Driver Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison For Killing Toddler


Regino Nicholas was sentenced to 18 months in prison for causing the death of 3-year-old Jadianne Spencer in 2017.

The Cades Bay man pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving in September.

Nicholas was driving a Toyota Corolla in Johnson’s Point when he lost control of the vehicle and collided with Spencer, her mother, Honora Thomas and her aunt, Carol Richards.

The toddler succumbed to her injuries and the adult women were severely injured.

Jadiana Spencer

At the sentencing hearing, the judge said based on the extent of the damage caused, Nicholas must have been speeding when he drove into a pothole and collided with the pedestrians.

The maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving in Antigua & Barbuda is five years imprisonment.

The judge said this is far below several countries in the Commonwealth and legislators should consider reviewing the law, which has been on the books since 1947.

In formulating the penalty, he began with a sentence of 42 months, which was reduced by 15 months in consideration of remorse expressed by the defendant.

The usual discount of 1/3 for guilty pleas was then applied bringing the sentence down to 18 months.



  1. E did done gone bad areddy plus him pleaded guilty and show remorse so good for him…now him need fu reflect and be a better man from all this


      The ‘…Sentencing Guidelines’ recently unveiled by the ‘…Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC)’ appeared to have been often ‘…Misapplied’ by some adjudicators.

      Such apparent misapplication often caused the public to express dissent.

      The three-member Judges committee have made it sufficiently clear that the ‘…Sentencing Guidelines’ are not intended to bring about ‘…uniformity,’ but for ‘…transparency and consistency’ [ECSC Website].

      By this, as far as ‘…Sentencing’ is concerned, Judges shall not apply the ‘Guidelines’ in a ‘willy-nilly way’ as to affect ‘..public confidence’ or cause societal revulsion.

      Most people may remember the gruesome incident at ‘…Seaview Farm’ where a son was ‘…brutally stabbed to death in the presence of his mother and other onlookers’ [Observer: May 8, 2015].

      Many people may recall the ‘…most ridiculous calculations’ by a Judge that saw ‘…two merciless and cold-blooded murderers’ walked away without serving one day in jail.

      The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has since appealed the ‘…ridiculous sentence.’

  2. Two other person were injúred, so thats it, i always tell myself that its better to get my own satisfaction than to seek justice, this judge need to realize that a vehicle is a dangerous wepon and they sit behind their chamber and make these stupid arguments talking about remorse and plead guilty, this is nonsense, unless its not the family that ask for compassion on the defendent the judge has no right to rejuice the time for the defendent

  3. Awaiting the sentence of the “suspect” in the case of ANDREA HUGHES!!!
    Her blood is on the hands of that individual. TIME LONGER THAN ROPE!

  4. I am always a firm believer that there are consequences to our actions….. However, i am not a believer that a jail sentence is always the best merhod to apply when a perpetrator commits a crime…….. In my view a jail sentence should be invoked only if the perpetrator is a menace or a serious threat to society……
    An involvement of community services should be applied whereby the victim or the victims family should benefit from…. Tarnishing a persons record by sending him or her to jail for something that was not diliberately done is archaic and hence that law needs changing……

    • I do agree what happen to the expenses occurred by the family they should work hard to maintain the victim kids.they ahould revise this law sending them to prison to do wat eat sleep and mingle .

  5. I think to the Government should start take some responsibility for all these accident and vehicular homicide…you have to have good remory to drive our roads. You to remember the potholes, ditches, unevenness, gullies etc… even without driving anywhere above speed limits, drivers, pedestrians and vehicles are at risk..

    • Dirne..People are now swerving to avoid the potholes and unto other people lane instead of driving slowly and carefully into the potholes….Also what is up with the newest trend of half the island all of a sudden NOT INDI F.. CATING! INDICATE!!!!! a One of the first things you learned when doing driving test…so annoying

      If I was a Police, I would be formally be called the Indicator Police..People would fraid me .

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