Dr. Jason Belizaire says stop calling unvaccinated people ‘anti-vaxxers’


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  1. These are the people who should be in the forefront of our pandemic management. People who know what they are talking about and understand how to communicate with others based on mutual respect. Not these politicians who want to bully the people. I guarantee if the man from St. Mary’s kept his mouth shut we would have a better grasp on the situation in Antigua and many more people would be willing to consider vaccination.

    • At the same time covid is no respector….it does not care who you get the message from so move on from that rhetoric.

      • Your statement is the perfect example of what Pat-a-cake means. “So move on from that rhetoric?” This statement is a command. You do not order someone to do something that they do not want to do, that is hitler and china mentally. Instead you find mutual ground and start a conversation to try to address concerns the citizens have . This is why people are not taking the vaccine cause some people have valid questions and all they get is idiot answers from Men in Politics that do not have a medical degree. But they are afraid to let actual doctors talk because doctors must answer certain questions truthfully to keep with ethical practice.

      • But COVID is not the one making the decision is it. If you are genuinely interested in accomplishing a goal you find the most effective means to get there. Ego is what’s putting the people of this country at risk.

        Calling it rhetoric doesn’t make it less true than calling a gun a pee shooter makes it less likely to harm you.

    • Yet we are in a better position vaccine wise than most Caribbean islands and also some so called developed countries. In Australia the fully vaccinated adult stats is some 29 percent vs 47 (estimating adult population at 70k) percent for ANU. New Zealand’, often cited as an example to follow by those inclined to oppose the current admin, vaccine rollout status (not even at 20% of adults) is worse than Australia. Kudos to Sir M Joseph for his achievements considering the obstinacy of some our people.

      • @Tenman I disagree with the point you are trying to make in order to give your kudos. Don’t be confused. We are doing this well in spite of, NOT because of the people in charge. Since you are using percentages I can guarantee less than 5 percent of all vaccinated people in Antigua were influenced by any politician.

    • Wow..I thought when you are against something you are Anti…My English teachers from kindergarten to University got it wrong. Maybe that why have so much difficulties in my comphension. The good doctor is splitting hair’s. Why in Wadadli we say, you are a Anti Man?

      • Being against the COVID vaccine does not mean being against all vaccines. The term anti-vaxxer in it’s struck definition mean against all vaccines. And for most folks opposed to the COVID vaccine, that is simply not the case. I am fully vaccinated by the way. I just believe people should have the right to choose their own medical path. Especially since there are no guarantees against long term adverse effects. Why doesn’t the governments offer a form of insurance in the event things go wrong after taking the vaccine? Why are we willing to give the trillion dollar pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution if the product they are selling turn out to be detrimental to public health?

        • …plain and simple, the #COVID-19 equation is unbalanced. This is what have many people uneasy, about this #Nightmare #Party!

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