Dr. Robins says the general public needs more knowledge about vaccines

Dr Robins

Historian and Medical Doctor Radcliffe Robins spoke last night at the United Progressive Party education forum on COVID-19 vaccines.

He says while people have more information, they lack knowledge.

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  1. Has this man suddenly emerged from between the testicles of a bull cow? What more education is needed. Give me a break. This is just the utopian excuse that has become the bandwagon for many.

  2. Congrats to the UPP for putting on this series of programs addressing Covid 19 as it affect various aspect of our lives.

    I encourage the government to work with the medical professionals and have them administer the vaccine at their office.

    This should be a collaboration between the ministry of health and the medical community. They would be able to monitor their patients, and respond quickly or answer questions by the patient.

    Get the education campaign and decentralize the process and avoid the mad rush at multi-purpose center.

    Also support programs like what the UPP is putting on. YOU the ALP is NOT doing it in a comprehensive way so the least you can do is support. WHAT YOU THINK???

    • @Smh – as the saying goes, #We all have one…!?
      Referencing, “Measles, Mumps, Rubella,” I’m #ASSuming(yes, I got one too and at times, it releases some S.H.I.T. a natural and necessary process for growth).

      I have never being #vaccinated for none of those which you mentioned i.e. measles, mumps or rubella. I did get measles as a kid, thus my natural immune kicked in ever since, against measles. My body has since, kept the other at bay.
      In terms, of these #New Viruses from AIDS to COVID-19 and it band of deadly #RagTime Mutants, I am not #VACCINATED, even though I have at my disposal the alleged BEST of the BEST vaccines available to defend against the present crop of viruses. BTW – by the way, I am not against allopathic medicine under which vaccines falls.
      However, due to the fact, that for generations since the #Roaring 20’s, my family have relied heavily on natural medicine for survival.
      Everyone, in the family has different opinions on this present crisis. My kids are vaccinated, their choice so to are sisters, friends etc., and, that’s fine because, there is a VIRUS which has being mutating amongst the Animal Kingdom for decades, and it has reached the point, forced or natural to become a deadly and unseen weapon.

      Now, the oldest members of my family, moms is 93years young, Unks and aunts in their 80’s, I’m in my 60’s, and yes #We are not vaccinated, even though at some point in the future #WE will have to be, since, we have no control over certain #EARTHLY rules, guidelines, policies, governing bodies etc!??
      Speaking of bodies, #WE, I and others who are not ANTI-VACCINES are simply letting this Pandemic run its course which is one long muddah-phucker.
      Personally, I don’t claim the mayhem and hysteria powering this pandemic, so please yes, I beseech the authority’s to do what they must to bring some semblance of normalcy once again to HUEMANITY, but be mindful, NATURAL LIMES cured scurvy when many HUEmans had no idea, what to do!

      There are NATURAL remedy’s which still works in times like these, and they not experimental and side effects are felt leaving the body through one of those which we all have!? I’m not #ASSuming on the herbs and their powers.

      • I guess you were protected by the heard immunity that the rest of vaccinated people provided. That is what we need now. To get heard immunity so we can protect those that will never be vaccinated no matter what.

  3. Medical Doctor of dogs and other animals. I am hearing from past experience that he has a better gift than others of getting the message across to the general public. What the good Dr shared re vaccines and how they work, I recall being taught in secondary school some almost 40 years ago, via my biology teacher (Dean Jonas wife).It was in the text book. This was taught by about second form.

    • Well maybe he skipped 2nd form or was sick on that particular day. At least he graduated and made something of himself. Can’t say the same for Alister Thomas

  4. It is unfortunate how some persons choose to just selectively criticize something that will benefit us all, whether directly or indirectly.
    It was a very enlightening discussion and if this forum encouraged one more person to get vaccinated, that is one more life potentially saved and who knows how many others saved from the spread of this disease. Thanks to the organizers. I look forward to the next forum to learn more about this disease.

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