Driver Crashes into Tomlinson Cemetery Fence, Escapes Injury


A driver accidentally crashed into the fence of the Tomlinson Cemetery, which is still under construction. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. However, the collision has resulted in an unplanned repair bill for the cemetery’s fence.

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  1. Why they built a cemetery so close to the road in the first place. This government needs to go.

  2. Y’all blame the government for everything. The fact is the driver needs to be more Responsible….. that’s a straight road

  3. To the first comment: Why is everything about politics? Cemetery fences are established choose to the roadway in every jurisdiction. What is your point? The driver lost control of the vehicle, either because he was speeding, inebriated or not paying attention. Or all three. Thankfully, no one was injured. He might still have to pay a fine for his poor driving skills.

  4. @Dave “RARSE” Ray – Could it be, that the driver had a #medical_emergency?
    Could it be, that the vehicle had some form of #mechanical_issue?
    Brakes fail, tires get blown out, roaming animals etc.
    The typical illiteracy coming from Dave “RARSE” Ray.

  5. Did he/she had a medical issue? We do not know what caused that crash.Dave Ray,how do you know.The three things mentioned in your discourse are corrrect.You are jumping to a conclusion based on what facts.

  6. Seems like the cemetery has a new “drive-thru” service! It’s a good thing no one was hurt and that the only spirits disturbed were in bottles nearby. Guess it’s time to start the “fence-funding” campaign!

  7. For the person who wrote the government needs to go is really stupid.It seams you have a plan to destroy all of Antiguan wealth, but guess what you have a longer time in waiting for your mission to accomplish.
    Antiguan is at the right place with labour.

  8. I can tell you that none of the possibilities caused the accident. None! No tire blowing causes a rin into a fence. He did not have a medical emergency. The engine did not fall. Poor driving skills. The name calling never affects me. Only low-minded people use this terms. So our levels are never the same. Thus the reason for omitting your real name. Carry on…


    Firstly, in the context of the issue, the word ‘…CHOOSE’ may have been ‘…CLOSE.’

    Irrespective of other possibilities, ‘…Dave Ray’s Points,’ are ‘…Valid and Solid as a Rock.’

    Professionally speaking, ‘Only SPEED’ could result in the vehicle; (a) ‘…Crossing the drain: (b) …Seemingly airborne; (c) Cleared the fence wall to crash into the ‘…Metal Fence.’

    Clearly, he was not yet ready to be ‘…Taken Under.’

    He may just have chosen a ‘…Road-side Spot.’

    Could easily walk across to ‘XPZ’ to purchase ‘…Som darn ting’ (Vernacular).


    Such comes with a ‘…COST TO OWNER/DRIVER.

    THIRD PARTY DAMAGES,’ shall be ‘…SATISFIED’, as ‘…Traffic Accidents Investigators’ will guide the ‘Department’ responsible, to ‘…FILE CLAIM’ with ‘…Vehicle Insurance Providers.’

    Not a darn problem.

    Scram. On the darn side of ‘…Dave Ray.’

    Since the driver may have been the ‘…FIRST’ to enter ‘…ALIVE,’ that particular area, should be ‘…RESERVED’ for him when he is ready to ‘…GO in and …Go Under.’

    While a set back, the

  10. I was driving at a moderate speed when this crazy fence stepped out Infront of me, I blew my horn but the fence won’t move, I am not at fault.

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