Drip Irrigation work in progress at the forage project at the BBC Location


The agricultural project dubbed “Developing Sustainable Protein sources for community nutrition resilience in Antigua,” is making progress as the drip irrigation system for the last plot is now being put in place.

The Australian High Commission Direct Aid project is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

It is aimed at improving the production of livestock and forages in the country and addressing the resilience of protein food systems and community food and nutrition security.

The project is being conducted in four (4) areas around the country; Paynters Livestock Association in Paynters, BBC in Seaview farm, Glanville and Cades Bay.

There had been some delays in moving ahead with the project at the BBC area due to adverse weather conditions but following installation of the drip irrigation system, planting of the forage should begin during the course of this week to be followed by the plot in Glanville.

In the meantime, growth of the forage project in Paynters is said to be progressing well.

Regular monitoring of the growth of the forages will be conducted before distributing them to the beneficiaries.



  1. Why government don’t lease these farm lands to local farmers to cultivated themselves. I am tired hearing them bringing people (Australian High Commission Direct Aid Project) from outside of Antigua and Barbuda to aid some agriculture project. We have enough students went overseas to study agriculture science and technology. I am sure these students had spent some time doing a lot of practical. Use these returned students to help or teach our farmers to improve their farming skills. I could be wrong about the outside assistance or misunderstood the article.

  2. Crazy…how we never seen to boost our own. We need an imported ideology for common things as such…its past crazy

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