Dr. Jason Belizaire: It’s ‘blasphemy’ to say COVID-19 is not real


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  1. Blasphemy??? That’s a strong word choice. When I looked up the definition however, it seems the doctor doesn’t understand the meaning. Unless of course he is knowingly/unknowingly catering to the goal of the Luciferian agenda.

  2. Here this c$%t of a Doctor talking about blasphemy totally out of context. He said to have faith in everything except the Almighty heavenly God. Boss go brush ya mouth with salt water doctors are apart of the agenda and believe in science. Eye wide open for you

  3. Doctor,you say, it is blasphemy to say Covid is not real. May I remind you. Blasphemy is cursing God. So tell me.What do Covid -19 and cursing God have in common? Not one thing.

  4. @well well, GG, Red Kool Aid
    i totally agree, the whole luciferan agenda exclude God Almighty and put your trust in man completely, they have agent’s of Satan transform into Angel of light to fulfil there purpose.

    This plandemic starts of with covid now it’s all about vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. Man shall not live by vaccine alone, they need pension money, proper food and nutrition, homes etc.

    The first time in history every leaders are saying the same thing but for the poor and needy they never push for food and clothing shelter and things to eradicate poverty .

    It is a false love! They will make sure you are vaccinated but don’t Care if you eat.

    To be Natural is hated in this era, fear have captivated the minds of the people all they think about is covid and death, we also have car and death, swimming and death. Death by accident so many sickness and ways to die, shall we continue to live in fear of death and stop living our life to the fullest? I don’t think so, do what you do to protect yourselves and cast out the fear which will torment your souls.

    The agenda is to bring about fear and control is not only about a deadly virus. Pay attention to lies and all the back and forth with the luciferan leaders

  5. 👣👣🥸🥸someone would’ve told me, that this was going to boil or simmer down to scientists/medical practitioners becoming philosophers, preachers and priests, I would be laughing like hell hath no fury.
    However, the fury of COVID-19 have scientists selling vaccines like there #gods.

  6. Is it not blasphemous to put your entire trust in Man and have no confidence in God? alot of scientists spend alot of time trying to convince people there is no God is that blasphemous to doc? I find it really strange the doc will use a word in that context for a person that don’t believe in the virus is the devil speaking out on himself not realizing

  7. The act of reviling, ridiculing, or being disrespectful or irreverent of, by words or conduct, God, religion, a religious doctrine, a religious icon, or anything considered sacred. NOT JUST YOUR GOD: Allah, or Muhammed in included….SO WHAT? It was not the only word he used. He laid out his reason and in context he meant what he said and sensible people understood including those here who are just being technically difficult. If all you got from him is a word he simply used as descriptive then you not listening to Nicholas or any other politician with the fluffy talk. YOU UNDERSTOOD HIM and HIS way of describing the Urgency of NOW

  8. If people are unable to grasp that there are more than one meaning to a word then it means that they don’t like to read. If they don’t like to read, then undertaking covid, vaccines, masks and all other medical or scientific literature will be above them. Trust the doc, he wasn’t even using that word in the religious sense. He’s a very respectful person and would never disrespect any religion let alone the one many Antiguans put (blind) faith in. If it helps, I took this excerpt from a dictionary, “The word blasphemy has broadened in meaning beyond “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God”; it is now also used with the meaning “irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.”
    The people cussing him need to ask themselves how godly they are behaving. As I can’t judge, I just wonder what Jesus would say looking at these irreverent comments.

    • So covid-19 is “sacred”??? You really fell asleep during Reading Comprehension class 🤣🤣🤣
      And disagreeing = “cussing”?? 😏
      The doctor is really showing his true colors. Maybe you and him are apart of the same order? 🤔

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