Driver In High-Speed Chase Sentenced To A Week In Jail, Fined


19-year-old Montel Barton, the driver in last weekend’s high speed chase with police has been sentenced to seven days in prison.

Barton was sentenced to 7 days in Prison on Driving without a Licence, and another 7 days for dangerous driving. The sentences will run concurrently. He was also fined $2500 for driving without insurance.

Barton was the driver of a Toyota Vitz motor car crashed near a road construction site as he attempted to evade police over the weekend.

According to reports, police began pursuing the vehicle when the driver sped off after committing a traffic violation.

During the chase, the Vitz reportedly struck another vehicle on Independence Avenue.

It was also alleged a bus driver crashed into a tree in an attempt to avoid a head-on collision with the Vitz.

Police later caught up with the vehicle, which crashed into a fence after meeting a dead end at the road construction site at upper Bishopsgate Street.

The occupants reportedly fled on foot and one man was later arrested and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, 20 year old Melvin King Jr of Herbert’s who rented the vehicle for Barton, was fined $1000 dollars and his licence has been suspended for 3 months.




  1. Them business!! Too nuff and love flash too much and gone go mash up the people vehicle. Hate to see it. Should have to pay for all the damages .

    • exactly! and stealing the phone did not endanger many lives as this idiot did! Yes he is dead wrong for taking the phone but i cannot see 1 year for taking a phone and 7 days for all this chaos! nonsense!

      • He should have returned it to store security but still finding something is different from stealing something.

        At the most, phone guy should have gotten fines and community service.

    • Doesn’t make any sense at all! This man endangered the lives of many to escape justice. Make an example and keep him inside for at least a month! These judges have no consistency at all!

  2. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He run from Police, no drivers license, ran other driver off road and crashed…..A few days behind bars and a fine????? This is a who u be and who u know situation….

  3. The guy who rented the vehicle should of gotten a heavier penalty….Can’t say he didn’t know the guy didn’t have a driver’s license. He rent the vehicle for the youth and he knew the risk involved.

  4. Surprisingly, I find myself in agreement with all the comments submitted to date. The case of the “stolen” cell phone should be revisited if possible. The recently prescribed guidelines for sentencing should form the basis of serious and thorough public awareness programs. In the absence of such, sentences meted out by our local magistrates and judges, especially of late, would not cause such a public uproar when the gavel falls.

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