Driver in Sunday-morning accident is bailed after being charged with dangerous driving; victims’ fathers are now on island

Edwards/Observer Newsco photo

The Police have arrested and charged the hit-and-run driver who ran down two American University of Antigua (AUA) medical students early Sunday morning, October 23.

Karim “Ice Cream” Edwards made his first appearance before Traffic Court Magistrate Dexter Wason, today, October 28, and was granted bail in the sum of $20,000.

Edwards, who has been charged with dangerous driving, had to pay a cash deposit of $5,000 and present two sureties.

He had to surrender his travel documents to the court, as well, and must report to the Langfords Police Station every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

A source alleges that Edwards has been, and will be, unable to drive, since the Commissioner of Police has already withdrawn his license. This, reportedly, was done hours after the serious accident took place.

Edwards, an accountant and the husband of a judicial officer, returns to court on January 12, 2023. He is being represented by attorney-at-law Wendel Robinson.

Edwards is accused of running into 19-year-old Priyanjana Das and Kenneth Matthew, 21, while they were trying to cross the Friars Hill road.

The two reportedly had just left the Stratos Lounge and Bar, located on the premises of Billy’s Food Mart, when they were struck by Edwards, who reportedly was travelling north.

Edwards is alleged to have driven away from the accident, leaving the two students to be assisted by onlookers.

Reports say he later returned to the scene in the company of his lawyer, while the Police were conducting investigations.

This might be the reason that Edwards was not charged with leaving the scene of the accident, the source speculates, since this charge is usually proffered against drivers who do so.

Das and Matthew remain in the Intensive Care Unit of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre in serious condition. Both students are reportedly in medically induced comas, having sustained multiple injuries, including several broken bones.

The source tells REAL News that the fathers of the accident victims are now on island. It is alleged that Matthew’s father wants to have him flown out of the country for further medical treatment.

However, the doctors reportedly have refused to grant permission since the young man’s condition is not stable and moving him could have grave consequences.

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  1. Let him rot in jail!!
    I want the parents to cause more awareness for all of the unsuspecting parents who send their GOOD children to these offshore MEDICAL schools. Your children are left to their own devices. The lecturers are not of the required standards. Pillpopping is rampant among the students.

  2. What the hell am I reading?:

    “… Reports say he later returned to the scene in the company oh his lawyer … this might be the reason that Edwards was not charged with leaving the scene of the accident …”

    Two things come to mind:

    Firstly, which right thinking human being mows down two innocent pedestrians without checking on their welfare first.

    Secondly, and just as disturbing, that the LEGAL LOOPHOLE for returning to the carnage with your legal representative isn’t deemed as LEAVING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT?!

    My word! This abhorrent legal loophole needs to be closed forthwith!!!

    I hope the friends and relatives of the two seriously injured students aren’t reading this …

    • It seems you guys have nothing to say when young Mr. Ryan hit Andrea Hughes and left her on the road dying went home to get his father and then return to the scene

      • You can only report on the current issue, or what you know about @ From The Sideline?!

        Please enlighten those of us who do not have – or have – the knowledge regarding the Mr Ryan case … pretty please!

        And is it relevant to this particular traffic incident?

        If not, why then go off point and a tangent boss? Why?

        Place your focus on the poor victims and their wellbeing and their relatives. How you heartless so?

      • Your comment is most worthy, the red and rich, the black and upwardly mobile with Court connections, receive the treatment which excludes police station and jail, even just overnight.

      • @tell them since nobody seem to remember the woman was ran over and died lef 3 sets of twins and three single children im not even sure as to whether or not the driver was charged. None of the children were in secondary school yet what about justice for them? Is it because she was an antiguan why nobody spoke out? How many pedestrians got hit and died before and everybody just sit bk and let the ‘injustice system’ do as they please
        Yall are a bunch of hippocrites,

        • Hmmmm, well, said. Equal rights and justice for all, hypocrites dem be, all of them ! Popo dawg dem too, a dem a de worst to deal with, dawg dem be.


      • @From The Sidelines.,,you’re simply describing, the glaring #HYPOCRISY which shines like the sun, moon and stars on the People of the Nation who are less fortunate.

        Personally, and child of mine, or their offsprings who would do such a thing, as in leaving the scene of the accident, immediately after they were involved in an accident(which do happen), of this nature, leaving a HUEman(s) to suffer in this manner, you can trust me on this one, I’m gonna put a #WHOPPING ON YOUR ASS, all the way back to the scene, of the accident.
        The ‘law’ can then charge me with abuse, for #WHOPPING their ass, fist to cuffs.


  3. Wrapping my thoughts around this accident and it’s aftermath paints a picture, of one aspect of the Nation’s Culture, titled PRIVILEGE.
    Now, attorneys, liars and lawyers will concoct his #Escape_Plan. These are the actions of a #selfish_bitch, straight up, a heartless mofo.

    Vere C. Edwards

    • @Scrappy…so too does #LIGHTENING⚡️⚡️⚡️💥, although it’s not seen until after the THUNDER is heard, it proceeds the thunder with a vicious punch.

  4. Wendel my boy, this might be the first case you lose. Ice Cream did you call the Police before he left the scene of the crime? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  5. This man was scared when the incident occurred and many of you don’t know what y’all would to do in this situation. Alot of you drive stupidly too but have the most to say.

  6. I hope his wife don’t leave him cause he will be paying those victims for the rest of his life and I know she won’t want no broke man especially of her position and her family financial position too Lord have mercy
    I pray the victims get well and at least survive that was an awful wicket act 😡😡😡

    • Shut the hell up!! What do you know about the man and he wife business hater? Why you didn’t use your hands to cup over your mouth so you can see how stink of shit it smells before you type such rubbish.

  7. Ice Cream did you call the Police before you left the scene of the crime? Enquiring minds would like to know.


  8. Do anyone knows exactly what happened? Only the driver and the two students can give statements, all others are your guessing, or assumptions

    • No @ Looking and @ John Public, what the majority of commentators are complaining about (myself included), is that someone can do a hit-and-run, and not check the welfare of the victims; and then return with a legal representative and it’s not deemed as a hit-and-run?

      Surely, even you two can recognise this in the comments as well?

      • @Brix i do agree with you 100% … that was a thought out act … u hit the people then run for your lawyer its like breaking a house then returing to the seen with my lawyer .. will i be pardened the same way … Ice Cream be careful the nickname you choose while married to a magristrate … them boys she sent to jail waiting for you .. ice cream go melt now … your next name will be yogurt or pop… depends go sell … here praying the two make it through .. although their lives will be altered

  9. ANR, please explain which part of my comment caused it to be removed? Seems like none of the media houses in A&B have heard about this new thing called press freedom. They all publish the comments that kiss their asses

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