking about ..it’s not even been done in America and for Antigua so don’t even have proper name for street and house numbers ..a wa u go drop packages ..just chuuppssss

    • You may be right about this company(s). However, don’t ignore this fact: “Antigua & Barbuda winning Geospatial World Excellence Award in the area of Geospatial Application”. shhh, don’t tell anyone

    • It’s not rubbish. Checkout the website http://www.airboxtechnologies.com. You’re correct, Antigua doesn’t even have proper street names or mailbox’s for delivery. The invention of AirBox Home, will give everyone in Antigua an address with a solar smart mailbox that can receive secure package delivery by vehicle of drone.
      Now, the elders wont need to wait in line all day to receive their lifesaving medicine, it will be delivered to their home is a secure solar mailbox. For those in hard to reach areas, without passable roads they will receive delivery by drone in a secure smart mailbox. Genius idea!

    • Dear friend, it’s a pity you think so negatively. Exactly because it’s not done everywhere in the USA it’s a chance for your region to be at the forefront of this technological revolution. It could create new jobs and perspectives on your island. Instead of spreading a bad mood, you could rather join this project and enrich your life with it. Change comes from within.

    • You are unbelievably ignorant , who told you drone deliveries are not done in US ? This tech will usher Antigua into a new age of modernity while saving precious lifes, you need to either read wide or go back to school cause you seem dumb

    • I am very happy to see a company that wants to try to take Antigua into the future with technology. Antigua has a lot of potential to be a great technology hub for things like cryptocurrency, if PM Browne would just pass a law for crypto that would make Antigua the best place in the world for it – that would be great. Anyways, happy these entrepreneurs are trying to do something cool and I am happy to see the racial diversity of Antigua – we are living all in harmony together.

  2. Thisbis not a bad idead, though I have serious concerns for the bright eyed investor who would bel8eve he would see returns soon.
    However, securing licensing, airway permits and legal rights is certainly something to do now. In the sense that this is about 5 years away realisticly for Antigua. Being first in the business can certainly be beneficial when any new players in your industry has to pay you royalties for using licensing or permits you own. I suspect that is the most valuable element to this partnership at this time.

  3. To know, I’ve always wondered why our government don’t invest in doing a proper address system. It’s not a difficult system to implement, and a number of communities have taken it upon themselves to do the numbering system.

    Government really know how to waste time and money

  4. This is absolute idiocy, and also impractical at every level. In the middle of December last year (2018), I had an experience which is really laughable. There was a friend going home to Antigua and I asked her to take a cellphone to a former workmate at home. I had to explain that, after passing the Pilgrim Holiness Church on the Grays Farm main road, what turn she had to take, and what colour house was on the corner. Unfortunately, the house was repainted since I last went home, and it cost her a few dollars to call me and straighten things out.

    I’m not convinced that with houses without numbers in this day and age, that any such delivery service is practical. A drone would not be able to deliver medication to a patient living close to the big mango tree, just before you reach the pond in Liberta. Well, hope I’m wrong on this one.

  5. Was thinking the same thing. Let’s get the basics right first. Will the drones land in the mud when it’s raining, And what about those lamppost wires. Sounds pie in the sky to me.

  6. Oh give me a break Edmond , your probably one of the beneficiaries of this en devour, as suggested by another blogger we should get our basic infrastructure in order before talking about flying off the handle just yet … the road are no good , water is still an issue , internet sucks , electricity sucks , and u want to tell me drone delivery will usher Antigua into a new age and we cant get the basics correct … freaking GPS gets so confused when it comes in Antigua, this place is just special… i still think we need our streets to be name and houses to have numbers, even just to give someone direction is crazy…. and because i have a different opinion all of a sudden i’m dumb and need to go back to school .. just grow up dude.. we can agree to disagree … that’s life … so u probably need to grow up a bit.. lol

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