Driver Sustains Serious Injuries In Car Crash

Police are investigating a vehicular crash that occurred in Coolidge village on Saturday night.
A white car crashed head-on into a wooden utility pole smashing the pole into several pieces.
Images from the scene show firemen examining the wreckage.

The accident took place near to the LIAT hangar; the driver has sustained serious injuries.




    Well if the darn ‘Virus and Curfew’ can’t keep them quietly at home, then some other darn thing will keep them ‘…resting and recovering at some other darn place.’

    And why you believe this is so darn harsh?

    Was on the road last night as well.

    But only in front the walk-through gate, though.

    Only darn thing that was seen crawling along, were two ‘G. A. S.’

    Did not even say good night.

    They appeared more taken up with the darn light on the utility pole.

    Still standing up to this morning.

  2. I heard this same guy was using the Coolidge road stretch as his own personal drag track and had his friends videoing it. Lucky he didn’t kill any innocent people during his fun antics on our main roads. Wonder if his insurance company knows this???!!!!

    • @Melchisedec since you asked “who” and not what , I am going to assume that you know the “person” “who” was driving the car! Cars just do not end up in poles unless they are been driven.


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