Man injured in mid-morning crash


A male driver was badly injured earlier this morning after a collision with a truck. He has been identified as Basket Ball player Coy Quinland

The accident occurred between old Transport Board and Ashley Furniture Store on Sir Sydney Walling Highway but full details are not yet known.

Images of the victim lying on the ground have been circulatedĀ on social media. He was transported to the MSJMC and is undergoing various tests.

TheĀ Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association has called on residents to keep Quinland in their prayers.




  1. Why is this considered the Old Transport Board. The only thing that is old is the horrible road one has to drive on when going to renew their vehicle licence. How ironic can this be!!!

      • A bad road can be seen as a test for the general public to some extent but not through the eye of the government who actually operate The biggest island revenue department and the road leading there is a disgrace…and the facility has been build well over 3 years

  2. Coy I am praying for your recovery , I love you , you have always been by my side ..your children are here waiting on you . Thank God you are alive .

  3. Wishing you a smooth recovery. Hope your teeth weren’t knocked out. Your smile is your signature.

  4. Hope he pulls through.

    But it seems that area seems to have had a spike in traffic collisions

  5. Hmmmmmm and when the magistrate is sending people on remand some folks get upset. More of these reckless and dangergous drivers needs to come off the road.

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