Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas Appointed Assistant Director at Pan American Health Organization

Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas

Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, hailing from Antigua and Barbuda, is the recently appointed Assistant Director of the Pan American Health Organization.

Graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of the West Indies, she later obtained a Master of Public Health in 2005 and a Doctorate in Public Health from the Mona campus in Jamaica in 2020.

Dr. Sealey-Thomas commenced her career as a Medical Officer of Health in Antigua and Barbuda from 2000 to 2004, managing diverse healthcare professionals.

Subsequently, she served as the Chief Medical Officer from 2005 to 2023, offering crucial advice on public health, leading national health committees, and representing the government internationally.

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  1. Advice to Dr. Sealy:

    Don’t be “SUPERFICIAL” but work for the “PRESERVATION” of health for all

    • My only advice to Dr. Sealy is always spell pier correctly

      • Shugy head EMPTY like the UPP Can’t Park at East Bus station. My don’t Can’t even pronounce “PREDICTIVE TEXT” properly. Over 65,000 views on that embaRASSing video of him looking and sounding like an EMPTY VESSEL. Now that Dwayne gone, you see the EMPTY SHELL that is Shugy

        Wonder if it was Gisele Isaac-Arrindell who write he sermons for Bolans Nazarene church????

  2. This is her reward for pushing the experimental gene therapy jab on A&B 🇦🇬n’s. All over the world, public health leaders that followed the approved script and have remained SILENT on the ongoing slaughter are promoted. These people aren’t morally fit to be in charge of anything dealing with human beings and health. Evil bastards!!

    #paidshills #wefpuppets #nwolackeys

  3. My word, where has Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas been hiding? I haven’t seen or heard from her since trying to convince all Antiguans to take the Covid-19 trial vaccines.

    Did she go on a 18 month Sabbatical?

    On the run-up to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 jabs, she was on ABS and a plethora of radio programmes on a daily basis.

    Now Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas is raising her head above the parapet again, like a lot of global Health doctors and Minister’s … I wonder why? And why now?



      Patriotism, protection and peace all the way … that’s how I roll!

  4. Congratulations Dr. Sealy, you endured a lot from a non-medical boss who likes to micromanage and pretends that he knows it all. You have been elevated by your hard work and dedication. 👍🏾

    • There’s a next round of Covid vaccines on the way soon @ To Ratid!

      Make sure you roll up your sleeves again, and pray to the Almighty that you don’t get Myocarditis, Pericarditis or worse 😔

      Baaaaa … 🐑

    • If everyone knows that he is so awful, why is he still there. Why can’t there be a cabinet reshuffle. It’s because she put up with him why she is now where she is. I hope it was worth it.


  5. I’m curious, how does she hail from Antigua and Barbuda when she is from Trinidad and Tobago? All the same she has done a great job for us in lieu of all of the political interference and ignorance that she had to endure here. I’m glad that she has found greener pastures and hope she is recognized and rewarded for her hard work.

  6. This article is so erroneous. This lady did not graduate in 1998. She was working at holberton long before then and she hails from either Trinidad or Tobago. I remember her quite well from holberton days and hadn’t seen her again for many years until covid. I think ANR should fact check this article before she makes her husband sue them!

  7. I’m sure that Shuggy received the note before the press conference and he never took the time to read the information. The embarrassment that happen with Shuggy it will happen again because he is not concern about the people.

  8. Strange thing to notice. Under the UPP everyone flopped in their job. But under the ABLP everyone excels in their job. Congrats to this remarkable Chief Medical Officer. They saw how excellently you handle our Covid Epidemy. Our country had the highest vaccination rate in the Caribbean and beyond, despite all the antivaccers

    • Strange how Switzerland 🇨🇭, Denmark 🇩🇰, the United Kingdom promoted this now banned the AstraZeneca vaccine (and remember the UK and Denmark, with the tacid help from Molwyn Joseph pushed the blood clotting AstraZeneca so-called vaccines on 64% of Antiguans).

      Brixtonian, always looking out for fellow Antiguans, and putting the other side of the TRIAL vaccine PROPAGANDA narratives.

      Stay SAFE, stay ALERT, but most importantly question EVERYTHING to make sure that what you are being told by governments and the pharmaceutical industries has your interest at heart … AND NOT TO FILL THEIR GREEDY AND NEFARIOUS POCKETS!

  9. These appointments have nothing to do with hard work or dedication. We need to stop lying to our children, hard work only leads to more hard work.

  10. She sang the song on the vaxx perfectly and now she has been promoted to work for Bill Gates…congratulations. I will never forget when she went on national TV and said we have no reports of adverse effects. Just the other day I witnessed a man collecting his cheque from the government because he had been disabled by the vaxx and could no longer work.

  11. In 2014 she and her husband jumped both feet into the Gaston Browne ethos. They were very vocal in their worship, especially the husband.

    Fast forward a few years later and reality started to rap on their door. The Minister simply sidelined her for the pliable second in command, and it was all over. She learned that the “nah fra yah” mentality applied to her too.

    Morale of the story? She got lucky. Don’t know about your husband. Try to do it right this time. Be professional and stay away from the politicians.

    • Absolutely @ Water tray, Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas did COMPROMISE her professional integrity by linking herself up with Gaston Browne and Molwyn ‘AstraZeneca’ Joseph and their duplicitous ways.

      She was obviously DUPED by them both, and this was probably the reason why she laid low for a couple of years, realising that what she was PUSHING on the Antiguan public was questionable.

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