This after sun gel made with Aloe and CBD won’t harm the coral reefs

Elvis Edwards

The benefits and healthy rise of CBD (cannabidiol) are undeniable. That is why Dr. Jimmy’s, a company founded in colorful Colorado, is introducing its “Aloe + CBD After Sun” gel just in time for the scorching summer months ahead.

Dr. Jimmy’s Aloe + CBD After Sun potion is simple biochemistry: it’s unique formulation of aloe vera and hemp CBD aims to help soothe the skin of hapless summer victims suffering from sunburns, and various forms of outdoor exposure weed dispensary

The key benefits of Dr. Jimmy’s Aloe + CBD After Sun Gel:

  • Aloe has regenerative properties that help heal fried and damaged skin
  • CBD is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which could reduce overall damage and speed recovery
  • Together, they help reduce pain and discomfort caused by harmful UV rays and chafing
  • Aloe & CBD are all-natural and grow in the sun, so we’ve learned to trust their experience in solar radiation.

Unlike most “After Sun” products, Dr. Jimmy’s Aloe + CBD After Sun gel is a simple formula with NO “kooky” chemicals, added fragrances, or non-sense that would harm the health of coral reefs and other marine life. It also costs the same as the “non-hempified” aloe products, which leads us to their simple mantra: “don’t worry, be hempy.

“Enjoying and preserving our environment is a top priority for us and our company. Our goal (with Dr. Jimmy’s) is to help people relax and enjoy the outdoors, and we feel you can enjoy it more knowing that you’re not harming the coral and other marine life,” states Elvis ‘Papi’ Edwards, Co-Founder of Dr. Jimmy’s and a Caribbean native. Before building and launching Dr. Jimmy’s, Edwards has successfully pioneered multiple ventures in the hemp and CBD industry including: CBD Care Garden (2015) and CBDxR (2019).

The Dr. Jimmy’s team is stoked to share their love for hemp and the outdoors, and is dedicated to the development of purpose-built, quality products and responsible outdoor use. This includes the addition of a “Pre Sun” formula currently under development and set to launch by next summer. So for now,  the team is working hard to make sure you can find Dr. Jimmy’s everywhere the sun goes: from the thin-air crags above Denver, Colorado – to the sunny, salty shores of Waikiki, Hawaii. Products will also be available online through select retailers and at

Dr.Jimmy’s Contacts:
Elvis Edwards
[email protected]

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  1. Who the heck is this guy. Who made him “doctor”…doctor of what? What are his credentials. He’s from Colorado in the US. I hope this isn’t anothere scam. I didn’t say it was, but I said I “hope” it’s not. This is hardly an article. It looks like an advertisement. Chuups.

    • I think that’s just the name of the company/product. Unless you think Dr. Seuss was a real doctor 🤣🤣🤣

    • Did you read well? The man COMPANY is called Dr. Jimmy’s.

      Nothing there says he is a Doctor! Ignorant fool!

      And even if it’s an advertisement? Smh

      Go buy

  2. I know Mr. Edwards. The products are great…and I am a tough one to please. I can assure everyone that this is not a scam (no, I was not paid to advertise). We must learn to support our own instead of trying to tear down. Way to go Papi.

  3. Wow see how things can get nasty fast when your face shows up as BLACK MAN when you’re up to doing something good that’s going to open the eyes of many people

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