Dr. Deazle is the ABLP candidate of choice for Barbudans, says PM Browne


The Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party is interested in having Barbudan Medical Doctor Jeremy Deazle represent the sister-isle at the next poll.

ABLP leader, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the demand for Dr. Deazle is coming from the people of Barbuda.

Browne says if Dr. Deazle is selected as the ABLP candidate, he will defeat the incumbent Trevor Walker.

The ABLP leader was speaking on Pointe FM on Saturday. Listen to him below:

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  1. He’s a winner, a man of principle and high moral standards. He’s a tremendous choice, and will surely win big time.

      • BRAVO Joice, dear Dr Deazle, you are a wonderful young man. A BRILLIANT YOUNG MAN and I know YOU KNOW EXPLOITATION WHEN YOU SEE IT. Please DO NOT let them come with promises of turning water into wine and waving shiny things. THEY NEED SOMEONE THE PEOPLE TRUST AND YOU FIT THE BILL 100%. Resist the devil!! AS FAR AS THE EAST IS FROM THE WEST STEER CLEAR OF THEM SIR!! Your are where God wants you, do God bless you kip from dem jack. I’m sure you have seen many evidences of “their” love to the candidates who no longer serve the leader’s agenda. Young Sir you hear how me a warn you?!!! The doc never express no interest but you ah call up da man name, you pon level special boss!!

  2. Dr Deazle, you seem like a nice enough young man. If you want to maintain your integrity then RUN, RUN RUN far away from the ABLP.

    Do not go down in the history books as the one who helped to sell out your brothers and sisters, your neighbours, your school friends and the future generations of Barbudans.

    Do not be flattered by the request. You will live to regret it.

    Think about it. Gaston Brownr put you on the spot by a
    making the announcement on Pointe FM.

    Is this the kind of man you want to associate with.
    Do not soil your name by joining with the ABLP.

    RUN, RUN, RUN far from the ABLP

  3. Gaston never engage a conversation with the Doctor but he claiming the people want him just like he didn’t know his wife was interested in politics. A doctor who administered vaccines of 800 people is not an impossible task. I guess Gaston Browne was responsible for the persons vaccinated in Antigua. Tap force and beg nearga and see what the result will be.

  4. Look at those political prostitutes talking about integrity and honesty. When their party have a convicted child rapist, a convicted felon, a woman abuser, a check bouncer and skulduggeries around their party. These people are so shameful and disgraceful.

    • Oh there you are again Colombo, you’re one of my sweetest sliding manginas. I love that you are so active in everything from our bullriding sessions to your wisdom in the forums. Do you remember the time you wanted to play out your fantasy of being forced? We did have a great time playing it out. There was nothing shameful or disgraceful about that either. I am ready to do it again with you. Yes and don’t worry, I remember you liked being pulled on during our bullriding session. See you soon my mangina, the sooner the better for you. You are really getting so tensed up on here and are in need of a riding session. Prepare your sweet honey hole for me.

      • @bullombo Why are you so obsessed with Colom o that you write pure foolishness??
        What manner of man are you?
        It is offensive to me. Geez

    • Colombo, I see that you are really fed up with your party because you actually have the courage to be making such claims from within . Everything you’ve expressed is what we already know.

    • Will you have to give up your job in order to run? Think very carefully? In fact, just say no. The ABLP is no place for decent people.

  5. Dr Deazle,if you are a smart man. You would stay in the profession you are in that of a Medical Doctor.You should not go into their dirty,filthy,gutter politics and sully your good name.For your good name is the most important thing you have in this world.Do not listen to Gaston Browne.He is like a false prophet.Everything he touches turns to stone.Take heed Doctor less you fall.

  6. The good doctor has served the people of Barbuda with class and dignity. He’d be an excellent member of Parliament and would have tremendous support from the ordinary people, red and blue. It’s time for a youthful, fresh face.

    • @CErmle:Serving as a Medical Doctor is far different than serving as a Politician. How the hell do you know he would be an excellent member of Parliament. Please tell me what the Powerball Numbers would be for the next drawing,look into your crystal ball.

    • So Gladys Potter should staty in her icecream scooping profession too??? What´s wrong if Gladys wants to venture into new territory and represent the people??

  7. Dr. Deazle, stay clear of this thieving, corrupt cabal called the Labour Party. It’s leader is an egotistic dictator who cusses anyone who criticizes or opposes him. Gaston is looking for a partner in crime to continue the theft of your lands to give to rich foreigners. He wants to turn Barbudans into maids and gardeners. You are a gifted doctor, continue to take care of your people.
    And by the way, have you had any discussions with Gaston, or is he just throwing out a line hoping to catch fish?

      • If this is all the corruption we had in Antigua, the treasury would be full of money and a lot of Antiguan lands would still be owned by the people. You have a small brain as you can only worry about a $200,000 bus that was a donation.

  8. Dr Deazle, please tell Gaston, thanks, but no thanks. Continue with your life-saving, life-giving career. Politics, and politicians – especially in this current climate -, will DESTROY all you have built up to-date.

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!! … Don’t succumb to Browne’s waffle and bluster.


  9. Doc ur too decent to allow grabston n labor party contaminate u, look how he ungreatful self treat asot, chew him up n now threw him out

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