Dr. Na-Ajele Gadija Williams Buffonge is Antigua and Barbuda’s latest PHD graduate


Dr. Na-Ajele Gadija Williams Buffonge is Antigua and Barbuda’s latest PHD graduate.

She recently achieved this phenomenal academic accomplishment by completing her dissertation which is entitled, ‘Caribbean Lecturers’ Believed Barriers to Technology Adoption from a Tertiary Viewpoint.’

The Walden University graduate has lectured at the University of West Indies for more than a decade and has served as a Practicum Supervisor at UWI Open Campus. She has also enjoyed an illustrious career at the Antigua State College for more than sixteen years. She holds a Master’s of Science in Education and undergraduate degrees in English and Education.

Her groundbreaking research examines the adoption of educational technology and could not come at a better time. Dr. Williams-Buffonge said, “I decided to explore this topic in 2011 because it was relatively new to the Caribbean’s educational arena and I felt that it could positively impact student’s learning and enrich the teaching methods of lecturers. I never imagined that we would be facing a global pandemic that would force educators and guardians to rely on technology as the primary method for teaching students of all ages. I am committed to capitalizing on this moment and taking the opportunity to share my research and knowledge with key stakeholders and assist them with strategies that will enable them to overcome barriers to technology adoption through innovation and collaboration.”

Her research has filled a huge gap because it finally puts Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean on the map by providing regional data that can inform current academic discourse about the impacts of technology adoption in education. The proud graduate plans to continue to pursue this area of research and she also hopes to mentor students and lecturers so that they too can reach their academic goals and contribute to the betterment of the twin island state.

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  1. Congratulations miss williams you always make us feel good about ourselves when you taught us at st.josephs academy form 1w room 30 best home room teacher!

  2. I am extremely happy for your outstanding accomplishment Dr. William-Buffonge. You did it under much challenging circumstances and came through with “flying colours.” CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. What a fine young lady. She was always hard-working and creative in all she has done. My son went to St. Jospeph’s Academy and then to the ASC. She is a leader and caring individual. What a woman who has always loved what she has does. But what I admired most is that she has always cared about all her students. What I most admired about MS. Williams is that she would go to the student’s basketball games and even coached both the girls and boys team. She was never to busy. She even coached the debate team at the Antigua State College and I can’t believe she was still working on her PhD. Lady, how did you that! Ms. WIlliams I want you to know that you are a role model to all woman and the loyals sons of Joseph’s ” Ne Timeas” Never be afraid. You are a true leader. Congratulations Dr. Williams, we are so proud. Thank you for making your mark on Antigua and Barbuda. Proud parent with a proud son.

  4. I would like to say a hearty congratulations to a bright, committed young lady to education. Well deserved Dr. William-Buffong

  5. My mudda always say When you dig a grave for one make sure you dig a grave for two. Bow tie hasn’t completed his double doctorate yet? Maybe the good doctor can assist. Well, as the saying goes Tek dat in ya all nen nen.

  6. Teach I whan to Big You up!! Boy you were the coolest teacher there was. I loved literature because of you. Here is a poem I wrote just for you.
    Roses are red
    dreams do come true
    I want you to know
    I am so damn proud of you!!

  7. Congratulations to you. I met you only once through your mother. She too is a lovely woman. May God keep you and be a lamp unto your feet. God is good!

  8. That’s my niece. Another Doctor in the family.
    My daughter Christina earned her doctorate in Psychology. My grand daughter wants to become a Physicist.

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