Drive-by Shooting In Perry Bay


A man has been hospitalised following a drive-by shooting this evening.

His name is Alvin Spencer Christian.

Initial reports indicate that the man was shot in the area of Bargain Center Supermarket.

It was reported that he was shot after occupants of a Toyota Vitz drove by the area he was standing and opened fire on him.

He was then rushed to the hospital after the shooters sped away.

No further details are available at this time.


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  1. I thought guns were banned in Antigua and Barbuda? I think it’s time to bring back execution via hanging (gallows) for drug trafficking and crimes committed with guns in our nation. In Singapore they execute drug traffickers and those who commit crimes with guns (they hang them) and they have the lowest crime rate in the world. Those sentenced to hang in Singapore can appeal in the courts maybe for about 6 months maximum and then that’s it, times up, bye-bye.

    Our wonderful Antigua police need to have more authority given to them by the PM via new aggressive laws and we need allow our police to aggressively take out these gangs in Antigua that have infested our beautiful nation. Most of these nasty gang members come from Jamaica and Haiti under CARICOM immigration and they draw our Antigua youth into the gangs. Jamaica and Haiti shouldn’t even be members of CARICOM, they are so much poorer than most CARICOM member states.

    • U sound so dunce and retarded…. can u travel with gun on a plane … clearly u have something against foreigners…. I’ve never heard of a Haitian gang in antigua, u need to accept the fact the youths of this country needs biblical help

      • Exactly never heard of a Haitian gang. I have only met one Haitian in over ten years and the person doesn’t even live in Antigua. Smh

    • I’ve been to Jamaica and Haiti. Jamaica; the county is rich in resources and has a vibrant manufacturing and tourism industry. No where in the region has more top line vehicle on the roads. There is a wealth distribution problem between the wealthy, rich and those seeking riches. Haiti; has so many issues but there is a also some wealthy people there.

    • U seriously Dunce!. Everything happen in this country Jamaicans get blamed. Antiguans just as bad. You have good and bad ppl in every counrty. Stfu!

    • They (Jamaica and Haiti) aren’t poorer stupidity bill…… However, if it weren’t for most of these countries, don’t know where Antigua would of been. Moreover, No man is an Island!!! We stand in Unity.

      • Antigua would have less crime, less poverty , less illiterate security guards less bleach skin Oreos and less prostitution and strip clubs that’s where Antigua would have been if Jamaicans didn’t come here spoiling up we small island

        • You really have nothing to say. Whoever shot the gun is responsible ( their nationality, we don’t know) Accept the fact that people need to deal with conflicts and psychological problems in a better way. This has nothing to do with foreigners. When you call out nationalities you just sound bitter.

  2. Wait a Jamaican and Haitians alone can shoot guns? How do you know it was a gang or just some mischievous dude he had some beef with. We always think of the worst about our Caribbean brothers n sisters but we still depend heavily on them for so much. SMH!!

  3. Alvin thank God you survived, but NOW WHAT? Time for some introspection and soul-searching or will it be business as usual?

    “Do not be misled: “Bad companionship corrupts good morals” [1 Cor 15:33]

  4. The police must be given the authority to clean up the gun mess. Like Singapore, we would have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Drug suppliers and sellers, murderers, rapists, and all crimes committed with a gun must face the ultimate punishments. In many countries that is the death penalty. Why are we so lenient?

  5. Them really want tun ya lacka jamaica ……. they hate when people say this but would always remind you of ” only if this was Jamaica ” .

  6. Well they know who the shooters r the cameras got a good look at them from a couple of miles away….although the car is tinted they had to enter the car….also the barcode of the car was scanned by the traffic lights police onto them

  7. This is insulting and rude to Jamaicans and Haitians. I don’t care what you all think you know about Jamaica, Haiti ot their people. No one should be casting blame on anyone without first having proof! None of you saw the shooter, or who got shot, how they got shot or why the young man got shot. It was on the news and social media and all of a sudden you turn mother theresa and know who exactly is to be blamed. That’s not nice of anyone. Rather than calling to God for his healing you run to labeling, how insensitive can you be towards the young man’s family. In any situation whether this or another the families always wants support not this kind of negative energy. In any event the family would love to read, “I’m praying for him”. Let us unite, support and respect the family.

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