Dr. Jacqui Quinn: They have over promised and under delivered


A former minister of education is lamenting the government’s inability to deliver on promises.

Dr. Jacqui Quinn addressed the launch of the UPP campaign in Potters last night. Listen to her here”

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  1. Big up ya self RAG TAG Queen disrespected our seniors..
    1). Can you please tell taxpayers how much of the US$500,000.00 from MBS you have paid back?
    2). RAG TAG Queen do you think it’s fair that Baldwin Spencer can instruct Medical Benefits to allot approximately US$500,000.00 for your medical treatment while the average citizen has to rely on Fish Fry and BBQ to raise 1% of that amount?
    3). Was Dotsie Isaac your Secretary when you were the Minister of Education?..
    4). Why did you lower the pass mark?
    5). Did Teacher Mary raise you in a God fearing home?

    • I seem to remember that Michael Brown was airlifted to the Cayman Islands for treatment. Rumors were that he had a stroke. Did he pay back MBS for the MediVac and the treatment? And this is on top of the outstanding ebook money that was squandered. Just wondering!

      • He had insurance- the something DID NOT happen as what happened with Jackie quinn-Leandro in UPP’s time

      • The Hon. Michael Brown did NOT receive any money from medical benefits to pay for his treatment!!!
        Jackie Quinn on the other hand was GIFTED about US$500,000.00 of taxpayers monies. You think it’s fair that others have to resort to “Fish Fry and BBQ” to desperately try and raise funds, while Jackie Quinn gets a WHOPPING US$500,000.00 ??

    • Norm, why you say something nasty like that? That would make her some kind of a pervert in the eyes of 95% of the people of Antrigua. She not that stupid, I hope!!! She better not be.

  2. She is right. All they do is promise and promise. 500 homes in 500 days, two times they promise and both times they didn’t deliver. Now the latest $500 million to be injected in the economy. More empty promises. ABLP promise no more water woes. ABLP promise no more power outages. All this time they in power and nothing change. The only change that happened was their pockets got filled more, could even be filled 500% more.

    Stinka with Labour. Gaston Browne back stabbed me. I will never trust him or his party again.

    I voting any party but ABLP.

    Stinka with Labour

    • Get your own moniker loser!!!

      We going take Jonathan Joseph advice and VOTE ALP 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

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